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Ian King : Gulf Oil Dragracing Take EU Championship Lead

Following the Gulf Oil Dragracing – Grand Prix Originals Top Fuel team success at the opening round of the USA Championship in June they headed to the opening round of the 2014 European Championship `Main Event’ at Santa Pod Raceway, with high hopes UK this weekend.

Ian King Gulf Oil Dragracing

Along with the usual members the team was joined over the three days by a TV crew of five people from Discovery Canada’s in-house production company who were filming the team as the subject of an episode for season two of the series `Megaspeed’.

Ian King Gulf Oil Dragracing

However, inclement weather led to cancellation of the first day of qualifying and with the weather radar showing better conditions for the next day but forecast a return of wet weather for Monday race day all teams had to take best advantage of the two remaining qualifying runs.

And the team hit the ground running with an off the trailer shakedown pass of 6.26 secs @ 189.64 mph (3.997 secs @ 194.2 mph at the 1/8th) to put the team into number one qualifying position despite Ian having to come off the throttle early as the wind caught him towards the top end.

Ian King Gulf Oil Dragracing

The second and final qualifying run was an `oh so close’ 6.06 secs @ 193.05 mph (3.874 secs @ 197.09 mph in the 1/8th) again despite King clicking off way early around the 1000ft mark as the wind pushed him towards the centreline.

And this was the end of the team’s weekend as the forecast proved true raining off the final day of qualifying.

However, despite their disappointment the team once again made history as their European Championship lead coupled with their US Championship lead made them the first team to lead these premier Top Fuel Championships on both sides of the Atlantic at the same time.

Ian King Gulf Oil Drag Racing

The team move on to Alastaro in Finland for the FHRA Nitro Nationals on the 4th – 6th June for the second round of the FIM European Championship.

The Gulf Oil – GPO Dragracing team uses and endorses exclusively Gulf Oil greases and lubricants in their history making machine. The team is extremely proud to be supported by many leaders in their chosen markets in winning the 2013 European Championship and in their 2014 endeavours:-

  • APE – The world’s most innovative manufacturer of aftermarket parts for dragbikes
  • ACTION CAMERAS – www.actioncameras.co.uk – Europe’s leading specialist actions sports camera retailer
  • BLACKCAT MOTORSPORTS – The leading V Rod Harley race team
  • COMETIC GASKETS – www.cometiceurope.com – The premier manufacturer of racing gaskets
  • GATES – www.gates.com – The world’s most trusted name in drive belts, hoses and hydraulics
  • GOODRIDGE – www.goodridge.net – The most innovative and the best in fluid transfer systems
  • GRAND PRIX ORIGINALS – www.grandprix-originals.com – The brand for drive and lifestyle, past and present
  • GULF OIL INTERNATIONAL – www.gulfoilltd.com – The world’s most iconic brand in automotive fuels and lubricants
  • GRAPHITE ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING – A leader in 3D printed technologies and rapid prototypin
  • HOTROD HANGAR – Home of the world renowned custom artist Knud Tiroch
  • HYPERPRO – www.hyperpro.com – The leading producer of progressive suspension products for motor bikes
  • JE PISTONS – www.jepistons.com – The world’s premier manufacturer of high performance forged pistons
  • JOHN AND DEA MORGAN RACING – The creators of the world’s most advanced New Age Funnybike
  • KIBBLEWHITE PRECISION MACHINING – www.kpmivalvetrain.com – The highest quality valve train components available
  • KING RACING– The most successful Top Fuel Bike team in European Dragracing
  • MICKEY THOMPSON – www.mickeythompsontires.com – Simply the best drag race tyres in the world
  • MRE – www.murdochracing.com – Leaders in trackside support for drag race components and air shifting systems
  • MTC ENGINEERING – Manufacturer of clutches for the fastest motorcycles in the world
  • NITROSHUTTER – www.nitroshutter.com – Europe’s leading dragracing photojournalists
  • NCTENGINEERING – www.ncte.de – Manufacturer of the world’s leading non contact torque sensors for motorsport
  • NGK SPARKPLUGS UK – The world’s number one spark plug manufacturer
  • PAR WILLEN – Master webmeister and proprietor of HarleyDrags.com
  • PORTABLE SHADE – The best custom branded collapsible canopies available
  • PRO ALLOY MOTORSPORT – www.proalloy.co.uk – UK’s leading fabricator of alloy racing tanks, intercoolers and radiators
  • PUMA ENGINEERING – Manufacturer of the world’s most powerful motorcycle engines
  • RSG CUSTOMIZE – The UK’s most creative website designers and vinyl artists
  • SUPERTOUGH – Custom cases and covers for the Film, TV, Music and Motorsports Industries
  • SPIES HECKER – the world’s leading supplier of paint for car, commercial and industrial finishing.
  • VAN ES MOBILITY – The leading manufacturer of telematic products for management of moving objects
  • VANSON LEATHERS – The most iconic brand in motorsport leather goods
  • WEB CAMSHAFTS INC – Simply THE company for Top Fuel Bike camshafts
  • WORLDWIDE BEARINGS – The world’s leading supplier of ceramic bearings for racing
  • ZODIAC – www.zodiac.nl – Europe’s largest supplier of performance and aftermarket HD parts

For more information on Gulf Oil Dragracing go to www.gulfoildragracing.com

For more on King Racing, visit www.kingracing.com

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