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Hail Mary Derby – Pro Street ‘No Rules’ Motorcycle Race

Haltech Hail Mary Derby
Haltech Hail Mary Derby presented by Wiseco
Maryland International Raceway
November 4-8, 2020

Hail Mary Derby NO RULES

This brand new event temporarily replaces the World Cup Finals. The world’s fastest imports and domestics are unleashed and going for broke with every Hail Mary pass. No classes, no rules. There will be no eliminations or purse at the Derby, only personal bests, bragging rights, and glory! Click here to watch the Flo Racing LIVE video coverage and bonus videos of the 2020 Haltech Hail Mary Derby.

With the World Cup Finals event canceled due to COVID-19, the Miller Brothers are putting on the World’s quickest and Fastest test and tune event with only 220 available spots. Of those 220 spots, five XDA Pro Street racers showed up looking to tune up their bikes on a Miller prepped race track.

All the Hayabusa’s ridden by Ian Malone, Jason Dunigan, Jason Herbert, and Justin Shakir are in XDA Pro Street Rule trim. The two GSX-R1000’s ridden by Chris Moore and Jeremy Teasley were setup outside Pro Street trim to take advantage of the ‘No Rules’ event. Moore will be looking to improve on his best pass of 6.362 while the only thing on Teasley’s mind is being the first to his 6.20 on two wheels and no wheelie bars!

Going into this event, here are the best ET’s that each rider is looking to improve on:

Click here to review the Orient Express Pro Street GOAT List. 

We are still uploading official videos to our YouTube Channel, however, you can find all passes can be seen on our Facebook channel at the 2020 Hail Mary Derby Playlist, click here to watch.

Round 1

Jason Dunigan 6.666 / 219.26
Justin Shakir 7.448 / 127.46
Chris Moore 7.814 / 145.99

Round 2

Chris Moore / 6.567 / 201.94
Jason Dunigan / 6.730 / 219.83
Jeremy Teasley / 30.171 / 80.45
Justin Shakir / 8.391 / 103.67
James Herbert / 13.655 / 54.29

Round 3

Chris Moore / 6.446 / 225.86
Jason Dunigan / 6.639 / 219.08
James Herbert / 7.292 / 185.66
Justin Shakir / 7.362 / 134.89
Ian Malone / 15.466 / 45.67
Jeremy Teasley / 22.123 / 40.85

Round 4

Jason Dunigan run his unofficial quickest fastest pass to date at 6.567 at 231.20 this round! Ehren Litten currently holds the MPH in Pro Street at 232.59. We are betting Duingan promptly sent his time slip over to Ehren!

Jeremy Teasley / 6.436 / 227.88
Jason Dunigan / 6.567 / 231.20
Justin Shakir / 6.784 / 181.54
James Herbert / 7.183 / 193.99
Chris Moore / 10.736 / 118.94

Round 5

Jeremy Teasley / 6.350 / 228.00
Chris Moore / 7.449 / 149.23
Justin Shakir / 7.533 / 130.48
Jason Dunigan / 8.297 / 103.63
James Herbert / 8.865 / 174.19

Round 6

Jeremy Teasley / 6.560 / 222.73
Jason Dunigan / 6.567 / 231.32
Chris Moore / 6.600 / 215.00
James Herbert / 7.731 / 178.45

Round 7

James Herbert / 7.216 / 195.14
Chris Moore / 7.975 / 135.06
Justin Shakir / 12.153 / 64.76
Jeremy Teasley / 12.371 / 68.35
Ian Malone / 13.600 / 45.30
Jason Dunigan / 16.987 / 44.97

Round 8

James Herbert runs his career-best pass of 7.088!

Jeremy Teasley / 6.340 / 227.31
Chris Moore / 6.429 / 223.14
Jason Dunigan / 6.665 / 227.57
Justin Shakir / 6.687 / 217.84
James Herbert / 7.088 / 198.61

Round 9

Chris Moore runs a personal best of 6.359 at 233.36 mph!

Jason Dunigan 7.035 / 154.55
Jeremy Teasley 9.005 / 95.35
James Herbert 9.210 / 88.16
Justin Shakir 21.858

Round 10

The FIRST Side-by-Side Pro Street Motorcycle pass at Hail Mary Derby – Jeremy Teasley on the DME Racing GSX-R1000 runs a record-breaking 6.304 and Chris Moore runs a 6.359! Both teams are in the pits prepping for another shot at the track tonight.

Jeremy Teasley / 6.304 / 226.96
Chris Moore / 6.368 / 226.13
Jason Dunigan / 6.565 / 231.04
Justin Shakir / 6.631 / 216.69

Round 11

Jeremy Teasley / 6.374 / 222.47
Jason Dunigan / 6.638 / 219.29
James Herbert / 7.122 / 198.38
Justin Shakir / 8.094 / 107.17
Chris Moore / 8.247 / 115.93

Round 12

DME Racing and Teasley keep trying to hit that 20, but she’s evading them at each hit.

