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IDBL : Orient Express U.S. Nationals Results


Mickey Thompson Tires IDBL Series
46th Annual Orient Express U.S. Nationals
Atco Raceway 
September 11-13, 2015

The world’s largest motorcycle drag racing series—the Mickey Thompson International Drag Bike League—follows up the monster WPGC Bike Fest event by hitting the road to New Jersey’s historic and bike-friendly Atco Dragway for the 46th annual Orient Express Motorcycle U.S. Nationals on September 11-13. This is the longest running motorcycle drag race in the world, and with IDBL President/Promoter Jason Miller and his IDBL staff—teamed up with the Atco Dragway staff—handling the event, you know it will be done up right no matter how many bikes fill the staging lanes. IDBL’s tough competition and Atco’s East Coast party atmosphere make for the best that the 2-wheeled acceleration sport has to offer.

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Weekend Quick Notes

  • Joey Gladstone re-sets Real Street all motor combination record with a 7.77
  • Ehren Litten runs a 6.88 in Orient Express Pro Street.
  • Anibal Merced took over the DME Racing Real Street points lead.
  • Tom Federici re-set the MPH record with a 182 pass.
  • Larry McBride Explodes at half track and catches fire.
  • BJ Pryer has a wild wheelie in qualifying.
  • Staging duel in the ET classes results into a coin flip.
  • Richard Gadson is called to return to his bike 23 times.



1:00pm – Looking to electrify the crowd of fans during Sunday’s match race the two took to the track for their first match race.  After the tire smoking burnouts were completed and the stage bulbs were lit the crowd witnessed a off/on throttle fest as both riders struggled to hookup their 1500hp machines.  As Larry battled his machine to the finish line a massive explosion erupted and flames went everywhere.  The 14 time top-fuel champion remained calm and safely managed to stop his bike amid all of the fire and debri.

The track safety crews quickly responded and immediately put the fire out and attended to McBrides aid.  Larry was able to safely walk to the ambulance under his own power, however due to some of the potential burns a life flight was called in to quickly transport him to the best burn unit in the area.  He is okay and the transport to the hospital is just a precaution. See video here

We have seen the bike and we are not posting photos out of respect for Larry and the team. We will post photos later once the team has a had a chance to look it over and gives us the go ahead.

2:0pm – We are on hold again for a rain shower that came in shortly after the clean up from Larry McBride’s accident.

4:00pm – Larry McBride has been released from the hospital and is in route back the track.

5:00 – We have finally ran first round of Pro eliminations and it was a record setting session in Real Street. Anibal Merced took over the Real Street points lead when he put down Real Street new comer Ben Knight. Joey Gladstone then reset the all motor combination record again with a 7.77. And Tom Federici finished off the class by resetting the MPH record with a 182 MPH pass.

Eliminations are done and Anibal Merced just took over the DME Racing Real Street points lead. Tom Federici reset the MPH record in Real Street for the supercharged combination with a 182 MPH pass. And Joey Gladstone once again reset the all motor combination with a 7.77

6:00pm – Larry McBride has returned to the track and is running around on his scooter spreading the Spiderman LOVE to everyone. What a great sight to see. Tomorrow when the adrenaline and pain meds wear off will be a different story. But we are glad to have him back!

6:30pm – Second round of Eliminations has completed. In Orient Express Pro Street Ehren Litten re-set his new personal best to a 6.885  at 208 mph taking out Jason Dunigan. Joey Gladstone won over Richard Gadson with a 7.066 to a 7.111.

In DME Racing Real Street Joey Gladstone once again ran 7.776 solidifying his new all motor combination record. Richard Gadson took out Jamael Jones Jr with a 7.893 to his 8.154. And Anibal Merced took out Richard Diggs with 7.911 to his 8.14

10pm – Ehren Litten had to do a motor swap to make it to the semi run to break the beams for his bye which he was successful in. But then in the Semi Finals Joey Gladstone hurt his motor and the DME Tam was unable to make it tot he final round giving Ehren Litten the win.

Rickey Gadson meet Joey Gladstone in the final for the DME Racing Real Street class.

10:45 – Kevin White wins the Vance & Hines 4.60 Index classover Michael Ostrowski.

11:30pm – Andre Jones wins  Trac King Clutches Top Sportsman over Derek Cesari and takes home $3,000.

12:00am – Elliot Boyce wins $500 in the Rickey Gadson Club Wars over Victor Aponte!

12:30am – Ben Knight crushed Dustin Lee in the Final of Carpenter Racing Crazy 8’s! Michael Herman Jr took another win for the weekend in Shinko Tires Pro ET over Boyd Mathias. Richard Gadson won Brock’s Performance Street ET over Shayne Proctor. Michael Ostrowski wins $1,000 in FBR Shop 5.60 Index over Shayne Proctor!


9am – ET racers are in the burnout box and we have started our racer against mother nature. We do have a treat of rain showers coming in around 1pm today. The first Pro session has been moved up to noon, 3pm and 6pm.

12pm – Round one qualifying of Sportsman has been completed and we are moving into our first round of Pro qualifying for the day.

