Jordan Haase | Williford Racing XDA Season Finale Report

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XDA – 27th annual DME Racing Fall Nationals
Maryland International Raceway
September 20-22, 2019

Jordan Haase | Williford Racing XDA Season Finale Report

For the final race of the 2019 XDA Racing season, Jordan Haase headed back to Maryland International Raceway with a lot still on the line. His less than stellar performance at the VMP Bike Bash and Maryland Bike Fest took him out of championship contention. Although it was disappointing knowing he was mathematically ineligible for this year’s championship, he still had a good shot at a top-three finish. And with the tune-up in the bike, his Hayabusa was capable of winning the Battle Royale. Rodney was only a few points behind in the championship chase, so the entire team went into the weekend thinking positive. The final race is always one of those heated dog fights from start to finish. And with 32 laddered bike field competing for $10,000, this year’s event didn’t disappoint.

After having issues in VMP with the bike not shifting, tuner John Gover and Haase decided not to make too many changes. They swapped motors to diagnose the problem and felt it was worth heading to the local track for a little testing. But before they did that, a care package came in from Andy Sawyer and Dimey Eddinger at DME Racing to help Haase get a bit more comfortable on the bike. Being taller, he never really felt like the peg location on his bike was the greatest in terms of his body positioning. DME Racing designed a longer and lower rear set, and Haase was looking forward to trying them out during the test session.

Keystone Raceway Park outside of Pittsburgh is Jordan’s home track, and although it isn’t known for having the best track prep for high horsepower street bikes, he figured they could turn it down and get some data. Gover worked some magic remotely tuning the bike to get down the track. And although the bike wasn’t making any quick passes, Jordan enjoyed getting back to his roots and letting his hometown see the bike in action while talking with friends and answering questions about Pro Street.

With confidence in the bike after a positive test session, the team hit the road for Maryland with plans to get the bike back it’s performance potential. First pass off the trailer on Friday; the bike was a little sluggish and drove towards the centerline, so that run was aborted. The second pass it was turned up a bit, and while the bike left good, it wheelied early, and Haase had to get out of the gas. For the next pass they turned the power on a little earlier and the bike responded very well going a 1.19 sixty-foot, 3.00 three-thirty and 4.42 eighth-mile at 175mph. With that solid lap behind them, they were ready for the Friday night qualifier. Maryland’s fall weather showed up, and the temperature dropped quick. To be safe, they turn it down to adjust for the natural power increase, but that ended up biting them. The bike didn’t have enough wheel speed early on and wheelied. Haase salvaged the run to go 7.27 at only 171mph.

Saturday morning the team was up early and chomping at the bit to improve on Friday night’s performance numbers. Gover and Haase agreed it made sense to use the early qualifier to hit it hard. Although the bike didn’t leave the greatest, Haase was able to control the front wheel and drive it through to a career-best 6.683 at 219mph! The planned worked, and they were securely in the top half of the field with two rounds of qualifying to go. For round three they planned to tighten up the front numbers, but as pro street racing goes, the bike got violent just after the 1-2 shift, and the run was aborted. For the final qualifier Saturday night, they were ready to swing for the fences. “When Gover informs me that he isn’t sure I’ll be able to make a full run, it normally means I am in for a wild ride,” stated Haase. But this time, everything worked flawlessly. The bike left better than it had all year going a 1.163 sixty-foot followed by a 2.982 at the three-thirty and a career-best 4.392 eighth-mile at almost 177mph, when she really started digging. There were finally able to put the front and back half together, going another career-best 6.610 at 219.22mph! This moved Haase up to the number eight spot on the GOAT list and moved him to the sixth qualifying position heading into Sunday’s eliminations.


Qualifying was full of excitement for the whole class. Rodney Williford finished in the number three spot after running a 6.52 and was paired up with XDA newcomer David Rego from Canada. Ehren Litten “struggled” compared to his typical performance, with the bike wanting to spin but was still able to run a 6.69 to qualify ninth and was matched up with James Herbert, who was making his first appearance of the 2019 season. Mark Gargiulo was back at the track and seemed to be riding a bracket bike, making several 6.6X passes and locked in the number seven spot which paired him with Sydney Marshall. Gabe Frederick was able to get back to the track after recently welcoming a new addition to the family and taking some time off. He is still adjusting to an entirely new combo but was able to run a 6.89 to grab the twelfth spot, which meant he would take on recent NHDRO PST winner David Roisen in E1.