Jeremy Teasley / 6.309 / 233.08
Chris Moore / 6.388 / 223.25
Justin Shakir / 6.629 / 219.22
Jason Dunigan / 6.710 / 228.00
James Herbert / 15.521 / 45.06

Round 13

The Pro Street Motorcycles at Hail Mary Derby just completed Round 13 and the GSX-R’s still haven’t hit the 20’s. Teasley just previously ran a 6.304 and a 6.309 and was looking for this pass to but him into the 20’s. However, Jeremy Teasley missed the mark when the transmission broke at half-track. Chris Moore followed Teasley’s run to put a 6.300 at 233.64 mph on the board! That is the fastest run of the day.  With 2 passes left in the event, Moore has loaded up to leave satisfied with a 6.300. If Teasley doesn’t run quicker in the next two passes. Moore will have the quickest no bar bike.  The DME Racing team will need to pull the motor out and get a new one in if they want to make the next round. With racers heading home, there is a quick turn-around of about 45 minutes until round 14.

Chris Moore / 6.300 / 233.64
Justin Shakir / 6.635 / 218.94
Jeremy Teasley / 6.684 / 167.18
James Herbert / 7.599 / 184.22

Round 14

The Pro Street Motorcycles at Hail Mary Derby just ran the second to last session of the weekend. Chris Moore sat this one out after running his 6.300, the DME Racing team made it in the nick of time after doing a motor swap from the last pass, but a problem with a seal held them back and they will have one last swing at the 20 in an hour.

Jeremy Teasley / 6.339 / 224.77
Justin Shakir / 7.134 / 195.45
James Herbert / 7.503 / 127.71

Round 15

Round 15 was the real Hail Mary run for Herbert, Shakir, and Teasley as this is their last chance to hit their goal for the weekend. Unfortunately for all three racers, this last pass was futile. And with that, Chris Moore’s run of 6.300 at 233.64 mph makes him the quickest run of the weekend at the first annual ‘No Rules’ Hail Mary Derby Test Session and a record holder on two wheels with no wheelie bar! 

James Herbert / 7.217 / 193.02
Justin Shakir / 7.955 / 111.45
Jeremy Teasley / 16.591 / 55.14


FLO Racing

FLO RACING Pro Street Highlight Videos

Chris Moore Resets Non Bar Bike Record to 6.300 @ 233.64 mph
Chris Moore now owns the ET record for the quickest non-bar bike with his 6.300 at 233.64 mph pass at the Haltech Hail Mary Derby. Click here to watch.

Jeremy Teasley Resets No Bar Bike Record with a 6.304
A 6.304-second run from Jeremy Teasley reset the no bar bike record last night at the Haltech Hail Mary Derby. Click here to watch.

Jason Dunigan Runs 2nd Fastest MPH Ever for Pro Street Motorcycle
Jason Dunigan ran the second fastest speed ever for Pro Street Motorcycle during the second day of the Haltech Hail Mary Derby. Click here to watch.

Jeremy Teasley Sets Track Record for Pro Street Bike
Jeremy Teasley has been going all out in Pro Street Bike at the Haltech Hail Mary Derby and set a track record during yesterday’s sessions. Click here to watch.

Jeremy Teasley & Chris Moore’s Great Side-by-Side Race in Pro Street Motorcycle
Jeremy Teasley and Chris Moore had a great side-by-side run in Pro Street Motorcycle at the Haltech Hail Mary Derby. Click here to watch.

Chris Moore Riding the Back Tire at the Haltech Hail Mary Derby
Day one of the Haltech Hail Mary Derby is in the books! Check out Chris Moore riding the back tire in Pro Street Motorcycle. Click here to watch.

“Hail Mary Derby” Replaces “World Cup Finals” in 2020 due to COVID

Due to the St. Mary’s County health department capacity restrictions currently in place surrounding COVID, the 25th annual Haltech World Cup Finals presented by Wiseco has been postponed until November 3-7, 2021.

The good news is that we are still sending cars down the track in 2020! We created a brand new event that fits within the St. Mary’s County health department guidelines that will temporarily replace WCF this year. This new event is called the Haltech Hail Mary Derby presented by Wiseco and it will take place at Maryland International Raceway on November 4-8, 2020. Visit the Derby’s website at: www.HailMaryDerby.com.

We are throwing out the classes and the rulebook at the Derby! The World’s Fastest Imports and Domestics are finally unleashed and can run any turbo, any supercharger, any motor, any fuel, any weight, and any tire they want!

The format for this event will give racers the opportunity to participate in an event with Jason Miller’s Legendary Track Prep and unparalleled cool and dry atmospheric conditions so they can swing for the fence making 3 to 4 Hail Mary passes per day in any trim they want, for a total of 12-16 passes at the event! There will be no eliminations or purse at the Derby, only personal bests, bragging rights, and glory!

You have all been begging for more track time in conditions like this, so here is your chance to have fun, remove the pressure of a race and go for it! No Guts… No Glory!

Some racers will want to run 1/4 mile, and some will want to run 1/8 mile. We will accommodate both, and the scoreboards will remain lit all weekend! Call outs, Grudge Matches and Special Shootouts are welcomed! The Derby will have the same size and level of WCF/MDIR Track Official Staff along with the Fire & Safety Teams that all racers have come to expect to keep the pace rolling and everyone safe during this event.

Even though we are throwing out the classes and the rulebook, all racers must still comply with IHRA safety rules and all racers must have an engine diaper or belly pan (except All Motor Domestics).

There will only be 220 racer spots available allowing racers to get more runs per day at the Derby! All racers will be limited to 9 crew per team. Racers can only purchase crew passes at the time of pre-registration.

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