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Loring Timing Association to raffle off the 9444 Busa of Phillip Campbell

TLN Motorsports report:

LTA to raffle off the 9444 Busa of Phillip Campbell

Phillip Campbell was a great friend of TLN Motorsports and all of the Land Speed Racing community. Once you met him you were his friend. He was the king of person who would do anything in his power to help you out. His untimely passing was a blow to us all and he is sorely missed each and every day by us all. To help raise funds for his family the Loring Timing Association will be raffling off the #9444 Busa that Phillip rode to become the 1st man in the Loring Timing Association 200 club.


As many of you know, we lost one of our own a few months ago.  Phillip Campbell was a great guy, a fast racer and in fact, the first person in the LTA 2-Club and Top Speed Challenge winner.  To help his wife, we have decided to raffle off the 9444 Night Train Busa.  This is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship which was built by Dave Owen and set up by Lee’s Performance. As Dave put it, “It will never blow up with mild boost.”  The boys at Lee’s confirmed that with a stage1 kit, the bike was pulling 342 hp, and it was later upgraded to a stage 3kit.  Well, mild boost made this bike a consistent 230-238 runner and the shop manager where it was built said it has a tidy 250 in it.

All that said:

  1. The bike is complete and running.
  2. Everything pictured is included.
  3. Tickets are $100 each, 7 for $500 and 15 for $1000. (Yes, someone asked)
  4. We will draw the winner at the Maine Event or when 120 tickets have been sold.
  5. We will make every effort to help get the bike to you, but ultimately the winner will be responsible for delivery of the bike.  We can easily get it to NJ, MA, Long Island. The Carolinas, OH, Maritimes, may be possible.  Other places may be possible based on where racers are going home to.



Here is a list that we know:

  1. Hahn Turbo w/EFR Stage III upgrade
  2. HKS Waste Gate
  3. RPM 2” Billet Oil Pan
  4. Carrillo H-Beam Rods
  5. J&E 81mm Turbo Pistons
  6. 100 Spacer Plate
  7. Adj. Cam Sprockets
  8. Full Port Job
  9. Valve Spring Kit
  10. 81 x .030 Head Gasket
  11. OAO Bearings
  12. ST1300 Billet Cam Tensioner
  13. RC 370cc Injectors
  14. Aquamist H20 Injection system
  15. ARP Studs
  16. R&D Undercut Transmission
  17. Stretched & Lowered
  18. World Superbike Race Slicks
  19. Front & Rear Stand
  20. Tire Warmers

So everyone, please buy a ticket, or two, or 15 and help spread the word! This is a great opportunity to help some wonderful people.



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