Man Cup : MTC Nationals Coverage from Galot

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Man Cup
Man Cup presented by Vance & Hines
Inaugural MTC Nationals

GALOT Motorsports Park
 15-16, 2017

MTC Nationals Coverage from Galot

July 15 and 16, the Man Cup motorcycle drag racing sanction rolls into GALOT Motorsports Park, in Benson, North Carolina, for the inaugural MTC Nationals.   This will be the first time the Man Cup sanction has brought the big show to an eighth-mile drag racing facility in the seven years of Man Cup motorcycle drag racing. Read the Full PRE-RACE REPORT – Click Here.

Sunday 7pm – Event ended due to weather. Classes that did not complete will NOT be finished at another event. Purses and points were split among those classes. 

Video Coverage



Winner: Sam Wills / .051 / 4.059 / 184.55
Runner-up: Larry McBride / .050 / 4.483 / 185.97
#1 Qualifier: Larry McBride



Winner: Preston Bartlett / .138 / 5.982 / 96.88
Runner-up: Tyler Wilson / .176 /4.780 / 147.63
#1 Qualifier: Johnny Vickers



Winner: Brunson Grothus  / .014 / 4.10 / 172.63
Runner-up: Paul Gast / .036 / 4.09 / 169.42
#1 Qualifier: Brad McCoy



Winner: Brunson Grothus / .067 / 4.198 / 165.40
Runner-up: Pete Browne / .035 / 5.483 / 89.97
#1 Qualifier: Lance Hines



Winner: Rodney Williford / .071 / 4.472 / 170.15
Runner-up: Jeremy Teasley / .017 /4.640 / 160.04
#1 Qualifier: Rodney Williford



Winner: David Stewart / .147 / 5.15 / 153.25
Runner-up: Marcus Hylton / .173 / 5.198 / 133.16
#1 Qualifier: David Stewart 5.19



Winner: Class Not Completed
#1 Qualifier: Boo Brown



Winner: Class Not Completed
#1 Qualifier: Ted Harvey



Winner: Class Not Completed
#1 Qualifier: Dustin Lee



Winner: Class Not Completed
#1 Qualifier: Dustin Lee


Winner: Class Not Completed
#1 Qualifier: DJ Miller



Winner : Robin Procopio
Runner-up : Bobby Holland


Winner : Spencer Claycomb
Runner-up : Pablo Gonzalez


Winner : Vance Houdyshell
Runner-up : Luke Boykin

Winner : Vance Houdyshell
Runner-up : Barry Pryer


Qualifying Time Sheets – Round 1

Qualifying Time Sheets – Round 2

Qualifying Time Sheets – Round 3

Qualifying Time Sheets – Ladders

Completed Classes


Written by Tom McCarthy

From the start of the Inaugural MTC Nationals, GALOT Motorsports Park, the hot topic has been the weather. Temps in the mid to high 90’s have kept racers and fans alike scrambling for shade whenever possible. To say the heat has been oppressive is to state the obvious, perhaps brutal would be a more apt description.

But while the heat is testing the will of the racers, the racers here are taking it in stride and going round after round as needed on the 1/8th mile GALOT racing surface. This event is not for the faint of heart and class winners will long remember how hard they worked for their win this weekend.

During qualifying on Saturday, July 15, 2017, the sportsman racers took to the lanes at 9am, EST and within a matter of minutes they were going at it, side-by-side. Sportsman initial qualifying gave way to Pro Q-1 at 11:30AM, right on time.

In the Pingel Top Fuel qualifying, Larry McBride set the pace with a 3.884 @ 189.42 MPH to lead the way. Dave Vantine stepped up right behind Larry with a stout, 3.953 elapsed time @ 189.50 mph for his team. Sam’s 3.957 @ 188 was a fine number considering the conditions and Ian King’s 4.06 was really a stand out number for the Gulf Oil sponsored team, which really showed their true colors at this event.

The race team of Mr. Ian King had their work cut out for them in trying to adapt to the high heat conditions at GALOT Motorsports Park. “We’ve never raced in conditions like this before” commented 10x European T/F motorcycle champion Ian King. “We don’t get temperatures in excess of 90 degrees F in the UK. So we don’t have any preexisting tune-up data to draw from for our tune-up here. So this is quite a challenge for us.” Considering how hot it’s been at GALOT, with a heat-index of over 100/F, it’s a hard weekend for the British team.

