Man Cup: 2017 World Finals a True World Class Event

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Man Cup

Man Cup presented by Vance & Hines
41st annual Man hill Garage World Finals

South Georgia Motorsports Park
November 16-19, 2017

Report by Tom McCarthy

Mann Hill Garage World Finals a True World Class Event

From November 15th to the 19th, 2017, motorcycle drag racing teams from all around the globe will once again flock to South Georgia Motorsports Park for five days of the most intense drag racing of the 2017 season. The sanction, which normally plays host to 16 different classes of competition, will oversee 18 classes going head-to-head during five days of motorcycle drag racing mayhem. Every drag bike from the common street corner, bar-hopper to Top Fuel motorcycles, including Top Fuel “Super-Twin,” will thunder down the 1320 feet of SGMP racing surface.

This is a true World Class Event with racers from, Finland, New Zealand, Sweden, Japan, South Africa, Denmark, and all over the USA, flocking to the last big-go of the season for the motorcycle drag racing community. Somewhere between 600, to 800 contestants are expected to compete over the course of the five days of racing.

Action begins on Wednesday with a test and tune session from 11am to 5:30pm, for all classes of competition. This can be a real treat for early bird spectators as the testing professional teams are a bit more laid back while doing systems checks, breaking in new tires and trying out new combinations, early in the event. This is one of the best times for people who are autograph hunters to seek out the biggest names in the sport and snag an autograph. The Pros are always accessible to the spectators, but when they are not in competition-mode, they are a bit more laid back and prone to chat openly. But once the helmet goes on, it’s all business.

On Thursday, for the second year in a row, the DME Racing All-Star Shootout will begin competition with an exciting Pro Street battle with over $10,000 on the line. The DME All-Star Shootout is a race within a race, with a lot of cash to be had.  Now if the pilot wins the Man Cup Pro Street event as well, that’s another 3,000 worth of Cha-Ching! And because it would be such a feat to accomplish winning the All-Star Shootout and the Man Cup World Finals: if a Pro Street racer can do that – Man Cup will throw in an additional $1,000, just to sweeten the pot.

On Thursday, Pro Street bikes entered into the DME ALL-Star Shootout will go through two rounds of qualifying and straight into two rounds of eliminations. Racers not entered into the DME specialty event can still test and tune on Thursday, from 11am to 5:30pm. Later that night, after round two of eliminations is completed,  the  Shootout racers are invited to the DME pit area for a celebratory cook-out, complete with door-prizes and much revelry.

On Friday, there will be test and tune from 9am to 3pm and the staging lanes will close promptly at 3pm, so all bikes are run and off the track before 4:30. This way the track has time for careful grooming in preparation for Pro Qualifying, to commence at 5pm. All sportsman classes will follow and the track is to be secure by 11pm on Friday night.

Come Saturday morning, racing is set to commence at 9am, with the sportsman leading the way. Professional classes will come out for Q-2 at 12 noon and Q-3 is set for 4:30pm. All times are subject to change. Racers should keep their pit area radios tuned to 97.1 FM for the tower broadcast from race-central. Sunday’s run times are close to the Saturday run schedule, but as with any live racing event, the times are subject to change as racing conditions dictate the day’s actual course of action.

Live broadcast of this event will be provided by Motor Mania TV services. Please visit to see and hear the action as it unfolds, broadcast live from South Georgia Motorsports Park. This will be the biggest motorcycle drag race of the year!

If you’re a spectator or a racer, you should do whatever it takes to get to SGMP for the 41st annual Man Cup Mann Hill Garage World Finals by November 16th to catch all the action and here are the Top-Ten reasons why:

10) The world’s toughest sportsman motorcycle drag racers will be going at all weekend. And I mean the toughest sportsman racers anywhere, anyplace, anytime. Ted Harvey is leading in MPS Pro ET, Brian Dale is leading in C&S Custom Street ET, Vance Houdyshell is crushing them in the Vance & Hines V-Twin Series, Chris Roelse is leading the way in Wiseco Street Fighter, in World Wide Bearings Crazy 8’s racing Dusty Brazel is out for his first Man Cup championship, MTC Super Comp is being led by the BAMF Dustin Lee, the Star Power Top Gas series has Pete Chongris leading the way, and the world’s fastest and quickest sportsman bikes in Grothus Dragbikes 4.60 class have Tony Mullen out front.

Ted Harvey

These class leaders will have to fend off close to 300 other sportsman drag racers to achieve a championship winning season. This is the last race of the year, it’s now or better luck next year kid! These racers will all be set on KILL come Sunday morning. If you want to see the best in sportsman motorcycle drag racing – this is it!

