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Las Vegas Sportsman Motorcycle Bracket Shootout Results


The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Las Vegas, NV
February 20, 2016
Written by : Kirk Walton
Photos by Eddie Maloney at www.fasteddiesimagery.com

Las Vegas Sportsman Motorcycle Bracket Shootout Results

Doug Schumann ended up with the first prize of the weekend with the “Longest Tow” $50 award from Roberts Racing, making the 1100 mile trip from Oregon.  He just kept on winning and made the trip well worth it, taking home the first place trophy and money back with him.

Doug was on of 23 riders from five states who showed up at Las Vegas Motor Speedway as part of the first “Sportsman Motorcycle Bracket Shootout” on Saturday, February 20th. One more showed up to make it 24 but broke earlier in the day at the Test ‘N Tune. This was under the direction of Kahea Woods, a Las Vegas rider, who came up with the idea and put it all together.

He could not have picked a better day for it.  Sunny, light wind and 73 degrees.  The track prep was excellent as always and we got two rounds of qualifying off the best reaction time.  The best reaction time would get the bye run and $100 from Kosman Specialties.

The number one qualifier ended up being one of the Arizona riders, Tyler Anderson of Glendale, laid down a nice .004 on his ’04 Suzuki Hayabusa.  Just behind was Leo Shaver of Las Vegas on his ’87 Kawasaki Ninja with a .005.  Third was the most popular number with three riders with a .008.  Gary Oaks, Las Vegas, was the first to do it on his ’78 Kawasaki KZ.  Dave “Wheels” Wheeler of Murray, Utah was the next to do it on his ’06 Kawasaki ZX-14.  Mike Cragun from Sandy, Utah rounded it out on his ’79 Kawasaki KZ.

#1 Qualifier Tyler Anderson, Glendale, AZ (right with Kahea Woods on the left) with a .002 reaction time.  $100 from Kosman Specialties.

John Evans, West Valley City, UT on his ’08 Suzuki, won the quickest ET $50 award from Bronze Star Racing with an ET of 7.723 and also the fastest MPH at 168.43 which also was $50 from Bronze Star Racing.

Round one saw a lot of teammates and familiar Pacific division matchups.

Kahea Woods was also racing among running around organizing everything.  He took on Denny Alves, El Cerrito, CA and had a great reaction time of .002 (8.63) and ran 8.651@151.32mph  to force Denny into the breakout, 8.640@154.72mph on the 8.65 dial.

Las Vegas riders paired up against each other with David Phillips on his ’07 Harley bagger beating Leo Shaver.  David had a .057 light and ran 14.847@87.79mph (14.81) to Leo’s .026 reaction and 6.693@130.86mph (9.58) run.

Gary Oaks took on Taylorsville, Utah’s Benjamin McEwan.  Ben redlighted the ’12 Kawasaki ZX-14R by -.010.  Both riders ran it out to the end though and Oaks ran 8.843@148.41mph on the 8.80 dial.  Ben ran 9.776@144.07mph on the 9.76.

Doug Schumann ran against John Evans and ran 8.545@154.71mph (8.52) with a .037 reaction to a .118 and 8.258@168.43mph (7.70). Doug won the “Best Package” of the first round (.048) and won an extra $50 from Web Camshafts.

Mike Cragun had a huge reaction time advantage (.077 to .348) against Flagstaff, AZ Honda rider Jeremy March and ran 10.572@120.28mph (10.32) vs. Jeremy’s 10.897@122.83mph (10.85).

Jeff Durfey, West Valley City, UT took the breakout win over fellow Rocky Mountain Raceway racer Ken Giles, West Valley City with a .035 9.181@140.56mph (9.12) vs. .072 11.761@109.29mph (11.78).

Another RMR matchup was Jeremy Bates from Provo, UT on his ’13 Suzuki Hayabusa vs Kirk Walton, Salt Lake City, on the ’12 Kawasaki ZX-14R.  Jeremy spun hard off the line and couldn’t make it up running 10.601@138.12mph on the 9.63 dial.  He had the advantage off the line with a .069 to a .089.  Walton slowed at the top end to run 10.873@103.13mph on the 10.62.

One more RMR teammate match in the first round saw Tracy Giles, West Valley City, UT getting the single after West Jordan, UT rider Don Nielsen’s Kawasaki broke.  Tracy ran it out with a reaction of .029 and 9.656@140.37mph (9.29).

Brockman Roberts, Rancho Cucamonga, CA ended up with a free run (.083 8.786@150.15mph on the 8.81 dial) when Las Vegas’ Allen Ruell redlighted by just -.003.

Dave “Wheels” Wheeler made it to the semifinals for the first time in his career.

