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Kevin White Earns an Emotional Win at IDBL

Kevin White Earns an Emotional Win at IDBL

The race weekend was almost over before it began. On the way to the IDBL Orient Express U.S. Nationals at Atco Dragway the tow vehicle suffered a ruptured brake line. After 3 hours on the side of highway 13 in Delaware, I repaired the brake line and got going again. Upon climbing the incline of the Delaware memorial bridge the transmission started slipping, but I was to close to turn around and call it quits, so I pushed on. As I pulled into the track I find out I have no reverse. As my family arrives we decide to go racing and worry about the truck later.

Saturday morning came and it was time for qualifying. We get the bike ready and made a disappointing 4.70 pass. It was Disappointing because last week in testing we ran 4.68 and 4.66. I immediately get on the phone with my new Tuner Billy Vose. I explain to him the track conditions and the gathered data from the run and he sent me a new tune up. We wait until Sunday to run, but unfortunately the second qualifying pass was not good because I didn’t do what Billy asked me to do. Spotty cell signal made me miss a key component to the recipe. Billy Vose looks at the data and weather conditions and sends me another tune-up.



First round came and I’m up against Mac McAdams who is deadly on the tree so I knew a good light was needed if I wanted a changes to make it to round 2. Mac still chopped the tree down on me, but he ran into trouble mid track and I ran a 4.91 letting off early.

Next round I had Mike Beaverly who was running very well. Again on the phone with Billy Vose, he gives me a tune-up for the conditions and lets me know my lights need work so he gives me a tip on how to cut a good light. I cut a more acceptable .031 light to Mike’s 0.81 and run a 4.69 again killing the run early.

Round 3 came and I had Terry Thompkins, one of the guys I look up to because he’s really consistent. Not really wanting to change much because I hadn’t made a full run all race, Vose sends small changes for this round. I cut a .057 light to Terry’s 0.47. The race was tight until halftrack because Terry’s bike spun just pass the 330. At the end of the return road I lose it. Overwhelmed with emotions I thank God for the experience and Terry comes over and congratulates me and tells me I deserve it. I say thanks and head to the trailer to get ready for the finals.


I immediately get on the phone with Billy Vose for a tune up for the final round. I’m up against Mike Ostrowski who is also known to be good on the tree. I ask Bily for more power and he tells me no because of the weather and track temps. Mike and I exchange pleasantries in the lane and shake hands. We line up and tree comes down and he leaves first. I could feel my bike reeling him in by the 330’ but I spin as the bike reaches 100%. At halftrack I hear his bike not wanting to shift and I knew that was it. I chop the throttle again just before the 1/8th mile marker and run a 4.67. Mike and I shake hands again and share a laugh at how the run went. I go back to the trailer to pick up the rest of my family and all I see is my Mom and Daughter doing jumps and kicks like little cheerleaders.


This win is dedicated to my Dad. We have raced in some form since I got my learners permit. We have never won a race. And all I wanted to do was give him that trophy to show my appreciation for the gifts I have enjoyed all my life. By the will and grace of God it was possible. God put good people around me to help me achieve this.

I would like to thank a lot of people, in no particular order: My entire Family (Doris and Leroy White Jr, My loving wife Vicki White, and my kids Kera and Tyrell), Billy Vose, Marion Ford, Kevin “BIG KEV” Richardson, Steven Creech, The Bradley Family, Dogwood Racing, and Marks Racing. These are the people that have kept me grounded this season and encouraged me to keep going through all the rough times.
I absolutely could not do it without my sponsors: The FBR Shop, AGWraps.com, EarthX Lithium Batteries, Carolina Beauty Salon, and TEESPHOTOSHOP.com.


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