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Lee’s Performance 1000 SuperSport Rules Released

Extreme exhibition classes also add to the excitement in 2004

After careful deliberation, Prostar has released the official rules for the now official 1000cc SuperSport class. In putting this together Prostar communicated with hundreds of racers. In those discussions, Prostar came up with a few ideas and suggestions that would add excitement and thrill to the new televised season.

Lee’s Performance Center 1000 SuperSport
This year’s much anticipated new class , “Lee’s Performance Center 1000 SuperSport” now has the final rule revisions posted on the amaprostar.com Web site. In order to accommodate racers that are in the building process, it will debut at the MRE Nationals as an exhibition only. This will allow ample time for new 2004 models to enter the country as well as time for aftermarket accessories to be manufactured prior to points being counted.

The official point’s race and kick-off for “Lee’s Performance 1000 SuperSport” will begin at the MTC Elmer Trett Nationals in Atlanta, April 5-6, 2004.

1000 Xtreme
To keep the already over-bored, power hungry two-wheelers at bay, Prostar will feature a 1000 Xtreme class as exhibition at four events. This class will maintain the same basic rules as the 1000cc class, but will allow over-boring and slightly more aggressive tuning that is found on many modified street bikes.

The 1000 Xtreme class will be conducted at the 1st Gainesville, Atlanta, Norwalk and Memphis events.

V-Twin Shootout
Not to slight the overachievers of Hot Rod Cruiser, Prostar will also feature a V-Twin Shootout exhibition class at three events. V-Twin Shootout will allow many of the same modifications found in Streetbike Shootout, to be applied to the V-Twin monsters. No doubt, this exhibition class is designed to rock the fans in 2004.  V-Twin Shootout will be featured as an exhibition class at the Virginia, Norwalk and World Finals events.

Rounding out the full plate of Exhibition classes, Two-Stroke Super Eliminator bikes will return once again as an exhibition class at three events in 2004. Super Eliminator will be featured as an exhibition class at the St. Louis, Indy and Memphis events.

Rules and Revisions
For a complete set of revisions click here or visit www.amaprostar.com and use the rulebook link for the complete rules as well as revisions.

Notable changes from the 600 class will include the use of front-end tie down strap, 600 lb minimum weight with restrictions to where weight can be placed, 56” wheelbase with stock swingarm and any approved fuel. A full set of rules for exhibition classes will also be outlined in the 2004 rule revisions.

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