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Junior Dragbike Reports from the Open Sports Nationals


Open Sports Nationals




Eurgh I hate the rain! 

Saturday was qualifying day one. I started off with a 9.58 on a 9.40 which landed me third. 

Next run was a 9.59 on a 9.48 which kept me in third place. 

This was looking way too consistent for my bike so qualifier three it caught me off guard.. I then ran a 9.70 on a 9.55 and was also knocked down to fifth place. I’m blaming my odd dial in time for this one.. I’ve never liked odd numbers! Haha.

Qualifying round four I went back to an even dial in of 9.56 hoping for a better run however it got worse and I ended up running a 9.8 something which was rubbish! Still fifth place though so not too shabby.

Well done to Jordan for number one qualifier with a practically perfect run. And to Jas for second, girl did good 😉 .

Unfortunately that was it for the racing because the rain decided to spoil our fun on the track! 😞 

A big well done to Jack for winning the APIRA championship, and also to whoever  came second as I haven’t found out yet haha..

Thank you to all of the clubs sponsors for your continued support. Also thank you to Jerry Collier and Brett Cordelle for running the club, it’s much appreciated 😊

See you all next meeting


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Junior Day 

We arrived on Wednesday to a very wet Santa Pod but it didn’t seem to affect the spectators as there was a lot of people there and a lot of people interested in all of race vehicles.  Thankfully the rain passed by the afternoon and we could all start racing.  We had one qualifying run which put me against Alfie in the first Eliminations. 

Alfie got nearest his time so I was out on the first race.  Well done Alfie. 

Unfortunately the rain stopped racing before the finals could be run so the final took place between Jasmine and Blade on a Porta Tree.

Congratulations to Jasmine for the win on the Porta Tree and to Blade for coming second. 

Big Thank you to Andy Wheeler for another great Junior day and to Santa Pod for all their hard work in drying the track so that we could all race.   

Open Sports Nationals

After problems at Santa Pod at the fun day we changed the manifold back to the original and in the first qualifier we dialled in a 9.20 and ran straight away 9.29 after running high 9’s at the fun day and left me qualified 2nd

For the second pass we kept the dial in the same and ran a 9.34 which left me in 2nd

3rd round and I changed the dial in to 9.25 and then ran a 9.41 

On the last run of the day  raised the dial in to a 9.30 and bogging until almost 60ft ran a 10.5, after the run checked through the clutch and it looked ok so we changed the jet back to the 180 rather than the 170

After Saturday it rained so we did not get to run and then Sunday and Monday got rained off thank you to the track crew for trying to get the track dry 

Thanks to Caveman Creations for sponsoring junior drag bike and thanks to Rene Van Den Berg for sponsoring me.

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Day one arrived early we set up and signed on.  It was going to be one qualifying run and straight into elimination. First round of elimination was against Jake. But I lost.  I was not worried because I do the RWYB . I had a great time cannot wait till next year.    

Shakespeare Raceway

We went straight from Santa pod to shaky on Friday and set up.  We were scrutineered and got signed on by the end of the day Friday.  First round of qualifying was  against Blade set my ET to 9.4 but missed a gear and ran a 10.4 

Second round was against Stacey set my ET to 9.6 ran a 9.35 and broke out.  Third round against was against Will set an ET of 9.3 and ran a 9.6.  I was miles away from my ET and I will try harder to be more consistent.  Fourth round was against Blade again and set my ET to 9.4 and ran a 9.352 and broke out (only just). Sunday we were called to the fire up lane and it started spitting with rain.  We went to the pits and then Shakey called it a day.  Monday rained all day by 12.00 Shakey had called it again that was the end of racing.

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Jordan Kenway   JBP 666

Fun Day

We arrived at Santa Pod on Tuesday ready for Wednesday, we set up and got everything ready. 

The fun day itself was a great day and want to say a huge thanks to the Wheeler family for organising it again this year. Unfortunately, things didn’t go to plan for us and we took an early exit in round 1 to Meg, well done Meg. Also, a big well done to Jas for going on to win the day. 

Open Sports

After 3 amazing days with friends and family at Santa Pod it was time to convoy our way to Shakey for round 4. We arrived about lunch time set up and got everything ready for Saturday qualifying.

Q1- We woke up Saturday morning to a overcast of cloud. Not knowing what to dial in I went for a safe 8.60, I’m so glad I chose it because I ran basically a perfect ET of 8.602 @ 75mph.

Q2- We had an issue of the bike rolling out of stage meaning I didn’t record a time. 

Q3- Still an 8.60 dial in and ran an 8.63 still bang on that dial in, however on this run we decided to turn on the 2 step which had just been rewired by Simon Holgate and had been given a new micro switch by Richard Shook, so thanks for that Simon and Richard, and it worked a treat!

Q4 – We kept the 8.60 dial in but went a tad too quick running a 8.59 sooooooo close to that perfect ET again! 

Unfortunately rain stopped play on Sunday meaning I was number 1 qualifier. 

Monday morning we woke to more rain 😞 which resulted in the meeting being called. Wanna say a huge well done to a good friend Jack Shook who later got crowned APIRA champion and also to Jerry Collier who had been re-elected chairman. Also, I would like to thank my crew for being top lads and a las, Simon and Richard for their help, Brett Cordelle for his hard work recently and finally Warpspeed Racing for their continued support. Can’t wait for round 5 see you all there!

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Jasmine Cordelle

The racing began on Wednesday at santa pod for fun day which was an excellent day as usual thank you andy wheeler for all the organization, because of the weather we had to run the final with a porta tree and me and blade made it to the final and we had best out of three this was going to be fun seems that we don’t run on reaction time some how i was pulling good lights so i won the final some how aha!

