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Looking Ahead: 2021 Motorcycle Drag Racing

Jimmy Doyle
Jimmy Doyle veteran Nitro Funny Bike racer will be bringing the heat to AMRA racing in 2020

Looking Ahead: 2021 Motorcycle Drag Racing

There is much to look forward to in the coming motorcycle drag racing season. There are no less than 165 motorcycle drag racing events in the USA alone at the creation of this story. With 52 weeks in a calendar year, motorcycle drag racers can find somewhere to race every weekend. There is no shortage of places to race on two-wheels for the fast and the furious for fun or profit. If you have the need for speed, get busy, and start making plans now.

Randal Andras
Randal Andras, won the NHRA Top Fuel Harley championship for the 2020 season, beating out team mate Jay Turner for his first NHRA #1 plate.

A topical view of the sanctions reveals the following, the Man Cup, which is the only sanction that has an active point’s class for every configuration of drag bike in existence, has five races slated for competition. XDA, the highly popular east coast giant, has seven on its schedule, and the Mid-West, very active NHDRO is strong with six chances for class racers to butt-heads and get paid.

Geronimo Siin
Geronimo Siin won the Hog’s Gone Wild “Street” class of racing in 2020, during the first full year of HGW Bagger racing.

Fledgling SDBA offers up six events, Hog’s Gone Wild has seven events cocked & loaded. The V-Twin sanctions are ready to rumble with AMRA at six events and AHDRA at eight events and growing with regional events pending. The Orient Express Bikes in the Valley series that has been around since 2005 is still going strong with six events ready to roll. The I-65 series South will return for 2021 as well, featuring the Top Gas and 4.60 classes.

Travis Davis
Travis Davis won the DRAG 965, Pro Nitrous PDRA title in 2020, beating out some of the biggest names in the sport. His consistency make him VERY tough to beat.

Single class specialty giant sanctions like the PDRA has eight events for the powerful Pro Extreme motorcycle. NHRA has ten Top Fuel Harley events on tap, and sixteen events for the very popular Pro Stock Motorcycles.

Richard Gadson
N/T Grudge bike racer Richard Gadson, is a force to be reckoned with, no matter what bike he throws a leg over. For many years he is one of the most formidable opponents ever to suit up the leathers.

Kings of Grudge has nine events for our ‘No Time’ grudge racers. And outlaw grudge events that will indeed keep cropping up during the 2021 racing year. The No-Time racers and their fans are for real, and they will mix it up, no matter what, that’s Grudge Racing baby; they are here to stay and will race, no matter what. #PickALane

Check out the comprehensive Schnitz Racing Dragbike.com Calendar all year long for updated race schedules and results. www.dragbike.com/race-calendar/

*If you are an event promoter, be sure to email editor@dragbike.com with your event information.*

If one were to begin to count up the number of racing events at local race tracks nationwide, the number of weekends a motorcycle drag racer could race, if they were so inclined, would be high triple digits easily. The point is this: there is no shortage of races or places to go motorcycle drag racing in 2021. But choose wisely. For you, the racers will determine which sanctions will succeed as a business or fail.

Matt Smith
Matt Smith, of Matt Smith Racing, bested all comers in NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle drag racing during the 2020 season to win his fourth NHRA, Pro Stock Motorcycle championship. His tuning and building skills also landed his wife Angie in the Denso Spark Plugs 200 MPH Club.

A racer’s decision on where they will race will also affect all the individual classes of racing. Every racing sanction is a business enterprise that keeps the tracks alive, so if racers abandon a sanction, then by ripple effect, that reduces the racing facilities’ income. Once drag racing tracks start closing, that’s a downward spiral that will have a disastrous impact across the board – don’t let it happen!

Preston Bartlett
Preston Bartlett won the Pro Dragster #1 plate in AHDRA racing, for the first year of the return of AHDRA racing. Many Harley racers and fans are excited to see the AHDRA in action once again.

It’s most disturbing to note that one of the great NHRA signature race tracks, Englishtown, NJ or “E-Town” as it was known to the faithful, is now a parking facility for a few thousand cars. The disturbing thing about this is in the New Millennium Era; it’s more profitable to use a drag strip for a parking lot than a quality racing facility. Yes, someone can argue the semantics of this till the cows come home, but at the end of the day, E-Town is gone, and now other once top-notch racing facilities may go the same route.

Pablo Gonzalez
Pablo Gonzalez, the SDBA 6.0 Index champion will be back to defend his title in 2021.

Racers and racing fans need to be mindful about attending racing sanctions and doing their part. Where racers and fans spend their hard-earned dollars in 2021 will determine the future of our sport. In these troubled times, with a Pandemic still in effect, there is no telling exactly how many races could be disrupted. Be supportive of your favorite sanctions and race tracks.

Mitch Brown
Mitch Brown, the 2021 Man Cup Top Fuel champion is only the second Top Fuel motorcycle racer to defeat Larry “Spiderman” McBride for a championship in the last 22 years.

With so many uncertainties ahead in 2021, the one thing we can be certain of is, it’s the desire to race and win that is the heartbeat of drag racing.

Good luck to all in 2021. Race hard, fast, and safe. See you in the pits and on the starting line.

– Tom McCarthy

Tom McCarthy Until Next time…

– Tom McCarthy

Jeremy Teasley
Jeremy Teasley won the Orient Express Pro Street class in 2020, setting a new world record in the process with a jaw-dropping 6.346 elapsed time – a record that may be around awhile in Pro Street Racing.

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