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Man Cup : 2015 Super Eliminator Rules



A training ground for future professional racers, Super Eliminator is perhaps the most intricate of all motorcycle drag racing eliminators. It is certainly one of the most competitive. The Super Eliminator (Sportsman Division) consists of more than 180 classes, grouped in Fuel, Gas, Altered, Ultra Stock and Stock Classes with an without Nitrous Oxide or Turbo Boost.

Super Eliminator is run on a 32 bike (or all run) tournament style ladder with riders qualified on the basis of runs nearest to, or furthest under their class records or Tech Committee set standards going into an event. They run from a three amber tree, handicapped at .5 of a second intervals. Payout will be determined by participant count.

Qualifying is based on national record or established index. The top of qualified field will begin with riders in classes posting national records, furthest under record to furthest over records. The remainder of the field qualifying against an open record/established an open record/established index will be listed furthest under to furthest over the index.

At Sportsman’s Riders meeting, riders who have qualified in Super Eliminator will dial the existing National Record or Index, he dials his quickest time if it is quicker than the record or index or may elect and even quicker time.

A five one-hundreths second breakout buffer will be in effect. If the rider runs .05 quicker than is record/dial-in during eliminations, they are disqualified (unless on a solo pass) or breaks out less than their opponent. Dial-ins will NOT change once eliminations have begun. At most tracks, (depending on computer capability) tower operator will input dial-in as .05 lower than record/index. This, in effect, returns race to a zero break out. (A ladder will be prepared on Saturday Evening and delivered to the tower on Sunday morning)

Note: Super Eliminator records will be retired at the end of the season (Standing records that have not been broken during that season) will be considered open at the beginning of the following season.


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