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Knight Racing : Just Getting Started & Tired

Just Getting Started & Tired

The race season is upon us and I’m already tired…. Somehow, someway, I seem to always start the season off “behind”. This time it was finishing up my brother’s new bike two hours before I left for the season-opening Man Cup race. Which was 8 hours after I FINALLY finished up the mythical bar bike that I’ve been building for four years (Special thanks to Schnitz Racing for some last-minute parts).

It was a good weekend in Georgia as I slowly got the bar bike somewhat dialed in (thanks to the help of lots of friends). I was just hoping to get some testing done, but it went so well that I entered Pro ET both days on it and each day I made it down to the ladder round. So, I was definitely excited to have the bike not only running, but running well.

Although I was unable to make it to any final rounds I did go to the semi-finals against friend/teammate Dustin Lee in Street Fighter. Which was right after he beat me in the quarter-finals of Top Gas. My brother’s new bike ran well and he got down to the semi-finals in Pro ET on a street bike, which was awesome to watch.

With the IDBL event being rained out, I packed up and headed West for the NHDRO season opener at Muncie Dragway this past weekend. Friday I got some testing in for the weekend’s events and even participated in my first grudge race. My opponent Vince Hileman had a misfortunate parts failure, so I was able to take an easy win, but not without setting a new personal best in the process (which we can’t discuss of course, being it was a grudge race). I’m sure Vince and I will have a fun spirited rematch soon. Saturday started off very promising when I was able to dispatch Jeremy Teasley & Bob Carlson (sorry guys!) one after another in ET racing, as those two are some of the best out there. However, I was unable to capitalize and lost 4th round in Pro & Street ET.

Fast forward to Sunday and it was a role reversal of Saturday. I started off with two back to back losses in Pro ET (ending my day in that class). Followed by Teasley getting his revenge, beating me back to back in Super Comp & Top Gas first rounds. Adding insult to injury was what I thought to be a blown motor after the Top Gas pass (more on that later). So, I told myself to straighten up and tighten up on the tree and go some rounds in my two remaining classes. The little pep talk must have worked as I was able to make it down to the finals in both classes. Up first would be the Crazy 8’s final, where I had the tree but lost at the stripe to that Lee guy once again (although he was extracting revenge from me beating him in the Street ET semi’s just moments before). It was a good race and I was glad to share the final with a friend… Err, both finals with my friends/teammates… In the Street ET final I was able to defeat the legendary John “Spooky” Markham as he wheelied at the hit. Our team (DRR) had five event wins and five runner-ups, so it was a smashing success to say the least.

Once back from Muncie I quickly started to tear down my Top Gas bike to find out what was wrong. It turns out I hadn’t blown it up, but had a pesky bolt come loose and tear some items up internally. Have no fear, as the damage wasn’t nearly as bad as it could’ve been. I’m going to take the opportunity to freshen the engine up while it’s apart though, so we’re ready to go for the remainder of the season. I have to give a big thanks to Wossner Pistons USA for their continued support and helping me out with this early season hurdle. Additionally, Rob Bush Motorsports, 1 Stop Speed, & Brock’s Performance had everything I needed to get the ball rolling on the rebuild. Last & certainly not least, Bryan Snyder of Quantum Motorsports will be building the bullet back to 100% and get us going fast again.

Thanks to all my family & friends who continue to support me and the rest of the great sponsors/supporters that make my program so successful: Full Spectrum Power, Energycoil Racing, Vanson Leathers, Montgomery Motorsports, The FBR Shop, McIntosh Machine & Fabrication, MPS Racing, Dragbike.com, M2.Shocks by RPS Manufacturing, Web Camshafts, WorldWide Bearings, Knight Marketing Group, and Knight Communications.

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