9) Drag bikes of every configuration known to man will be seen at this race. Man Cup Super Eliminator will be run at this race, so get your ear plugs ready for some 8 second elapsed time 2-stroke action. You’ll see vintage Honda drag bikes, Kawasaki motorcycles that look like they are ready to go to the lanes at a 1977 DRAGBIKE! event.

Really, if you’re a fan of old drag bikes, some of the 1970 era bikes will once again be dragged out of their garages and kick started to life, taking us back to the old days where many of us cut our teeth in this sport. You don’t need a time machine to go back in time; you just need to attend the 2017 Man Cup World Finals!

8) The Shinko/WPS Real Street bikes will be flying at SGMP and pushing for a new world record in Real Street competition. At the last race for Man Cup racers, in September, at The Rock, Dave Stewart, better known as “Super Dave” pushed his Real Street bike to a 7.66 elapsed time and current Man Cup class point’s leader Johnny “Turbo” Dobrin had his bike up over 191 MPH.

These drag bikes, which look exactly like their name-sake, real street bikes, are in fact amazing machines. They run times and speeds that in the 1970’s, would have qualified them at any Top Fuel motorcycle event. And they accomplish this with a factory based motor, a relatively short wheel base, and a street tire with no wheelie bars behind it. These bikes look like any street bike and run mid 7’s at over 190 MPH, they are amazing motorcycles!

7) The world’s fastest and quickest Pro Street motorcycles will be at the World Finals chasing over $13,000 in cash in the APE sponsored Pro Street class! The best bounty hunters on two wheels will all be vying for $10,000 in the DME All-Star Shootout, and then when qualifying begins for the Man Cup World finals on Friday night, they start chasing after another $3000 of Man Cup winnings. One lucky and very talented Pro Street bike racer could even walk away with $14,000 if he can sweep the event.

Jeremy Teasley may be leading in championship points going into the last race of the season, but Rodney Williford has been running in the 6.60’s lately and he’s not about to slow down for anyone. Ehren Litten, Terence Angela, Justin Doucet, Tony Ficher, and a host of others will all be right there beside the leaders.

One hic-up and they will blow by the leader – it’s anyone’s race to win and the world’s fastest and quickest Pro Street bikes will be at the Man Cup World Finals: will you be? Bjorn Fristrom of Sweden and Mogens Lund of Denmark will be!

6) Yes the number six reason in our top-ten is be there to watch the wild Pro Open class Nitrous Express bikes running in the mid to low six-second zone at speeds well over 200 MPH. Any combination of motor-tire-chassis is welcome in Nitrous Express Pro Open class and this is what makes it exciting. The world’s fastest and quickest lady from the land down under will be once again terrorizing the ranks of Pro Open racers as she did last race.

Her bracket bike consistent mid six’s at about 210 MPH earned Niki and her tuner Dan Wagner firm footing in the 6.40’s raising the bar for Pro Open racers and if the rest of the field wants to win in P/O, they’ll have to step up or be crushed by “The Pony” as she affectionately calls her drag bike. Class points leader Mark “Mr. Paint” Rendeluk met Niki in the final round at the last race and had the bitter sweet taste of watching his one-time understudy not only defeat him, but head off to the winner’s circle.

Mark and his tuner Wedman Motorsports will be loaded for bear at the World Finals, looking for payback! Now add a gaggle of Funny Bikes, some no-bar hybrid bikes and this will be Pro Open. Do you need another reason to be at the World Finals?

5) Then how about the Falicon Performance Pro Mod bikes knocking on the three-second elapsed time door as speeds of close to 175 MPH in 1/8th mile action? This being the last race of the season, it’s the biggest race of the season and the field of P/M bikes will be insane in the membrane. Anyone not running 4.10 or better will have a sad weekend indeed come Sunday. It will take 4.0 performances or better to win this race for the Pro Mod bikes.

Current championship point’s leader Brunson Grothus is ahead of Bad Brad McCoy, but Brad is on a tear as of late and he’s ready to go wheel-to-wheel with Brunson. McKinney Motorsports, Jeff House, Paul Gast, Travis Davis, Ronnie Smith, Charlie Prophit, and the like are all ready to step in if either leader falters the least little bit. Theses bikes are so quick and fast, its mind boggling to see and hear them. Extreme motor sport action is what the Falicon Performance Pro Mod bikes bring to the race. And if that’s not enough to get you to attend this race; how about some nitromethane for your brain?

