IDBL : Weekend Coverage – Sunday

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Winner : Terence Angela
Runner-up : Joey Gladstone
Full Results – Click here


Winner : Jeremy Teasley
Runner-up : David Stewart
Full Results – Click here

4.60 INDEX

Winner : Mac McAdams
Runner-up : Tyler Cammock
Full Results – Click here


Winner : Brian Canoles
Runner-up : Preston Hopkins
Full Results – Click here

5.60 INDEX

Winner : Dustin Lee
Runner-up : Ben Knight
Full Results – Click here

CRAZY 8’s 

Winner : Ben Knight
Runner-up : Jeremy Teasley
Full Results – Click here


Winner : Shayne Proctor
Runner-up : George Shriver
Full Results – Click here


Winner : Brian Guarino
Runner-up : Spencer Claycomb
Full Results – Click here


Winner : Mike Schulz
Runner-up : Dustin Lee
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8:00am – We were unable to complete last night’s qualifying and eliminations of the IDBL 18th annual Pingel Spring Nationals due to weather. The rain has already moved out this morning and the sun is shining! The forecast for the rest of the day is clear and they are calling for partly sunny skies with temps in the 50’s!

We will complete the final qualifying session for Vance & Hines 4.60 Index, Orient Express Pro Street, and DME Racing Real Street this morning.

All sportsman classes will receive one time run this morning, and then we will go into eliminations for all classes.

Grudge will run behind every pro session today.

Today’s Schedule
Sportsman Time Run (T/S, P/ET, S/ET, C/8, 5.60) …….. 11am-1pm
Final Pro Qualifier (4.60, PST, RST, Grudge) ………………. 11:30am
Pro Eliminations (T/S, 4.60, PST, RST, Grudge) ………………… 1pm
Sportsman Eliminations (P/ET, S/ET, C/8, 5.60) ……………. 1:30pm

1:00 pm – We have just finished all qualifying and are about to start eliminations. We have posted Time sheets for final qualifying and ladders – click here Video form the final qualifying session are being uploaded now and will show up on the Weekend Video Playlist. Joey Gladstone made here Pro Street record stick today when he backed it with a 6.80. So the official new IDBL Pro Street ET and leader of the Orient Express GOAT list is now a 6.763, congrats to the entire DME Racing team!

6:00pm – In the semi final of Pro street we have all personal best passes. Gladstone 6.72, Ehren Litten a 7.03, Terence Angela a 6.86, and Richard Gadson a 6.98

8:00pm – We are about to head into the Pro finals here in Maryland. A few oil downs have set us behind about 3 hours in todays schedule. But keep checking back because we are uploading videos and times sheets as rounds happen.

2015 TUNER of the YEAR is proud to announce our new award program for 2015. We are going to kick off the year with the announcement of our ’Tuner of the Year’ award presented by Energy Coil.

Every year thousands of passes are made down the track by riders on bike tuned by someone else. In drag racing, the rider is the one who gets all the fame and glory when they win a race, break a record or hoist a championship trophy. Many times the wizard behind the curtain is unknown. The motorcycle Tuner is the guy that sets up the bike and the rider for success. When something mechanically goes wrong, the Tuner is the one with the task of making decisions and getting the bike back on track. Any adjustment made could impact another part of the bikes set up, and the Tuner typically only has a small window of time to figure it out before the bike and rider must go back down the track.


So now is the time to recognize these drag Tuners and give them some accolades. So we are asking the Motorcycle Drag Racing Community to submit their nominations for ‘Tuner of the Year’. Tell us who you think should win this award and why. Throughout the year we will be posting the nominations for this award and providing you with more information about each nominee.

Send the following information for your nominee to

Your Name:
Your Nominee:
Why you think they should win:  (The more details the better.)

We would like to thank Val Dick at Energy Coil for presenting the ‘Tuner of the Year’ award! More details to follow!

Please support Energy Coil and all the great companies that support


Click on the top left playlist button to scroll through uploaded videos.


8:30 am – The track has been hot now for 30 minutes here at Maryland International Raceway for the Pingel Spring Nationals. Jason Miller would like to thank all the racers that showed up early this morning and were in the lanes at 8am to help get this program moving! It’s chilly and the racers are fighting a head wind right now. We will be running sportsman and ET classes until noon when we bring out the first round of Pros.

10:00 am – We have a chance of rain inbound for this afternoon. However the MDIR staff is pushing the program as hard as they can. We had a moment of downtime when a bunch of hippies invaded the track and attempted to climb the scoreboards in their wizard outfits. I swear that is not made up! Never a dull moment in drag racing.

10:40 am – We are getting a few sprinkles and we are on hold for a moment in the middle of the Sportsman session.

11:32 am – Currently on hold again for rain sprinkles.

12:00 pm – It’s currently in the 50’s here at MDIR, the rain has subsided and the wind has died down. Sportsman have taken the track again they are finishing up their final qualifying sessions. Pro’s will be up in a few minutes and then we will start Sportsman eliminations.

2:00 pm – TIME SHEETS POSTED – Click here

2:00 pm – Joey Gladstone is in front of Pro Street with a 6.763 at 221.02 while the #2 qualifier is DD Boulware with a 7.134. In Real Street Anibal Merced is taking the lead with a 7.93 while David Stewart is in second with a 8.062. However this can all change as we go into the second round of qualifying. In 4.60 Darryl Hollins and Cameron Shelton are leading qualifying with a 4.611 and 4.626. Round 1 videos are posted int he playlist below.

3:00 pm – We are down again for rain. Jason Miller is now considering going back to a two day race as tomorrows weather looks much better. He is calling a riders meeting now. Stay Tuned.

3:10 pm – The decision has been made to race tomorrow. So today we will keep running as along as we can. Once we are done we will let you know what tomorrow’s schedule is.

4:22 pm – Racing has been called for the day. We were unable to get to second round of Pro Street and Real Street Qualifying, we will start racing again first thing in the morning.


1:00 pm – We have just arrived to the track and as we were unpacking our equipment we had the GOOD LUCK of witnessing Joey Gladstone on the DME Racing Pro Street bike run a 6.79 at 215.41! WOW – obviously it’s testing and not official for the Orient Express Pro Street G.O.A.T list, but we have no doubt we will see more from the DME Racing team tomorrow.

Check back later for more updates, and make sure you let people know the weekend schedule has changed.

5:30 pm – Gates will close tonight at 11pm!! If you are on your way or know a racer on their way to the track. Please let them know! Also Afterdark Underground will not run tomorrow because of the revised schedule. Please take not of all the schedule changes below. We just finished the early bird test session and we are about to start the night test session and gamblers race. Today look like a record turn out for the early bird test session, so we have a strong event underway with a full midway and lots of racing action for tomorrow!

7:43pm – David Stewart just made a nice pass on his Real Street bike running a 7.78! The current Real Street record is a 7.70 held by Rickey Gadson. The gamblers race is still in time runs and they should start eliminations at about 8:30. MTC Engineering is here on the Midway running a Track Special; 25% off Clutch Fibers and steels!

10:00pm – The Gamblers Race is about to finish up and we are working on posting videos to the Playlist below.

10:40pm – Congratulations to Mike Schulz on his win over Dustin Lee in the Gamblers Race tonight!!! See the full race results – click here.



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