Also in T/F news, the Red Neck Express team of Chris Hand has a new helper this weekend; Top Fuel Harley racer Mike Beland is working this race in support of the famous RNE. Mike is currently in the top-ten, in championship points, with the Mickey Thomson Tires, NHRA, Top Fuel Harley series. While Mike is a hardcore Harley guy at heart, he’s no stranger to inline-4 cylinder bikes. He’s raced just about every configuration of motorcycle you can think of. From Hill Climb to flat-track, to motorcycle drag racing; he’s been there and done that more than once.

Of great interest to Top Fuel fans at this race; Don Johnson, more widely known as DJ, has entered this event with his T/F Harley with the Pro Charger ready to huff. He’s here with veteran Dean Comunal doing the driving duties and Kirby Apathy assisting with pit crew work. DJ hopes to gain valuable tuning data on the bike as he sees blown, injected nitro Harleys as the future of the sport. They qualified in the seventh position this weekend.

In Hawaya Racing Pro Fuel action, Johnny Vickers entered the event, not Michael Ray who elected to sit out this event. Johnny qualified number one with a 4.714 elapsed time @ 142.25 MPH. Also entered into Pro Fuel action; Preston Bartlett (4.92), Mike Trull (5.68) and Tyler Wilkerson (6.57). Conspicuous by his absence was Rocky Jackson, who suffered heavy motor damage at a race the week before and could not complete repairs in time to make the MTC Nationals.

In the Falicon Pro Mod series qualifying; Brad McCoy nailed down the pole position with a fine 4.05 elapsed time that sets the pace for these fast monsters going into tomorrow’s elimination rounds. Paul Gast (4.06), Ronnie Smith (4.10), Brunson Grothus ((4.12) round out the top half of the ladder. Jeff House (4.16), Charlie Prophit (4.19), Rick Perry (4.32), and Terry Wynn (4.32) comprise the quick eight – Spencer Allen (4.35) is the book end to the nine bike field.

In the Nitrous Express Pro Open class; three bikes entered the fray on Saturday, keep in mind this number may change on Sunday. As of the conclusion of qualifying on Saturday, the quickest P/O bike during qualifying was Lance Hines with a 4.18 1/8th mile number. Missing from the field is Mr. Pro Open – Mr. Paint, Mark Rendeluk. Mark suffered a catastrophic engine failure at a recent event in Tulsa Oklahoma when his #2 connecting rod let go. It sawed through his Suzuki engine cases and a fire ensued. It will take him a while and bucket load of money to bounce back, but he fully expects to be at the next Man Cup event in September, at Rockingham, N.C. The other two entries in P/O are George Whittaker (4.43) and Turbo Keith Browne with his beautiful turbocharged Harley (4.64).

In APE sponsored Pro Street racing, Rodney Williford leads the pack with a 4.51 elapsed time and he spent a significant amount of time in the air churning out that number. His bike is poetry in motion to watch. Impressive is the fact he ran the number during Q-2 in the peak heat of the day. Hot on his heels is Jeremy Teasley with an impressive 4.55. Jordan Haase (4.58), Mark Gargiulo (4.604), Chris Connelly (4.606), Terrence Angela (4.66), Ehren Litten (4.72), Justin Doucet (4.75) and Chris Edwards (4.76).

Shinko/WPS Real Street racing has seven entries this race. Top dog in qualifying is David Stewart with a 5.196 elapsed time at 152 MPH. Also rounding out the qualifying is Spencer Claycomb (5.24), Marcus Hylton (5.27), Johnny Dobrin (5.30), Jason Herron (5.38), Brain Guarino (5.42), and Luis Hornedo (5.733).

Professional class qualifying wrapped up around 7:45PM on Saturday night and the sportsman class racing extended past 9PM. For Full class by class results, please see the time sheets posted on



Written by Tom McCarthy

ON Thursday, 13 July, 2017 the Man Cup motorcycle drag racing sanction rolled into North Carolina for the Inaugural MTC Nationals. Set up began early with the Man Cup staff rolling in a day early, as did several professional teams. By Thursday evening, the Man Cup Registration area was roughed in and ready to receive racers for the next day.

The Top fuel motorcycle drag racing teams of Larry “Spiderman” McBride, Ian King and Dave Vantine were also set into motion on Thursday. Tyler Wilson and Preston Bartlett from the HD P/F ranks were also early birds. There is no shortage of enthusiasm for this race among the racers. They are really looking forward to hitting the GALOT 660’ of race track.


The GALOT 1/8th mile track is well prepped and ready for Man Cup.

As the sun sets over GALOT Motorsports Park on Thursday evening, Larry McBride’s team gets his pit area set up as thunder heads, far off in the distance settle in near Cape Fear.