In Top Fuel Larry McBride clicked off a 5.91 at 229.35 against David Vantine’s 6.74 at 154.86. The crowd was wild to see a 5 second pass and we are bound to see that number drop of Larry on his next pass out later today.

In Orient Express Pro Street there was a solid showing in round 1 but the excitement of the round came form Ehren Litten on the Rodney Williford tuned Pro Street bike as he made his first 6 second pass with a 6.94 a 214 mph!

In DME Racing Real Street,  Joey Gladstone and his ‘long hair magic’ broke another all motor combination record running a 7.82 at 171 mph!

We started running round 2 qualifying of Top Sportsman and the afternoon rain arrived. So we will be on hold for a bit. However the weather looks good for us to continue racing tonight and tomorrow. So stay tuned!

4:00pm – We are back on the track and the skies look like they may hold for a few hours is not the whole night.

7:00pm – The final pro qualifier for Vance & Hines 4.60, Orient Express Pro Street and DME Racing Real Street has been moved to Sunday morning at 10am. First round pro eliminations will begin 12noon on Sunday.

10:00pm – We are still running the ET classes with under a 1am curfew. However we still have a chance of rain that can come in anytime.

During first round of Street ET eliminations we had a burn dramatic burn down on the tree. Two racers racer turned on their first yellows but neither would roll in first. The starter pointed them that they had to roll in. Neither would roll in. The starter pointed for them to roll in again and neither would take the tree first. Frustrations were high over this as we were extremely behind in the program and we have a threat of weather coming in. So Jason Miller went out to the line, flipped a coin and called a winner. Problem solved!

1:00am – After a hard fought day We were able to finish Pro ET and Street ET right at our curfew cut of f of 1am. Michael Herman Jr. dominated the the night winning 14 rounds of competition on his 2001  and 2009 Hayabusa’s to take the Brock’s Performance Street ET and Shinko Tires Pro ET win!


Friday Recap

Dozens of racers showed up Friday morning to run the all day test session. The most exciting news of the day was  Ehren Litten’s run of 7.01 @ 213 which is his new personal best. Unfortunately since it wasn’t during competition it does not qualify for the Orient Express GOAT List.

Larry ‘Spiderman’ McBride and David Vantine both made shake down passes to get ready for Saturday’s racing action. Larry had a new heavy duty chain from Pingel that looks like serious business!

Tonights Gambler’s race was  once again a 32 bike field that was sold out in minutes! After 5 rounds of fierce competition Scott McGrath took the win over Chris McCloud. Scott ran a 9.81 on a 9.79 dial while Chris ran a 8.79 breaking out on his 8.80 dial.

At 11pm the track went cold to meet Track curfew and we will see you back here tomorrow at 9am sharp!

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Weekend Video Coverage

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Match 1
Larry McBride 5.912 / 229.35
David Vantine  6.741 / 154.86

Match 2
David Vantine    8.722 / 152.62
Larry McBride 9.600 / 144.67

Match 3
David Vantine   12.265 / 88.46
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IDBL Orient Express Pro Street


Winner : Ehren Litten
Runner-up : Joey Gladstone
#1 Qualifier : Joey Gladstone
Full Results : Click Here

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IDBL DME Racing Real Street


Winner : Joey Gladstone
Runner-up : Ricky Gadson
#1 Qualifier : Joey Gladstone 7.82
Full Results : Click Here

[/double_paragraph] [/row]

IDBL Vance and Hines 4.60

4.60 Index

Winner : Kevin White
Runner-up : Michael Ostrowski
#1 Qualifier : Durwood Rawlings
Full Results : Click Here

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IDBL The FBR Shop 5.60

5.60 Index

Winner : Michael Ostrowski
Runner-up : Shayne Proctor
#1 Qualifier : Richard Gadson 5.602
Full Results : Click Here

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IDBL Carpenter Racing Crazy 8's

Crazy 8’s

Winner : Ben Knight
Runner-up : Dustin Lee
#1 Qualifier : Jeffery Kanagie
Full Results : Click Here
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IDBL APE Top Sportsman

Top Sportsman

Winner : Andre Jones
Runner-up : Derek Cesari
#1 Qualifier : Tom Dunham 7.76
Full Results : Click Here

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IDBL Shinko Pro ET


Pro ET – Saturday

Winner : Michael Herman Jr.
Runner-up : Troy Hausmann
Full Results : Click Here


Pro ET – Sunday

Winner : Michael Herman Jr.
Runner-up : Boyd Mathias
Full Results : Click Here


IDBL Brocks Performance Street ET


Street ET – Saturday

Winner : Michael Herman Jr.
Runner-up : Ty Glunt
Full Results : Click Here


Street ET – Sunday

Winner : Richard Gadson
Runner-up : Shayne Proctor
Full Results : Click Here



Friday Night Gamblers Race

Winner : Scott McGrath
Runner-up : Chris McCloud
Full Results : Click Here

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Club Wars

Winner : Elliot Boyce
Runner-up : Victor Aponte
Full Results : Click Here

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