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Latest news from the Qatar Racing Club

Tim Hailey Eat My Ink
story and video by Tim Hailey

Riding the formerly cream and blue ‘Busa that Sean Henson brought to Valdosta a couple of years ago, Saudi lawyer Fahad Al Hamoud took the Super Streetbike final over Mashari Al-Turki. Al Hamoud rode out a wild 11:00 wheelie in qualifying (see the video) on a day when others weren’t so lucky.

And speaking of lucky, Bader Beneidan pounded his fists as the green light found his ‘Busa out of gear. Frustration turned to smiles for Beneidan and laughter for the railbirds as Bader’s final round opponent Khalid Aldossary (tuned by Lee Shierts) redlit.

Super Streetbike photos

Streetbike photos

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