Kings of Grudge : Bike Fest Tour Schedule

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2015 Classes:
ET Bracket
5.60 Index
GROM Grudge (New Class)
Street Hustlers (New Class)
Hand Clutch Killaz
Big 8 Royal Rumble



  1. Olisha
    Olisha 15 December, 2015, 08:12

    I attended the race Dec 11 & 12. I was disappointed to see that my favorite racers (Black Plaque, Lord Have Mercy & Eddie Cane) did not win. Black plaque and Lord Have had been kicking ass all day. While Black plaque has been whipping ass all season so when night fell I expected the same thing. The final round had me like WTF is going on. I’m not sure if someone is being paid off or what but can I please somebody anybody let me get the race I was supposed to see @ the track.
    Black plaque Vs Lord Have Mercy. For the 2016 season I hope to see Black Caesar come back (lol).

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