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Jim McClure Injured in Top Fuel Motorcycle Explosion

Championship motorcycle drag racer Jim McClure was injured Sunday at AHDRA event at Atlanta Dragway during Top Fuel motorcycle competition.

Jim and Phyllis were having problems with the bike all weekend. Each time they fired the bike the engine had an unusual banging. She told him when they got to the line if the thing was banging to shut it off. After the burnout, she could hear the banging and tried to get him to shut it off. He wanted to continue. As he staged and launched, the engine exploded with such violence that it broke the frame which slammed into Jim’s chest and lifted him off the bike.

He suffered severe internal injuries which Phyllis referred to as chest trauma. The injuries included a crushed sternum, broken ribs, bruised pancreas, and bruised heart and lungs. Jim remained in the Atlanta Baptist Hospital for two weeks. The family brought their van down, tossed a mattress inside and drove Jim back to Virginia where Phyllis’ doctors tended to Jim.

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