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Hog’s Gone Wild: Race Coverage from the Grand Finale at Silver Dollar Raceway

Hog’s Gone Wild
The Grand Finale
Silver Dollar Raceway
October 16-17, 2020

Hogs Gone Wild

by Tom McCarthy

Roger Edgerton’s famous line “It’s Going Down” is now history as the final points race of the 2020 season is now “in the Books!”

While there is still more racing to be done and champions to be crowned on November 20-21, at Gulfport, MS to close out the 2020 season, the points racing is over.
The 2020 season kicked off for HGW here in February and it’s fitting that the sanction returned to Silver Dollar Motorsports Park to close out the points race this year. The racers know the facility and its hospitable welcoming of the motorcycle racers, which lends a family feel.


The Friday Test & Tune was a hit with the racers, as Roger Edgerton and Lashonda Carter put out a spread with Sonny’s BBQ and a bonfire, complete with Christmas lights and individually wrapped S’mores kits.

Saturday dawned with a wonderful gentle chill to the air and yet the warm sun was up on cue as the race track prep was underway when the gates opened by 9AM for the waiting racers.

As the Street racers were doing their qualification trials, racing kicked off with a call-out matchup between Jason Broski and Cullen Gillis on their Hot Street bikes. Both racers had some air time and Broski recovered first to outrun Cullen for the first win of the day.

Cullen Gillis Hogs Gone Wild

ET racers did a great job of filling the ranks and keeping the show moving for the limited crowd that flowed in to see the Hog’s Gone Wild show. Stanley Russell, a very talented ET Bracket racer from Georgia was the man to beat all weekend and no one could get the job done!

Russell Stanley Hogs Gone Wild

Stanley won the Gambler’s race on Friday night and he won the ET Brackets on Saturday too, showcasing just how tough he is on the Suzuki Hayabusa. Five rounds on Friday night for the win and five more on Saturday, he just ran the table and was one happy, tired man by end of racing Saturday night! He defeated Bernard Gilbert for the win on Saturday, winning 4-Large, not a bad pay-day indeed.

The Street class racers had their hands full trying to catch Geronimo Sinn, the points leader in the class, who is one tough racer to deal with.

The Street class racers had their hands full trying to catch Geronimo Sinn, the points leader in the class, who is one tough racer to deal with.

Geronimo was ready to take a stand for this event and he did exactly that by taking out Chad Imez during E-1, then he eliminated Bruce Emanuel in the next match up. This led him to the final round where Geronimo and Joe Gladden met in the final round to settle things up for the day. Geronimo’s .082 RT to Joe’s .125 put Joe behind the 8 Ball and from there it was “Geronimo” all the way to the winner’s circle.

In True Sreet: a trio of bikes showed up to do battle and Timothy Whitehead drew the bye-run as Eddie Wade and Bruce Johnson found themselves paired up for the initial matchup. Eddie Wade earned the right to race against Tim Whitehead for the final round and they met up late in the day to join in with other final round racers. Eddie Wade got the better of Mr. Whitehead, who has been out of the saddle for a while now, but he’s mighty happy to be racing once again and we will see more of him in 2021 for sure.

Timohty Whitehead Hogs Gone Wild

The Non-Bagger class has lightly attended this event, but there is great hope that more Harley no-bars, non-bagger bikes will join the ranks of Joe Perry, Scott Tomsu, Andrew Hefner, and Troy Young; in future events. This is a great class for the fans as the bikes are wild but not outrageously expensive to build and maintain. Solid 9 second gas Harley’s are great to see and hear and the fans really relate to these bikes.

Joe Perry, as the class points leader coming into the event was the man to beat and he stood his ground against the competition this weekend, defeating Troy Young in E-1 with a 9.69 elapsed time to Troy’s 9.86. He then went on to beat Scott Tomsu as they both had to battle wheel standing action and race to the stripe. Joe Perry got their first with a 9.84, just ahead of Scott Tomsu’s 9.94 ET. The win by Joe wrapped up his #1 plate.

Joe Perry Hogs Gone Wild

Hot Street is one of the hottest classes in HGW as the bikes are very exotic and yet look perfectly streetable, unless the casual observer looks closely. A lot of work and effort goes into these bikes and Marc Fricke, along with DME Racing is putting some serious effort into these machines. 2021 will likely see them in the 8’s and the Pro Street bikes in the 7’s before the end of next season’s racing.

Marc Fricke Hogs Gone Wild

The points leader coming into this event in Hot Street was Jason Broski, with 368 championship points and right behind him was Marc Fricke with 358 for a point total. They both knew this was the race of the year for them and they fought like the champions they are to go through three rounds of racing to meet up in the final stanza for all the marbles. As the sun set on Silver Dollar Dragway Saturday night, they staged together to settle the final score. Jason Broski left the starting line first, but he was a little to quick on the launch by -.036 seconds and that fouled him out of his chances on this day.

Marc Fricke won not only by the graces of the Red Light foul of his opponent but his team’s efforts in working with DME, Maxxecu USA, and many others, paid off with his best racing performance number of the year. Coming into this race his personal best on this bike was 9.15 @ 147 MPH and he unloaded a 9.12 during E-1 to announce he was not playing this day.

He then produced wins straight though to the final round where he posted a 9.22 to Jason Broski’s 9.45, to claim a decisive victory for his team, which really validated all that hard work all season.

In the final round of racing, the big dogs came down off the porch to settle the championship in Pro Street and this was a big one with Assim Chaudry and his much-feared “King Kong” tied in points with Michael Beland: 328 points each.

