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Lucas Oil Cannon Motorsports wins Festival of Power

Lucas Oil Racing

Lucas Oil Cannon Motorsports wins Festival of Power

Lucas Oil Cannon Motorsports wins the ACU UK Top Fuel Bike class at Santa Pod Raceways Festival of Power

“Wow what a weekend that was!” says Chris Hannam, manager of the Lucas Oil Cannon Motorsports Team. “Having just taken stock of what we have actually just done I am so proud of our super team as the Lucas Oil Cannon Motorsports bike WON the event.

Our unique DOHC top fuel nitro twin made five strong straight passes during the weekend, qualified up top at number 1 with a new personal best of 6.28 which included world class 1/8 mile numbers. The weekend was topped off by winning the ACU UK Top Fuel Bike class at The Festival of Power held at Santa Pod Raceway in the UK.”

2021 cannon motorsports

The team had a reasonably trouble-free weekend with only one small tuning glitch which resulted in piston and valve damage. This was remedied and the bike was all set and ready for the first round of eliminations on the Sunday. The team had a solo run in the semifinals and after looking at the data, team manager Chris Hannam made the call to stay safe and only stage the bike to save the motor from any potential damage.

Hannam continues, “we were ready for the final to run hard and fast and destroy another cylinder if it meant we could get the win. Unfortunately, Al Smith who did a great job in beating Steve Woollatt suffered more technical problems and we were left to run the final on our own. We really did not know what to expect but ran a fine but lazy 6.46 at 202 mph.

2021 cannon motorsports

On checking the data we had taken too much fuel away, the engine is still brand new and we now have data to tune from. We know we are getting close to perfect as the bearings now only need changing once a day and the Lucas oil is like new coming out. The best news is we are now seven hard and fast runs in on the new primary drive setup so I’m hopeful our troubles on that front are now behind us. We now have a plethora of data to work with to go fast, the bike will now be stripped and serviced for the third round of the ACU UK Top Fuel Bike championship, the STP summer Nationals at Santa Pod on July 17-18.

2021 cannon motorsports

One very notable point was the outstanding track the Santa Pod crew gave all of the teams and they really have this off to a fine art so thanks guys.
Thanks also to Keith Bartlett for keeping alive the dream of not only a world-class track but the plans for the future are impressive so support Santa Pod Raceway where you can.

Thanks also go to the entire super-team for getting the job done and of course to Neil for a fantastic riding job as always.

This win also means that the Lucas Oil Cannon Motorsports team keeps and extends the lead in the 2021 ACU Top Fuel Bike championship. All this is made much easier by our sponsors Lucas Oil, Cannon Engineering, MRE, and Pär PiPPi Willén.”

FEstival of Power Top Fuel

The Lucas Oil Cannon Motorsports 2021 remaining event schedule:
July 17-18: The STP Summer Nationals
September 9-12: The FIA/FIM European Finals
September 25-26: The STP National Finals

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