Jordan Haase | Williford Racing 2019 XDA Race Recap

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XDA – Platinum Fleet Repair Spring Nationals
Maryland International Raceway
April 26-28, 2019

Jordan Haase Williford Racing 2019 XDA Race Recap

The 2019 season kicked off this past weekend at Maryland International Raceway in Mechanicsville Maryland with the XDA Racing Platinum Fleet Repair Spring Nationals! The hype coming into the event was off the charts with many of the top riders (Rodney Williford, Jeremy Teasley, Frankie Stotz, and Richard Gadson) already making low 6.60s passes during recent events or testing. I came into the weekend with one goal in mind and that was to be consistent. I knew I couldn’t run some of the numbers these guys were putting up, but as Chris Connelly Jr’s performance at SGMP showed, consistency is what tends to win races.

I had hopes of getting some updates done on the bike over the winter but those pesky house projects I had been putting off for a few years needed to get going so I spent most of my down time playing Bob Vila. Even without any real changes, we knew the bike was competitive and had been fast, with the ability for more. We all hit the road Thursday with anticipation of some testing on Friday before qualifying. Friday morning came and the excitement really set in!

We got parked, started to unload and get things ready to go. I fired up my new Honda Generator (For those of you that saw my post-pre-race, I am super excited about the upgrade. Man do I love that thing!) and we started to get the bike prepped for a test pass. However, it was short lived as we ran into an electrical issue that was a thorn in our side previously. By the time we came up with a solution the rain had made its way in and racing for the day was canceled.

Saturday morning started off with a positive outlook with hopes of all the troubles on Friday being behind us. Boy was I wrong… During Q1 we put a tune up in it just to get down the track and get some data. The bike left ok, but down track it started driving through the clutch pretty bad so I had to shut off early running a 6.93 at 192mph to put me in the field. We got back to the trailer and checked the data which confirmed it was pushing through the clutch. I started what seemed to be normal between round maintenance but found the clutch badly fused together with lots of debris in the basket. We scrambled to get the clutch out, cleaned up and the oil flushed out before Q2. I got the bike back together while John decided what changes needed to be made to the tune and the clutch and we felt confident it would help. We made our way back up for Q2 and when I dropped the clutch it left about the same but picked up some in the middle of the track. Down track though it seemed to slow up still going 6.93 at 209,  but after the finish line the engine decided it had enough for the weekend. It made for a fun ride in the shutdown but I was able to get it stopped and off the track without issue. It appeared based on first glance that something in the top end gave way and allowed the crankcase to get pressurized pushing out enough oil to overfill the puke tank. We got the bike back to the trailer and immediately began thrashing to get the motor swapped in time to make it for Q3 that was pushed back a few hours due to delays. We were able to get everything buttoned back up just before the round started, fired it up in the trailer to make sure everything checked out ok and made our way to the lanes to sneak in the back of the line. We left the tune pretty much alone to see what the fresh motor would do. I dropped the clutch and the power seemed to be a little too much as the bike started carrying the tire. I tried to correct it but it had more power coming in and I shut it off to avoid any issues. The 6.93 passes were good enough to keep me in the field at #14 matching me up against #3 Frankie Stotz on the Honda CBR 1000 (The first bike officially in the 6.50s) in Round 1 Sunday.

Heading into eliminations on Sunday, John and I agreed we wouldn’t be able to outrun Frankie if he was on one of his better passes (don’t forget this bike clicked of 4 or 5 straight 6.60 flats in Georgie in the fall) so we would make some minor adjustments and try to take advantage of any mishaps in the other lane. When the tree came down with both left with almost identical reaction times (.085 for Frankie to my .088) and in typical fashion he pulled ahead of me by about a tenth in the first 300 feet but I felt comfortable with the margin as I plugged through the gears preparing to hit the scramble button. It was all for not, however, because right after I hit 3rd gear the bike shut off and I was forced to coast down the track watching his win light turn on. I knew something wasn’t right for it to just shut off like that, so we got back to the trailer and pulled the log to find the oil pressure dropped into the teens. Luckily the failsafe on the AEM Infinity ECU killed the motor and helped me avoid tossing the rods all over the MIR race surface.

Needless to say it was not the most enjoyable weekend I have had at the race track as far as personal results are concerned but all in all I had a great time as always with our Williford Racing Family and seeing all the great friends we have. Rodney took home Penske Racing Shootout and Event win and Willow got her first Winner’s Circle experience at her first race! Congratulations to Rodney on not only winning the race, but leaving with the Pro Street record for ET at 6.515 and Speed at 230.37mph!!!

Also have to say congratulations to Ehren on debuting his new bike and already running a personal best 6.655 and 227.08mph! Those 2 are flying and are always there to keep me smiling and working to get better. Congrats to teammates Darion “Nanu” Payne on running a career-best 6.730 and Jamie Lopes running a career-best 6.871. I would be reluctant to not also congratulate Frankie Stotz (6.581) and Richard Gadson (6.540) for breaking into the 6.50 zone. And who will ever forget Jeremy Teasley and the DME Racing/Chris Connelly GSXR 1000 running 6.49! Congrats to everyone involved in those programs as well as everyone who made it out this weekend and ran career bests!

Life at the track tends to overshadow the happenings of everyday life but it can quickly remind you that there is more to this than success in 1320 feet. We got a scare Sunday when our little buddy Suttyn had to be rushed to the local hospital with what turned out to be appendicitis. He was transferred Monday to Duke Children’s hospital in North Carolina where they were able to perform a successful surgery yesterday and he is back home recovering today. Thank God for watching over him. It was tough to see him like that and makes you realize how fast things can happen.

I have to thank my Wife Kala for her never-ending support of this crazy, wild and sometimes disheartening dream. I have to thank John Gover for his continued support and working with me to keep this going in an upward direction no matter the turns along the way.

I have to thank my brother Zack Krinock for being there to help with everything between rounds and much more. Thank you to Rodney, Amber, Ehren, and Toni for the continued support and hospitality each and every day. Thank you to my teammates Mark, Gabe, Big Dave, Nanu, Jamie, and Super Dave for being one fully functional (or dysfunctional) family that always makes the most out of each weekend. Thanks to my family and friends both at the track and back home for always standing behind me, encouraging me and supporting me. It’s the people in your corner that really make all this possible.

A big thank you has to go out to Ralphie & Saul Navarro at Platinum Fleet Repair for his continued support of the pro street class and motorcycle drag racing as a whole! People and companies like him are really what make this possible for everyone. Be sure to support those folks and let them know how much their contribution means!

And last but not least I have to thank the sponsors and supporters that make this all possible:

Williford Racing
Cole Mountain Seitzinger & Penske Racing Shocks
AEM Performance Electronics
Vortex Racing Fan Page
John Noonan & Wossner Pistons USA
Dimey Eddinger/Andy Sawyer & DME Racing
RJ Bake & 1 Stop Speed
Jay Eshbach & APE Raceparts
Frando Brake System
TPG Tuning
Totally-Baked Powdercoating
Premier Detailing
Bartering Bobs
Blackout Tinting
AFM Racing
Vanson Leathers Inc.
Simpson Race Products
MTC Engineering LLC
Brandi Neithamer &
JT Norton
Tim Hailey &
Kwame Olds & K.O. Photography
Bryan Greaux & Round Hill Rocket
Terrence Belton
Jason Miller/Chris Miller & XDA Racing/MBP