While 99.99% of hardcore drag racers prefer 1320’ of race track, there are times a 660 or 1/8th mile surface becomes the deal for the day. GALOT (which stands for Get A Load Of This!) is a one-eighth of a mile drag racing facility. This marks the first time in Man Cup motorcycle drag racing history that the Man Cup has booked a race at an 1/8th mile track.

Dave Vantine of the Pingel Top Fuel motorcycle drag racing series was asked, “Will you be doing anything different to race 1/8th mile?” And he replied, “No we work very hard on our half/track performance so really, we will tune and race for this the same as we would at any race. We know we can go 3’s at near 200 MPH so we’re not changing anything.”



Dave Vantine knows cool when he sees it.


Gulf Oil and Trim Tex, Drywall Products, could not be better represented.

Today on Friday, 7/14/2017, gates were open at 8am and the race trailers that were stacked up overnight waiting to get in, did so early today. MTC, Dustin Lee, Ben Knight, the Mullen brothers, Jason Herron, Chris Hand, Sam Wills, Dennis Bradly, team DME, FBG and many others were in bright and early Friday morning.

Friday is a Test & Tune day, open testing is set for 2PM to 8PM, registration is by the first set of bleachers near the Holeshot Café, close to the starting line area, in the racers pit. TECH is located in the far end of the pits, just after the score boards, adjacent to the last set of bleachers. There are three small gray metal buildings there and the Man Cup Pop-Up tent is a dead giveaway which one is tech. The two smaller building are the his & hers, shower facilities.


Man Cup registration is located in the racer’s pit area by the Holeshot Café.


And the award for the best tail pipe covers for Top Fuel Motorcycle team goes to Ian King Racing!

Track radio broadcast is on 100.1 FM, for those who can’t hear clearly on the track PA system. As of Friday afternoon, the track food concession was open by 1PM. The stand is located on the spectator side of the track, which is also the tower side of the track, the menu is the most varied I’ve ever seen at any race track, anywhere,

DRAGBIKE.COM will have daily updates each day, throughout the weekend. Friday is testing only, from 2-8PM, EST. Racing is set to commence by 9AM on Saturday, actual qualifying session times will be posted early with a run order as soon as it’s available on Saturday morning, 7/15/2017.

Larry McBride was quickest and fastest today with a blistering 3.85 @ 192 MPH!

Jeremy Teasley was very precise in his test laps today: he’s ready for this.

Jordan Haase looked good in testing today, he made multiple passes.

Ian King made one test pass at about 3:40 EST, it did not yield the results he was looking for.


Dave Vantine was strong in his testing today, he’s looking to gain points in Larry this weekend.


Tyler Wilson, in P/F made two passes in testing.


Mike Trull of Griffin Ga. Pro Fuel testing. This is an old Bonnie Truett chassis.



About Man Cup Motorcycle Drag Racing : Headquartered in Safety Harbor, Florida, Man Cup motorcycle drag racing is North America’s largest professional motorcycle drag racing sanctioning body. Man Cup promotes motorcycle drag racing on a national event basis for professional, sportsman and ET bracket racers alike and is open to riders of all skill and experience levels. The Man Cup Series is the only national event style motorcycle drag racing series comprised of events throughout the eastern half of the United States. For marketing opportunities with the Man Cup as well as more information on Man Cup Motorcycle Drag Racing, please visit on the web or 7 2 7 – 7 4 2 – 5 2 4 5 voice/text.

2017 Schedule

  • April 7-8-9 / South Georgia Motorsports Park
  • June 2-4 / Memphis International Raceway
  • July 15-16 / Galot Motorsports Park  (1/8 mile)
  • September 23-24 / Rockingham Dragway
  • November 17-19 / South Georgia Motorsports Park


Memphis International Raceway


Rockingham Dragway

The Man Cup Series is brought to you by our sponsors :  Adams Performance – APE – Bates Leathers – Brocks Performance – Carolina Cycle – Cometic – Cooper Performance – D&G Chassis – DME Racing – Daytona Senors – – Exotic Cycle – Falicon Performance – Galot Motorsports Park – Grothus Dragbike – Hawaya Racing – Hot Rod Chrissy Photos – HTP Performance – JRI Shocks – Lectron – McIntosh Machine and Fabrication – Memphis International Raceway – MoTec – MPS – MRE – MTC – Muzzys – Penske Shocks – Pingel Enterprises – Portable Shade – PR Factory Store – RCC Turbo – Roaring Toyz – Rob Bush Motorsports – Rockingham Dragway – S&S Cycle – Schnitz Racing – Shinko – Star Racing – Western Power Sports – South Georgia Motorsports Park – Trac Dynamics – Vance & Hines – Ward Performance – Web Cam – Wiseco Pistons – World Wide Bearing – Wossner Pistons

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