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Lucas Oil goes a Full decade with Cannon Motorsports for 2021

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Lucas Oil goes a Full Decade with Cannon Motorsports for 2021

Chris Hannam, manager of the Lucas Oil Cannon Motorsports Team today announced continued support from Lucas Oil. “With the new season upon us and in testing times, Cannon Motorsports is proud to announce that we are going into a 10th consecutive year of support from Lucas Oil.”

“Way back in 2011 after a chance conversation with Andy Carter after having some bearing issues, Andy gave me some oil just to try which subsequently worked and led to conversations with Les Downey and Tom Bogner of Lucas Oil.

2021 cannon motorsports

They were very impressed with our little self-funded team and offered to help us. The result is that our bearing issues disappeared and allowed us to work on other parts of our unique supercharged DOHC 4-valve OHC nitromethane fueled engine.

The support from Lucas Oil has helped our program immensely, last year we had no oil-related engine parts failures. We ran our best elapsed time to date winning the “Not the European Finals” event at Santa Pod Raceway, beating the present top fuel twin and UK top fuel bike champion along the way. The full 1/4-mile elapsed time was 6.39 seconds after a very strong world-class 4.06 seconds at half-track.

Over the winter the team has made big upgrades to the belt drive that has plagued us with issues over time. Breaking £600 drive belts every two passes gets expensive so we really need to sort out our fuel system so as to stop snapping the belts. This of course in addition to running the entire racing distance under full power to get all possible performance out of the bike.

2021 cannon motorsports

All that said, the bike is pretty much ready to go and the team is more than ready to get to the track. Having great support from Lucas Oil means that we have the best oil products available. We sincerely thank Dan Morgan and his UK team as well as Tom Bogner and the whole US team for their faith and support in these very testing times, we will do our very best to represent the brand worldwide.

So on to this new season. With COVID-19 still restricting our race schedule, we believe all our racing will be done at Santa Pod Raceway this year. For our team the glass is always half full and we want to make the best of the meetings we have and run as quick and fast as we possibly can and best showcase the Lucas Oil products.”

The Lucas Oil Cannon Motorsports 2021 event schedule:
May 22-23: The STP Springspeed Nationals
June 25-26: Festival of Power
July 17-18: The STP Summer Nationals
August 27-29: The NitrOlympx at Hockenheimring, Germany (travel permitting)
September 9-12: The FIA/FIM European Finals
September 25-26: The STP National Finals

About Lucas Oil
Lucas Oil Products produces a premium line of oils, greases, and problem-solving additives. An American business founded in 1989, it is the most trusted name in automotive additives and lubricants. #ItWorks / www.lucasoil.com

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