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Man Cup : 2017 World Finals Race Coverage

Man Cup

Man Cup presented by Vance & Hines
41st annual Man Hill Garage World Finals

South Georgia Motorsports Park
November 16-19, 2017

Man Cup World Finals Coverage

Weekend Coverage by Tom McCarthy, JT Norton, Chrissy Perry, Matt Polito, Bland Bridenstine, and Brandi Neithamer. 

From November 15th to the 19th, 2017, motorcycle drag racing teams from all around the globe will flock to South Georgia Motorsports Park for five days of the most intense drag racing of the 2017 season. The sanction will oversee 18 classes going head-to-head during five days of motorcycle drag racing mayhem. Every drag bike from the common street corner, bar-hopper to Top Fuel motorcycles, including Top Fuel “Super-Twin,” will thunder down the 1320 feet of SGMP racing surface.

This is a true World Class Event with racers from, Finland, New Zealand, Sweden, Japan, South Africa, Denmark, and all over the USA. Somewhere between 700 to 800 contestants are expected to compete over the course of the five days of racing. Click Here to read the full Pre-Race Report.


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Once again the 41st annual Mann Hill Garage World Finals presented by Kibblewhite Precision Machining at South Georgia Motorsports Park will be covered LIVE by Motor Mania TV. Live coverage will start on Friday at 5:00pm for first round of qualifying. The LIVE FEED is brought to you by Mann Hill Garage, Kibblewhite Precision Machining, M2 Shocks, MRE, Schnitz Racing, Rob Bush Motorsports, MPS Racing and McKinney Motorsports.



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The highlight of the day was Larry ‘Spiderman’ McBride’s record-setting pass at 5.677 at 250.84 mph!



Tom McCarthy for Dragbike.com

The DME All Star Shootout, for the second year in a row, kicked off on Thursday as part of the 41st Annual Man Cup Mann Hill Garage World Finals. The race-within-a-race, which pits the best in Pro Street bike competition head-to-head for $10,000 cash is popular with the baddest Pro Street bike racers, and they showed up in force for qualifying on day one of this five day event.

It was a fast paced very tough day of racing for the P/St bikes, they were allowed one test hit between 11AM and 12 Noon, with the caveat that Q-1 was looming in the 12 O’clock hour. Because there were a few racers who rolled in late to the pits, Man Cup slid the schedule a bit, to allow them time to get ready. Qualifying began just after 12:30 and lanes 2 and 3 were full of Pro Street bikes.

After round one of qualifying, because it kicked off a tad late, this made the call for Q-2 come up quicker and the pressure was on for everyone. This furious pace was necessary to fit in two rounds of qualifying and two rounds of eliminations, between 12:30PM and 5:30 PM. That’s right, four rounds of Pro racing in five hours. It was fast paced and the competition was furious.

With two rounds of qualifying completed, the man to beat emerged as Mark Paquette, of Howell MI. His 6.74 elapsed time was just a tick better than Jeremey Teasley’s 6.77 and Ehren Litten’s 6.79 time slip. These numbers are the best indication of how tight the racing would be for this prestigious event. 30 Pro Street motorcycles, the world’s quickest and meanest, showed up to feed, and eat the weak they did.

As E-1 kicked off, Frankie Stotz, the #30 qualifier, was no match for Mark Paquette, and Justin Shakir, Chris Connelly, Rodney Williford, Steve Venables, Dave Roisen, Jake Henderson, Jeremey Teasley, Mike Kovacevich, Gabe Fredrick, Brandon Mitchan, Ehren Litten, Rudy Sanzottera, Bud Yoder and Jason Angela – all won their first round match ups.

Round two of eliminations kicked off, under the lights at SGMP and the lighting system at South Georgia Motorsports Park is just delightful. The entire track, including the shutdown area is well lit, making it a real joy for the fans, as well as safer for the racers.

Mark Paquette led off the round with a bye run, stopping the timers at 6.92 seconds. Then Justin Shakir took out Chris Connelly, (7.01 Vs 7.02), Rodney Williford stormed to victory over Steve Venables (6.73 Vs 10.64), Dave Roisen over Jake Henderson (7.29 Vs 7.41), Jeremy Teasley over Mike Kovacevich (6.94 Vs 7.38), Gabe Fredrick defeated Brandon Mitchan (6.97 Vs 7.03), Ehren Litten eliminated Rudy Sanzottera (6.88 Vs 7.05) and Bud Yoder posted a 6.81 while Jason Angela broke. This action pares down the competition filed to the elite-eight, Paquette-Shakir, Williford-Roisen, Teasley-Fredrick, and Litten-Yoder; who are all headed for E-3, during Friday’s racing.

In other news, various professional teams and sportsman racers made a few test passes in between the fast paced DME All Star Shootout. Here’s a photo gallery of the day’s action. Please note that while the teams are testing they prefer their actual performance numbers not be posted. After all, they are trying out new combinations, searching for that next level of performance.