4) That’s right folks, the Hawaya Racing Pro Fuel motorcycles will be wheels-up, burning 86% or better CH3NO2 at the Man Cup World Finals. Last year at this race the entire motorcycle drag racing world was stunned as Kirby Apathy and Michael Ray exchanged 7.0 elapsed times, constantly threatening to run the first ever six-second elapsed time in Pro Fuel history.

Will 2017 at this race be the event it happens? If the prevailing conditions are right: we all know it can happen. Michael Ray is trailing Preston Bartlett by a bunch going into this event. But history beckons and Johnny Vickers tune up for Michael Ray will be to the max, with history squarely in their sights. For Preston and his tuner Walter Halonski, they will race to win and wrap up their first ever Man Cup Pro Fuel title. Tyler Wilson, Rocky Jackson, David Larson and other will try to blow past the leaders, so it’s anyone’s race on Sunday. Need more nitro to get you to attend the World Finals? How about the world’s fastest and quickest Top Fuel Harleys to up the ante?

3) Yes indeed, the world’s biggest and baddest Top Fuel Harleys will be racing in the Pingel Top Fuel Twin class at the Man Cup, Mann Hill Garage, World Finals.

Jay Turner, Michael Beland, Tak Shigematsu, Jim Page, Armon Furr, are but a few of the heavy-hitters that will suit-up for this race. And they better bring their A game because the international contingent of racers headed to this race makes it one of the greatest all-star line ups ever seen in motorcycle drag racing history.

Per Bengtsson and his “Beast” piloted by Tommy Grimes will be thundering down the ¼ mile, and they have come all the way from Sweden for this where they won the EDRS championship this year.

Also from across the pond will be the amazing creation of Jaska Salakari. His blown and injected, direct drive V-twin, has gone 6.01 recently and Jaska very well could become the first motorcycle drag racer in the history of the sport to run a five-second elapsed time on a Top Fuel Twin in competition. For this, the whole world in motorcycle drag racing will be watching his every pass. Anders Hornstrom, and Greger Johansson of Sweden, great Super Twin class racers all the way from the EU, will also contend to win this prestigious, one of a kind event. And if that’s not enough to get you to attend the World Finals, how about coming to see the world’s fastest and quickest motorcycles on planet earth?

2) The Pingel Top Fuel motorcycle drag racing series at this race will be one for the history books. The Spiderman, Larry McBride’s team at the last race, with a new tune-up configuration, has found thundering 255.29 MPH performance and when they translate that power into lowering their elapsed times, a new world record elapsed time for Top Fuel motorcycle is just a pass waiting to happen.

Over four decades of development when into Larry’s latest creation and he’s going for the record with the world press and racers present. Chris Hand, Sam Wills, Dave Vantine, and Mitch Brown will all have to turn it up to keep from being blown into the weeds by the McBride Racing team. And these racers will have to contend with the quickest international contingent of Top Fuel bikes ever assembled on US soil.

10x European T/F bike champion Ian King will be out to make a statement in his final race of the 2017 season. His Gulf Oil sponsored team will not have a mild tune-up in the bike this weekend. The same can also be said of Rikard Gustafsson of Sweden; this will be his debut in US Top Fuel racing and he will seek to make it a memorable one. So what does all this translate into in the final analysis?

1) The number one reason you should do everything you can to be at the Man Cup Mann Hill Garage World Finals is because this race will be the biggest and baddest drag race of the year with true world-class performance and participation. Some of the biggest and best drag bikes from all over the world will be at the event. Racers and their drag bikes from Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and others, will all be throttles to the stops at this race. You don’t need an international plane ticket to see the world’s greatest drag bikes, nor a passport – you just need to come to South Georgia Motorsports Park by November 17th 2017! So save on the expensive airline ticket and the customs hassles, just come to SGMP and bring ear plugs, we’ll see you there.

About Man Cup Motorcycle Drag Racing : Headquartered in Safety Harbor, Florida, Man Cup motorcycle drag racing is North America’s largest professional motorcycle drag racing sanctioning body. Man Cup promotes motorcycle drag racing on a national event basis for professional, sportsman and ET bracket racers alike and is open to riders of all skill and experience levels. The Man Cup Series is the only national event style motorcycle drag racing series comprised of events throughout the eastern half of the United States. For marketing opportunities with the Man Cup as well as more information on Man Cup Motorcycle Drag Racing, please visit on the web or 7 2 7 – 7 4 2 – 5 2 4 5 voice/text.

2018 Schedule

  • April 6-8 / South Georgia Motorsports Park
  • June 1-3 / Rockingham Dragway
  • July 13-15 / Dragway 42
  • September 14-16 / Galot Motorsports Park  (1/8 mile)
  • November 15-18 / South Georgia Motorsports Park


Rockingham Dragway


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