Darion Payne struggled to get down the track clean during the qualifying rounds and finished with a best ET of 7.04 which qualified him eighteenth to face Keith Correia, who broke into the 6 second zone for the first time in his career earlier in the day. One of Jordan’s biggest supporters this season, Ryan Bonitatis at 1 Stop Speed, made a few changes to his turbo Top Sportsman bike to run pro street. Unfortunately, a series of bad luck caused him to finish outside of the field qualified number thirty-three. He was able to repair the bike with some help from the Williford Racing Team, but he’d ultimately run the ‘B class’ solo on Sunday. Haase would be paired up with Canadian, Chris Klassen, who ran a career-best in qualifying. The main buzz surrounding qualifying was the record-setting 6.38 Jeremy Teasley and DME Racing were able to throw down on their methanol huffing GSX-R1000. Everyone knew they would have to be on their A-Game if they wanted to take home the stack of cash Sunday.

Outside of Pro Street Haase was excited watching his brother in law Zack Krinock run his old GPZ in Street ET. Krinock purchased the bike earlier in the year and has been traveling with Jordan for a few years to the races. This was his first on-track experience at an XDA event with the Team. He has been quickly progressing all year after countless test sessions, and it showed Saturday when he made it to round four in a tough class. The team is looking forward too much more with Zack in the 2020 race season.

After the incredible day there was still one last thing to get done. Big Dave Page had been battling for a championship in the Monster Bulls Grudge class and was leading the points heading into the season finale. Unfortunately, during testing earlier in the day, Dave took a spill and had to be transported to the local hospital for evaluation. Dave, with all his positivity and a great big smile, was able to make it back just in time for the chip draw for round one of eliminations. The team got the bike prepped and brought it to the lanes. Dave, with a heart and will like no other, suited up despite being in pain and discomfort. He wanted to take the tree to give himself every chance at the championship he had worked so hard for all year.

“One of the memories from this weekend that will stick with me the rest of my life, is having the opportunity to push his bike up to the line with him walking beside me, and everyone cheering him on for giving it his all under the circumstances,” stated Haase.

Page was able to muster up enough strength to sit on the bike and bring it up on the two-step while staging, but once the tree flashed, he wisely backed it off just breaking the beams and receiving a standing ovation. “It’s one of those moments that brought tears to my eyes, knowing how hard he has worked to be there and having to watch it slip away.” Although he may not have won the Championship, he is still a champion to his team and proved to be one of the baddest in the grudge scene today. Here’s to you big man!

After an evening of fun, music, cake (of course), and plenty of laughs the team was back at it early Sunday morning. The overall feel of the day was more focused than normal for the whole team. Everyone knew what was on the line and what they had to do. They got the bikes prepped for round one of eliminations. The toughest part of racing versus qualifying is taking your competition into consideration when making tuning calls. They knew that Klassen was at an ET disadvantage on paper. However, one mistake on Jordan’s part and Klassen would quickly capitalize on that. Gover put in a safe 6.80 tune that would allow Haase to have a decent pass. Klassen got the starting line advantage, but immediately had issues while Haase was able to get down the track easily running a 6.87 at 214mph for the win. Williford was able to get by Rego running a quick 6.57. Litten knocked out Herbert and got back to his form running a 6.60. Gargiulo continued to repeat his consistency running a 6.66 to get by Marshall. Payne continued to struggle, but his 7.22 was good enough to take out Correia. Frederick had issues and was knocked out but moved over to the second chance race for a shot at a consolidation $1000 pot.

In round two of eliminations, Haase was matched up with PST ‘lumberjack’ Jason Dunigan who is notorious for his reaction times. Jordan knew he would have to be on his game as Dunigan is capable of running low 6.60’s. Jordan was careful on the line and trusted Gover’s tune would get the job done. Dunigan got the starting line advantage at the hit with a .053 reaction time to his .073 but after that, Haase was able to drive away from him running a 6.70 at 216mph to his off pace 7.01. Rodney got the win over Rudy Sanzottera running a strong 6.59. Ehren continued to improve his numbers, running a 6.58 to get past Tony Ficher’s 6.71. Mark stayed true to form with a 6.66 to knock out Jake Henderson. Darion had issues and fell short to Richard Gadson.

