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How to Get a Sponsor – A Racer’s Perspective

Will Torres
by: Will “Pharaoh” Torres

Stickers, Patches, and Logos “Dude! Why would you cover such a hot bike with all those stickers?” Haha, that’s probably the number one question I get asked at bike night. I explain that they are all sponsors. Since they all help support my racing I proudly display their logos. They almost always follow up with; “How did you get all those sponsors?” I will now share with you what I’ve told them.

Your name isn’t Gadson, Rossi, or Britton
Let’s kill the delusions right away. Rarely, if ever, will you get anything for free. Most sponsorships come in the form of product discounts. Typically 10% – 30% off for first year agreements. Doesn’t sound like much? With tax and shipping, the chain on my stretched drag bike costs almost $300 dollars. 30% of that equals a $90 savings. Anyone who races consistently will tell you, “Every little bit helps”.

Racer Profile
When applying for a job, what is one of the 1st things you need to submit or have ready? Your resume! Same goes when applying for sponsorships. It’s exactly like your job resume, only specific to your racing career. 1-2 pages max. Something for the sponsor to review at their convenience. Be creative but concise. After reviewing your profile a sponsor has to feel that you, in one way or another, will help move product. This is your opportunity to sell them on why you are deserving of their support. Don’t get it twisted. This is a privilege and should be treated as such. Like anything else, there is always someone else just as hungry and looking for the same opportunity.

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Social Media
Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter. You should have at least 2-3 of these accounts. Why? They are all marketing tools. Be active! Find, friend, and follow those that do what you do. Ask questions to those that are faster or on a higher level than you are. Direct those that seek your help. Increase your footprint in the sport you’ve dedicated your time to. Upload pictures and videos and tag your supporters.

Win – Win Scenario
Manufacturers are willing to help those that will help promote their products. Yes you will be expected to market and promote your sponsors brand and products to the best of your ability. Think about that for a minute. Your integrity now comes into play. You have to believe in the products you rep. You are a part of a very tight community that can smell BS coming a mile away. Call it good Karma, but if you genuinely help others, good things will come your way.

“If we do not intentionally add value to others, we probably unintentionally subtract from them.”
– John Maxwell

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Thanks to my 2014 Sponsors and Supporters: Brocks Performance, APE, Shorai, Cycle Pro, EVS, Route 21, Magic Bullet, Cycle Gear, Vortex, ReplayXD, Leatt, Bellisimoto, MWR, Moto-D, JT Norton Photography and Tiger Racing.

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