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GSX-R1000 Project: Part 1 Undertail

GSX-R1000 Project: Part 1 HotBodies Racing
By Don Smith

While Hotbodies Racing is best known for their
popular line of farings for the roadracing crowd, they also have a lot of other
parts to trick out your streetbike. Their catalog includes items like undertail
exhausts, LED turn signals as well as undertails and huggers. Just last week
we had a 2006 Suzuki GSX-R1000 show up at the world headquarters of Dragbike.com
and after looking over the Hotbodies catalog it seemed like a perfect match.
With only a 121 miles showing on the clock we grabbed some wrenches and starting
taking off parts to get ready for the transformation. We selected their undertail,
hugger and windscreen as parts that would be used by most street riders so we
ordered one of each. For the undertail and hugger we opted to get them in the
matching red paint for our Suzuki, though black is also an option and of course
they offer a whole line of paint matched colors for all modern sportbikes.

One of the recent trends in sportbikes is that the bike manufacturers are finally
making it easy to remove those huge mud flaps mandated by the DOT, and the new
Suzuki is no exception. Just four quick bolts and the stocker was gone along
with the blinkers and tag mount. While Suzuki did a decent job of making this
process easy, their undertail leaves a bit to be desired as it is full of holes
and not nearly as sleek as the Hotbodies piece.

Installing the undertail is a snap, and alignment was perfect. The new piece
uses the stock Suzuki attachment points and included in the kit is a LED light
for lighting your tag and brackets for mounting the tag. We choose to retain
a traditional upper rear tag mount but others may prefer the rear shock area
to mount your tag. As you can see in the photo the undertail really cleans up
the rear of the bike and gets rid of that squidly factory mud flap. Retail is

The next item we installed was the rear hugger.
While the factor hugger will work fine it is a very dull black color and along
with the black frame and swingarm we thought the bike could use a bit more color.
So again we opted to get the undertail color matched to the red Suzuki paint.
One of the nice things about the Hotbodies hugger is that it also includes the
rear chain guard molded in with the hugger. Another splash of color plus it
looks very trick on the bike and of course serves to reduce chain lube flinging
all over your ride.

Installation requires the removal of the rear wheel because there is one Phillips
head screw on the inside of the swingarm that holds on the stock chain guard.
Otherwise installation went perfectly and alignment of the bolt holes was dead
on the money. Retail on the hugger is $179 and in our opinion the “wow”
factor was really worth it. Not only does it look great it works great too.
Plus the paint is matched well and is very deep and glossy on top of the durable
ABS plastic



Finally we bolted on the Hotbodies windscreen.
We picked smoke over the stock clear screen and the tinting is just right, not
too dark or too light. Hotbodies makes two different shapes of screens, the
Grand Prix which is a 1” taller screen with a dual radius design and the
Superstock model which is stock height and shape. Our selection retailed for
$69 and it is made from a modified acrylic material that is said to be both
strong and scratch resistant when compared to other products on the market.
Overall we think these items really cleaned up the appearance of the bike and
are all very high quality and worth the money spent.

For more information on these or other
Hotbodies Racing products contact them at www.hotbodiesracing.com
or by phone at 1-800-555-2805.

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