These two were really looking forward to a first-round match up in round one to lead off the show this race day – but fate hand other plans in mind. Friday night in testing, King Kong was on it’s way to rotating the earth and bringing the P/St Baggers into the7’s when a snapped throttle cable ended Kong’s domination of the class.
1,000 feet down the track, with the throttle wide open Friday night, the throttle cable broke, witch snapped shut the throttle blades instantly. When this happened, the Nitrous Oxide system was still full-on and as a result, the big dose of NOS sent one of Kong’s pistons to the scrap yard and that motor was now in need of serious work to repair the damage.


Mike Beland Hogs Gone Wild

With Kong out of the race less than 12 hours away, Assim Chaudhry entered Pro Street with his other bike, Baby Kong, and while he knew it was well behind in power, a drag race is a drag race till someone wins it and he was not going down without a fight.

Assim and Mike met up in E-1 as planned and Mike, while fighting major power wheelies, managed to drive his motorcycle around Assim for the win, 8.73 to 9.27, and sealed his championship in Pro Street. He then went on to win the event as Reggie “Hammer” Elliott was due to meet Mike in the final round, but broke. No matter, Mr. Beland and his A1 Cycles team were victorious and they will proudly display the #1 plate in 2021.

Thanks go out to the entire staff of Silver Dollar Raceway, for hosting two great events in 2020 and I know the racers are hoping to see more of this in 2021, for Hog’s Gone Wild action.

The Next event for HGW will be on November 20-21, at Gulfport, MS to close out the 2020 season. This is a fun-run event, the annual banquet will happen, champions will be officially crowned and thanks will be given.

Hogs Gone Wild 2020 Champions



It’s ON! The Hog’s Gone Wild 2020 championship points final event is on for Friday and Saturday, October, 16-17, 2020 at Reynolds Georgia’s Silver Dollar Dragway. The baddest Harley Davidson bagger drag racing in the USA will be happening on the aforementioned dates to wrap up the points races for the 2020 season. It’s been a fun and exciting year for the new sanction which has provided motorcycle drag racers with great Bagger racing and they’ve embraced the ET Motorcycle bracket racers too with great ET racing, by any combination bracket bikes.

At the August HGW event, held in PA, the bracket bikes of all kinds, makes and models swarmed to the event and kept the action up-beat all day on race day. Choppa man, 53 year old Ken Koby of Austintown, Ohio, on his 103 CID Screaming Eagle, chopper (10’ long!) won the big bracket bucks and he will be racing again at this event at Silver Dollar Raceway.

Essentially the Hog’s Gone Wild racing sanction has a well-picked set of simple classes that accommodates advanced Harley Bagger racing, but with some fun classes that literally any street bike and street motorcyclist can race in. Yes with a 15 second bike, street helmet and sneakers any person right off the road can pass tech in a street ET class and go motorcycle drag racing without spending a year’s pay on a race bike to go have some weekend fun.

Going into the final points race of 2020, in the ET Street class, Casey Smith has 363 points and is leading Larry Tool with 270 championship points, as well as Clayton Danford with 192 points to his credit. Any one of these three racers can win it all.

In ET Bracket class racing, this race finds Ken Koby with 123 points leading Michael Weyer (112) and N. Christmas (101) following close behind. There will be a $4,000 guaranteed purse pay out this race in ET Bracket, all motorcycles welcome!

In the highly competitive Street category of racing, Geronimo Siin, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, sits in the #1 spot with 380 championship points, Bruce Emmanuel is close by with 315 points and Scott Tomsu with 272 points is also within range of winning the 2020 championship for the class.
The hotly contested Hot-Street class is a close dog fight between Jason Broski of Michigan with 368 points, Marc Fricke with 358 points and Assim Chaudry with 312 points. Jeremy Justice is still a threat as well with 292 points, so this dog fight is far from decided going into the last points race of the year.

The big bad wild boars of the HGW series, their version of Pro-Street, has been a slugfest between Assim Chaudry and Michael Beland as they are TIED with 328 points each! Ken Miller is not far off the pace with 250 points, and Reginald Ellio is in the fight with 190 championship points. When Beland and Chaudry match up on race day – look out!

A very popular crowd pleasing class with the HGW scene in the Non-Bagger racing class currently led by Joe Perry of TN, with 351 points, followed closely by Scott Tomsu with 252 points and Mr. Tomsu has been a tough racer each event. Uncle Joe has his hands full fending off Tomsu who like Joe, is a very accomplished no bars, non bagger racer. When these two head for the water box, people all head to the fence line to watch.

New to the series at this event will be the Heavy Hitter class, please contact Roger Edgerton, the lead man for Hogs Gone Wild for class details. Also new to HGW this race: A Top Fuel Harley! Yes race fans: Johnny Red Rhea of TN is bringing his NHRA, Top Fuel Harley to the event to do some testing, with a special guest racer in the hot-seat. Red is looking forward to seeing what the Silver Dollar Raceway can hold!

Friday on October 16th, gates at Silver Dollar Raceway in Reynolds GA are due to open by 12 noon, with the track going hot by 4 pm (subject to change). Friday is primarily a Test & Tune day for HGW events, but with the buck-wild side of these bad boys: Grudge racing happen! There will be call outs, special grudge matches that are spur of the moment and the very exciting “Off The Trailer” match-ups by class leaders, racing for cold hard cash, not points. Later on Friday night, there will be a Bon Fire at the track, so bring your long sticks and hot dogs for late night dog’n.
On Saturday, that’s race day and the gates will be open by 9AM and Tech will be ready and waiting for the racers. At 11:30AM the Street competition classes which mandate a street course pre-race validation run: racers must listen closely for PA announcements to go stage up and go do the street ride before competition begins at 12:30.

The complete HGW event run schedule is embedded as a photo with this story, so download it to your phone if you are coming to this event. Keep in mind the actual run times during the race are subject to change due to racing conditions, so be alert and listen for PA announcements while at the race.


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