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Kings of Grudge : 2016 Drag Race Schedule

 kings of Grudge

2016 Season Jumpoff SPRING FLING

Union Co. Dragway, SC opens the KOG 2016 season with lots of unfinished business from 2015. New bikes, new builds, new crews, & new riders are looking flex their muscles and claim what belongs to them. No time for play… these are the BIG BOYS with the BAD TOYS! “UNDISPUTED” World’s Fastest Grudgebikes!


Grudge | ET Bracket | 5.60 Index | Street Hustlers | Hand Clutch Killaz | Big Boy Heavyweights | BIG 8 Royal Rumble

Mark your calendars!… Saturday March 5th, 2016!!

Witness… Da Baddest Grudge Bikes On Da Planet!

For more info: 864-360-2126

Kings of grudge

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