Pro Street Shootout Sponsored Prize Winners

  • APE Hayabusa Stainless Steel Valves – Justin Doucet
  • APE Adjustable Cam Sprocket Set – Steve Venables
  • Cycle Gear Sedici Helmet – Frankie Stotz
  • Cycle Gear Sedici Gloves – Chris Connelly
  • DME Racing Swingarm – Ehren Litten
  • HTP Fuel System – Rocky Tinker
  • Man Cup Tech Card – Brant Rossi
  • MPS Racing $250 Product Certificate – Rodney Williford
  • MRE $250 Transmission Service Certificate – Mike Kavos
  • MTC $300 Product Certificate – Jordan Haase
  • Penske Shock – Mark Gargiulo
  • Portable Shade Crew Shirts – Ryan Hable
  • Robinson Industries Billet Output Shaft – Gaige Herrera
  • Rob Bush Motorsports  M2 Shock Certificate – Jamie Lopes
  • Schnitz Racing $200 Product Certificate – Jason Angela
  • Two Wheel Werkz Electric Water Pump – Jeremy Teasley
  • Vanson & Hines Cylinder Service –
  • Vanson Leathers $800 Certificate – Dave Roisen
  • Vanson Leathers $400 Certificate – Brad Christian
  • Williford Racing $500 Cylinder Head Porting  Service – Mike Bayes
  • Wossner $300 Product Credit – Mogens Lund
  • Wossner $200 Product Credit – Justin Shakir
  • Worldwide Bearings Wheel and Engine Bearing Combo Kit – Jake Henderson


Tom McCarthy for Dragbike.com

By 8am this morning the gates were open and racing rigs began rolling through the entryway of South Georgia Motorsports Park (SGMP), as the much awaited 41st Annual Man Cup Mann Hill Garage World Finals begins. Racers from all over the world are already on the property going through the motions of getting ready for the race weekend.

Racer Registration is open and tech will soon follow. The racers are unloading their gear, setting up this morning, the vibe is excellent. By 7:15AM, EST, this morning, the track surface equipment was out on the racing surface getting ready for this historic event.

Many of the European racers and supports staff are here on sight now eagerly awaiting the arrival of their equipment. Rikard Gustafsson, Anders Hornstrom, Per Bengtsson have all checked in so far and we know all the others are in route. Jaska Salakari is at Star Racing this morning awaiting the arrival of his equipment and the trip down to SGMP.






2017 Champion: Larry McBride
Winner : Larry McBride 5.611 at 249.49
Runner-up : Mitch Brown 6.85 at 191.27 mph
#1 Qualifier : Larry McBride

2017 Champion:
Winner : Jay Turner 6.198 at 222.55
Runner-up : Tii Tharpe 6.310 at 216.38
#1 Qualifier : Takeshi Shigematsu  6.021 at 194.91



2017 Champion:
Winner : Chris Garner 3.997 at 175.80
Runner-up : Brunson Grothus 4.049 at 174.28
#1 Qualifier : Paul Gast 3.99 at177.09



2017 Champion:
Winner : Kirby Apathy 7.14 at 182.08
Runner-up : Michael Ray 7.908 at 129.70
#1 Qualifier : Kirby Apathy 7.048



2017 Champion:
Winner : Tommy Saxon 6.559 at 198.88
Runner-up : Keith Browne 7.186 at 171.86
#1 Qualifier : Niki Zak 6.432 at 205.22



2017 Champion: Jeremy Teasley
Winner : Rodney Williford 7.159 at 184.04
Runner-up : Mark Paquette 11.77 at67.07
#1 Qualifier : Frankie Stotz 6.70 a t202.98


Winner : Rodney Williford 6.722 at 221.85
Runner-up : Jeremy Teasley 6.769 at 216.51
#1 Qualifier : Mark Paquette



2017 Champion:
Winner : Johnny Dobrin 8.029 at 180.89
Runner-up : Anibal Merced 8.032 at 181.94
#1 Qualifier : Spencer Claycomb 7.79



2017 Champion:
Winner : Terry Hoke 4.808 at 123.59
Runner-up : Les Stimac 5.993 at 77.75
#1 Qualifier : Ronnie Procoppio


2017 Champion:
Winner : Ricardo Marte 8.214 at 149.20
Runner-up : Charles Mackey 8.151 at 153.34
#1 Qualifier : Dan Howe



2017 Champion:
Winner : Gary Russell 8.945 at 140.25
Runner-up : Ron Arnold 8.979 at 134.42
#1 Qualifier : Harvey Hubbard



2017 Champion:
Winner : Wade Smith 9.766 at 117.94
Runner-up : Dusty Brazel red light 8.904 at 149.85
#1 Qualifier : Dustin Lee


2017 Champion:
Winner : Stephen Knight 9.532 at 133.78
Runner-up : Dustin Lee 9.540 at 124.14
#1 Qualifier : Dean Moore



2017 Champion:


Saturday Winner :
Runner-up :

Sunday Winner : John Markham .026 / 8.80 / 8.779 / 149.73
Runner-up : Harvey Hubbard .041 / 8.20 /8.142 / 139.46

[/double_paragraph] [/row]


2017 Champion:


Saturday Winner :
Runner-up :

Sunday Winner : Dusty Brazel .036 / 8.82 / 8.984 / 133.94
Runner-up : Fittipaldi .155 / 9.50 / 9.597 / 138.31

[/double_paragraph] [/row]

2017 Champion:


Saturday Winner :
Runner-up :

Sunday Winner : Vance Houdyshell .112 /9.99 / 10.02 / 136.11
Runner-up : Don Horta .006 / 14.35 / 14.269 / 90.85

[/double_paragraph] [/row]

2017 Champion:
Winner : Alex Highes .065 / 7.89 / 8.031 / 140.87
Runner-up : .162 / 9.03 / 9.424 / 132.36
#1 Qualifier : Perry Paugh

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About Man Cup Motorcycle Drag Racing : Headquartered in Safety Harbor, Florida, Man Cup motorcycle drag racing is North America’s largest professional motorcycle drag racing sanctioning body. Man Cup promotes motorcycle drag racing on a national event basis for professional, sportsman and ET bracket racers alike and is open to riders of all skill and experience levels. The Man Cup Series is the only national event style motorcycle drag racing series comprised of events throughout the eastern half of the United States. For marketing opportunities with the Man Cup as well as more information on Man Cup Motorcycle Drag Racing, please visit www.mancup.info on the web or 7 2 7 – 7 4 2 – 5 2 4 5 voice/text.

2018 Schedule

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