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IDBL : Championship Rundown

IDBL International Drag Bike League

 Championship Rundown

The Mickey Thompson Tires International Drag Bike League season wraps up this weekend at Maryland International Raceway for the 23rd annual DME Racing Fall Nationals and Orient Express Pro Street Battle Royale.

The 3rd annual Orient Express Pro Street Battle Royale is always the highlight of the Fall Nationals offering up $10,000 to the winner and a total purse of $24,000. But there are many other classes that you will need to keep your eye on as riders jockey for last minute points to tie up a championship.

Bob Malloy

This events Top Fuel Match race will feature IHRA Nitro Jam Nitro Harley racer Bob Malloy against David Vantine! This will be Malloy’s first showing in the IDBL series as he fills in for a recovering Larry ‘Spiderman’ McBride.

IDBL Orient Express Pro Street

In Orient Express Pro Street, out of the four completed races, this year has shown parity with four different winners. Terence Angela, Joey Gladstone, Richard Gadson and Ehren Litten. Who will be our finale winner?


Gladstone has over 100 points to second place holder, Ehren Litten. However there is only one scenario that mathematically could unseat Joey’s championship and that would be Ehren Litten taking the event win and Joey Gladstone failing to qualify.

Ehren Litten

In regards to the Battle Royale, Terence Angela has been in both previous Battle Royale finals, and holds a 7-1 round record at this race, including his first ever side by side 6 second pass with Tony Ficher in 2013.

Another Battle Tidbit, the #1 qualifier has never won the race. Bud Yoder qualified #1 in 2014 and Joey Gladstone in 2013, and they both lost in the semi-finals to Terence Angela!


Also in the Battle Royale the only other manufacturer besides a Suzuki to qualify for an event was Frankie Stotz aboard his Honda 1000 in 2013. And of the 90 entries combined in the battle Royale era, only 4 have not been a Suzuki machine, Frankie Stotz (2013 and 2014) on his Honda, and Ralph Levicki and Cameron Teasley on their Kawasaki’s in 2013.

IDBL DME Racing Real Street

In DME Racing Real Street there are seven riders that have a shot at the championship. Anibal Merced is leading with 21 points, but with competition like Jeremy Teasley, Joey Gladstone, Roger Starrette, Tom Federici, Rickey Gadson, Richard Diggs and David Stewart, no one is walking away with an easy championship this Sunday.

Anibal Merced

Look for qualifying to be fierce on Saturday and the match ups to be tense on Sunday.


If Joey Gladstone would win, he could become the first rider to win two pro category championships in the same season at IDBL in the DME Racing Real Street and Orient Express Pro Street Class.

IDBL Vance and Hines 4.60

In Vance and Hines 4.60 Index Mac McAdams, Bobby Lovingood, Tyler Cammock and Kevin White have all taken a win this year. While Kevin White is out of the running for a championship, our other top three contenders all have a chance to take the title this weekend.


The points are tight and there will be no room for error by any of the riders. Starting in 2015, IDBL added qualifying points into the 4.60 classes and these points could be the reason someone wins the championship this weekend.

IDBL The FBR Shop 5.60

In The FBR Shop 5.60 class, Michael Ostrowski is this years only double winner in the class alongside Jeremy Teasley and Dustin Lee. Ostrowski holds the lead in the class with Lee and Shayne Proctor on his heels.

Michael Owstroski Dustin Lee suffered a knee injury over the weekend that may take him out of the running completely this year for a chance at any IDBL championships. But considering Dustin is up for the BAMF Championship, there is a good chance he will roll into the track on Friday.

IDBL Carpenter Racing Crazy 8's

In Carpenter Racing Crazy 8’s Ben Knight is leading with a five round advantage over Robert Parker. Unfortunately for Knight work is keeping him from the final event and has opened the door for Robert Parker to slide in and earn the championship.

Robert Parker

If the final race stays true to the turn out all year of over 50 entries, then Robert Parker could be crowned the champion if he makes it to the finals on Sunday!

IDBL APE Top Sportsman

In APE Trac King Clutches Top Sportsman, reigning champion Brian Canoles and Andre Jones are tied for the top spot. It will be imperative for both riders to stay ahead in qualifying and a round ahead if they want to take the championship over the other. However they both will have to keep their eyes on Dave Clinedinst and Bobby Holland as both competitors have the opportunity to overtake them for the championship.


For a wild Top Sportsman scenario, we could end up with a 3 way tie, if both Andre and Brian lose first round, Dave Clinedinst loses in the final and someone other then Bobby Holland wins the race.


Tournament of Champions

The Tournament of Champions will feature ET bracket winners since the 2014 final. Three riders are competing in both tournaments; Michael Herman Jr, Shayne Proctor and Richard Gadson all have a chance to double up!

Shayne Proctor

By the names listed below you will see some of the toughest sportsman racers in the series are in this battle! These racers had to win seven to eight rounds of competition to make get their class wins.

IDBL Shinko Pro ET

Shinko Tires Pro ET Tournament of Champions will include Clay Davies, Michael Herman Jr, Derek Crawford, Shayne Proctor, Andy Baumbach and Richard Gadson.

IDBL Brocks Performance Street ET

The Brock’s Performance Street ET Tournament of Champions will include Shayne Proctor, Derrick Milbourne, Brandon Bachmeier, Brian Guarino, Michael Herman Jr, Richard Gadson and Bob Carlson.

Bob Carlson

So this weekend head over to Maryland International raceway and watch one of the most anticipated season finals this year. And if you can’t make it to the track, visit for weekend updates! We will be updating the event page with videos, photos and results all weekend long. This weekend’s coverage will be brought to you by site partner, Orient Express.


Fabian Brown - Professor of the IDBL Numbers



Stats provided by Dr. Stats, Professor of IDBL Numbers.

– Fabian Brown





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