Round three was written like a heavyweight bout headline. Seven of the remaining bikes were the top seven in points fighting for position (with Mark being the only exception due to his limited race schedule). Ehren vs. Jeremy Teasley, Chris Moore vs. Frankie Stotz, Richard Gadson vs. Mark, and Haase unfortunately pairing with teammate Rodney. There was a lot at stake this round with Rodney still trailing Teasley by a few points for the Championship. They were mathematically the only 2 with a shot this late in the day. It put Haase in a tough spot mentally; you never want to be involved in the reason why your teammate didn’t win a championship. But this is a professional grade team, and they all know that at the core, they are all competitors. The results on the track would decide the outcome. To beat Rodney, Gover would have to put the big tune in the bike, and Jordan knew this was a risk, but they were both willing to go for it as they were chasing a 6.5x pass all weekend anyway. When the bulbs dropped, Rodney got the advantage. Haase had the best 60-foot numbers of his career with a 1.13, but it was a little too much, and the bike wheelied. He recovered quick, but a 6.88 wasn’t enough with Rodney’s 6.58 pass. Ehren knocked the tree down on Teasley and put his best number on the board with a 6.48, but it came up a little short to Jeremy’s 6.41. Mark’s 6.69 wasn’t enough to stick with Richard’s 6.46.

Going from four team bikes down to one was a tough pill to swallow, but the level of competition in this class is truly incredible and unlike any other. It was all hands on deck to help Rodney get prepared for his semi-final matchup with Richard Gadson. Everyone knew the importance of this round with the potential of a Final to decide the championship. On the track as the team watched with nervous anticipation. Jeremy was able to knock out Chris Moore and all eyes were on Rodney and Richard. Rodney had to win to stay in the championship chase. The bulbs dropped, and while it appeared close for a while, Richard was a little too much to handle running a 6.46 to Rodney’s 6.63. That loss meant that Teasley and DME were the 2019 Pro Street champions. Congratulations to their entire team, it was a hard-earned accomplishment. In the final round for the fresh $10K Richard was able to take out the champ running identical 6.403’s based on his holeshot advantage. Congratulations to Richard, Brad Mummert, and the entire HDFR team.

Although Haase’s performance at the XDA final was the best of the year, he was knocked out of the top five and finished the year in sixth place. “I am still thrilled with the year and feel that finishing number six with this group of racers is a fantastic accomplishment. My goals entering the season were to finish top ten in points to be able to race at World Cup Finals again and run in the 6.60’s. We were able to accomplish all of those goals, and I couldn’t be happier,” stated Haase.

“We have a week left to prepare for this year’s World Cup Finals, and I’d like to thank Ralphie Navarro at Platinum Fleet Repair for giving us the opportunity to compete on this level. We have made few changes to the bike and have two fresh engines ready to go. Huge thanks to John Noonan at Wossner Pistons for getting me ready with fresh parts. I have a few new goals for this last event. Run a 6.50 and win one more time before the season is over. We intend to put up a fight and to bring home the Cup!”

If you haven’t attended a World Cup Finals Import vs Domestic event, make your plans now! This is an event you do not want to miss featuring 400 of the fastest cars and bikes, a huge vendor midway with plenty of merchandise, bikini contest, and so much more. Check out for all the race info and to order your tickets in advance. Be one of the 40K fans to witness history!

“I have to take a moment to thank my amazing team at Williford Racing for all their support again this season. I have accomplished more than I ever thought possible, and it is largely in part to all of you. Thanks to my wife Kala, my family and my friends that are always supporting me and cheering me on. Without you, I wouldn’t have the same determination for success.”

“A big thank you to all my sponsors and supporters that make my dream a reality. The backbone of a successful racing program is the companies that provide different types of support. Big or small every bit helps at this level. We are just getting started, and I am excited to represent you. My goals continue to progress, which includes my ability to give back to my sponsors.


I look forward to building a stronger relationship and continue this journey with you all:

  • Williford Racing
  • Cole Mountain Seitzinger & Penske Racing Shocks
  • AEM Performance Electronics
  • Vortex Racing Fan Page
  • Dimey Eddinger/Andy Sawyer & DME Racing
  • John Noonan & Wossner Pistons USA
  • RJ Bake & 1 Stop Speed
  • Sebastian Domingo & NLR Motorsport Electronics
  • Jay Eshbach & APE Raceparts
  • Ron Ayers Motorsports
  • Frando Brake System
  • TPG Tuning
  • Totally-Baked Powdercoating
  • Distinct Automotive Appearance
  • Ralphie Navarro & Platinum Fleet Repair
  • BSFab
  • Pro-Things Apparel
  • Bartering Bobs
  • Hamm Automotive
  • M&M Parts & Leather
  • MTC Engineering
  • Race Parts Solutions
  • Anchor Graphics
  • Vanson Leathers
  • Simpson Race Products
  • Brandi Neithamer &
  • Tim Hailey &
  • Terrence Belton
  • Kwame Olds & K.O. Photography
  • JT Norton
  • Bryan Greaux & Round Hill Rocket
  • Jason Miller/Chris Miller & XDA Racing/MBP