Dave Wheeler took on Las Vegas’ Andy Lewis on the ’87 Suzuki and both had problems at the line.  Andy had a .352 light to Dave’s .600 but Dave ran closer to his dial of 9.82, running 9.902@140.34mph to Andy’s 8.743@163.04mph on the 8.20 dial.

Current NHRA D7 champ Rick Newport, Bluffdale, UT took on Lake Havasu City, AZ rider Jeff Maddox’s Harley.  It was a double breakout with Newport taking the win, .068 8.232@155.88mph (8.24) vs  .049 9.320@142.06mph (9.33).
The #1 qualifier, Tyler Anderson ran .041 9.854@135.09mph (9.95).

Kahea Woods .002 reaction time was the best in eliminations all night and wins $100 from gofastbikeparts.com

And all racers will receive a free photo from Eddie Maloney at www.fasteddiesimagery.com

In round two, two Harleys squared off against each other when Tracy Giles dragbike took the win over Dave Phillips bagger.  Dave broke out running 14.756@87.77mph on his 14.83 dial.  Tracy used his starting line advantage (.088 to .181) to run a 9.718@137.12mph on the 9.65 dial in time.

The next pair saw Rocky Mountain Raceway teammates Jeff Durfey and Mike Cragun race each other.  Durfey came out the winner in a double breakout race, running 9.110@135.00mph (9.14) over Mike’s 10.279@127.11mph (10.32).

Tyler Anderson was given a huge advantage off the line with a .093 to Kirk Walton’s sleeping reaction time of .291.  Tyler ran it out and ran a 9.875@131.48mph (9.88 dial).  Walton also ran it out and didn’t wheelie so ran 10.434@131.83 (10.60).

Brockman Roberts and Gary Oaks had nearly identical reaction times with Gary getting the .026 vs Brockman’s .027.  Brockman took the win running 8.864@145.39mph (8.80) to Oaks 8.902@150.75mph (8.82).

Doug Schumann took on the race organizer Kahea Woods. Both had identical reaction times of .037 but Kahea had problems and let off to give Doug the easy win.

2nd place – Tracy Giles

RMR racer Dave Wheeler advance when another RMR racer, Rick Newport had the dreaded -.001 redlight start.  He ran a 8.236@165.80mph on the 8.23 dial. Dave had his worst light of the night with a .144 but ran 9.835@139.82mph on the 9.82.

Gary Oaks won the “Best Losing Package” for the second round and received $50 from Web Camshafts with a .104 package.

The quarterfinals saw yet another matchup between the Utah racers with Jeff Durfey giving the stripe to Tracy Giles.  Tracy missed a shift and Jeff let off but Tracy got back around him at the top end.  Jeff’s numbers .063, 9.812@90.00mph (9.10) to Tracy’s .086 10.213@125.85mph (9.65).

Final round with Doug Schumann, near lane, taking on Tracy Giles for the win.

Doug Schumann took the win when Tyler Anderson redlighted by -.011.  Doug ran it out to a 8.519@156.55mph (8.52).  Tyler ran it out too, 9.890@138.51mph (9.88).

Dave Wheeler beat Brockman Roberts when Brockman had a starting line hop to give Dave just enough to take the win.  The numbers were, .039 9.888@138.51mph (9.82) vs 9.142@147.75mph (8.82).



In the semifinals, Doug Schumann took a starting line advantage and Dave Wheeler broke out with his quickest time ever on the ZX-14.  Doug ran .038 8.637@154.26 (8.52), Dave .051 at 9.704@135.43mph off the throttle at the end.

Tracy Giles stalled it on the line after a .086 reaction time.



In the final, Doug Schumann had the reaction time advantage of .047 to Tracy Giles .082.  Tracy ran 9.711@139.69mph on the 9.65 and Doug, 8.52@146.29mph to take the win.



With the runner-up prize money Tracy also gets a $400 helmet paint credit from Primo Customs.

Race Winner, Doug Schumann

Kahea Woods added, “I would like to thank all the companies that made this happen: Kosman Specialties, Lucas Oil, Web Camshafts, Bronze Star Racing, Primo Customs, Fast Eddie Imagery, GoFastBikeParts.com and Roberts Racing.  But most of all, Jeff Foster and all the crew at the world’s best drag strip at The Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

A deep hearted thank you to all the Racers that supported the food drive “Race to Feed the Kids” the my nephew held in conjunction with the race.  You all donated over 400 pounds of food to benefit the Three Square Food Bank, here in the Valley, thank you very much. Thanks again everyone for making this a fun and successful race.”


Photos of this weekend’s race can be viewed at www.fasteddiesimagery.com 

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