On the Wednesday we noticed the Engine develop a top end rattle at fun day after investigation we found one of the exhaust valves had a excess clearance as we couldn’t find out why we decided to take out the engine and replace with dad’s road bike engine which is the same cc, this was completed at 2am Saturday morning thank you dad sorry about nicking your engine its mine now! 

Saturday we arrived early at Shakespeare county raceway for the Open Sport Nationals, we had a rush to get to qualifier 1 but we made it I was told to take it easy on my first run just to make sure the engine is okay I forgot about that and ran a 8.60 on a 8.90 its not normal to go slow!! 

Q2 –  8.55 on a 8.40

Q3  – 8.36 on a 8.30

Q4 –  8.33 on a 8.30

Unfortunately it was a wash out on Sunday and Monday so there was no racing held and the meeting got called early Monday morning so at the end of the meeting i had number 2 qualifier well done to Jordan for taking number 1 qualifier and also a big thank you to dave brader for the qualifying trophy’s!  

Big thank you to dad for making me able to race this weekend! Will be back at santa pod for national finals soon with all the crew as we missed auntie kerry at shakey!:( 

Also thank you to Brett for keeping the club together over the last few months and i would like to welcome jerry back in as our chair!

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Jack Shook JBM 15

We entered Junior Fun Day cautious as we didn’t know what the bike was going to do after it playing up at the previous event. The first run at Fun Day we ran ok but far of our dial in. I didn’t know what my reaction time was until I looked at the timing slip which I ran a perfect light, 0.0008! I was unfortunately knocked out by Jasmine who later went on to win the Fun day! I would like to make a huge thank you to the Wheeler Family for putting on such an amazing event for charity.

We arrived on the Friday of Opensport Nationals confident as we had won the last event at Shakespeare. In Q1 we ran a 10.17 on a 9.84 dial in. We were 4th. 

Q2 we unfortunately broke out by .05 as we ran a 9.92 on a 9.97 dial in. I was bumped to 5th. 

Q3 we decided to put a new plug in the bike as it seamed to bog during high revs. We dialled in a 9.84 and ran a 9.94. Which bumped me to 3rd.

Q4 we decided to launch more aggressive which resulted in the bike wanting to go up not forwards. We qualified 4th.

The event was later rained of which resulted in me winning the A.P.I.R.A championship with my good buddy Jordan Kenway getting No.1 qualifier running a near perfect E.T! It was also great news to hear that Jerry Collier had been re-elected to be head of the club with Brett Cordelle being vice chairman keeping up his amazing work for the club!

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Fun day race report – We arrived at pod for the fun day at 11:15 and got set up and signed on just as it started to rain. We ended up racing at about 3 however I still managed to get 4 or 5 good runs in with a best of an 8.8 Before we went home we watched the awards being given out a little earlier as it started to rain again, well done to blade (Ollie Dummer) for coming 2nd and Jasmine for coming 1st ! Thanks to my dad for taking me up to pod for a fun day of racing 😊

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Well after a wet start at the junior fun day the bike ran well and made it to the finals against jas but then it rained again so that ended the day but to decide a winner we used a porta tree with best of 3 the winner … I had a red light of .003 which meant Jas won 2-1 but I had the best reaction of .008 so was pleased with that we then headed to shakey on Friday Saturday’s qualifying was so close for the juniors they all ran great my first run I went red to eager 2nd broke out.. But back in the 9.1’s 3rd run to big of a burn out and bogged on the line a bit 4th run dialled a 9.10 and run a 9.30 2 tenths off and that was only good enough for number 7 qualifier… That’s how good everyone was running … But that was our weekend done the rain came in and that was all of our racing done. 

Thanks to the track crew at Santa pod and shakey for all the effort and time they put in to keep the tracks in good condition when there’s rain. 

Thanks to my dad for all the running round,  Rukus customs, FBM turbos, #hermfab,  Jamie and the lads at Goss Moto X, Ron Magic bullet, Beckwith Motorsports and HEL performance.

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The week started off on Wednesday at Santa Pod raceway. Where it was the junior fun day! The bike was running consistent 8.7 runs to the 1/8 track all day long. Unfortunately I did get knocked out in the second round as the clutch was dragging. At the end of the day my dad fiddled with the bike a little ready for the following weekend at Shakespeare county raceway the championship round. The rest of the week we stayed at Santa pod and had a great time! On Friday we had a convoy of trucks that went from Santa pod to Shakespeare county raceway. Once we arrived we setup the awning and waited for the scrutineer to come and check the bike. We passed. We then signed on ready for qualifying on the Saturday. On Saturday I noticed the bike had no power as the power valve was adjusted when we tinkered with the bike.

After 2 runs of 9.3 and one run at 11.4 we sorted the problem and I ran a 8.9 but with a bog off the line. When I got back to the pits we turned the launch revs on the two step up to 11000 ready to test it tomorrow. Unfortunately the rest of the weekend was raining so we couldn’t race… I managed to qualify 5th which wasn’t too bad considering the bike wasn’t running at its best. I’d like to say well done to jack for winning the apira championship and we’ll done to Jordan and jasmine for coming 1st and second qualifier. I’d also like to thank my dad for taking me racing and paying for everything 😊 and also a big thank you too the colliers for sponsoring the RD for me to race in the junior drag bike and for all the help they have given us 😊

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I got 4 runs in and was pleased with my results. I’ve been running without a shift light and no shift change. Hopefully the extreme bike will be done soon. Thanks to Tink my big friend.

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