Man Cup: MTC Nationals Heads to Rockingham Dragway

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Man Cup
Man Cup MTC Engineering Nationals
Rockingham Dragway
October 26-27

words and photos by Tom McCarthy

MTC Nationals Heads to Rockingham Dragway

On Friday, October 25, the Man Cup motorcycle drag racing sanction will begin weekend preparations for the MTC Engineering Nationals at Rockingham, Dragway. Racers from all sanctions are welcome at Man Cup events.

MTC Engineering

Thursday: Gate opens from 4 to 8 pm.

Friday: Gate opens at 9 am, with a test and tune from 12pm to 7 pm.

Radio: FM Broadcast is available on 100.5 FM.

Attention in the pits: There will be six random, very lucky, very happy racers on Sunday morning when the Pre Race ceremonies take place. There will be drawings to pull the names of three sportsman racers and three ET racers, who raced on Saturday. The names drawn will receive MTC bonus cash awards of 125$, $250 and believe it or not, $500, just for showing up and racing with Man Cup during the MTC Nationals.

Racing will begin on Saturday morning with Liska Racing Street ET class, Vance & Hines V-Twin racing and MPS Pro ET. There will be a time trial per entry followed by, round one eliminations of the three classes. This will be the bulk of the racing to begin the race day Saturday. The Pro classes will start qualifying at 11:30AM.

There will be 3 qualifying rounds on Saturday for the professional and sportsman teams. The projected PRO qualifying times are slated for 11:30 am, 3:00 pm, and 7 pm. The run order will be Pingel Top Fuel, Hawaya Racing Pro Fuel, Falicon Pro Mod, APE Pro Street, NX Pro Open, and Shinko/WPS Real Street, and JE Pistons Grudge.

The sportsman racers will see a run order of Grothus Ultra 4.60, MTC Super Comp, Wiseco Street Fighter, and Star Power Top Gas. ET racers run order will be Liska Racing Street ET, followed by the Vance & Hines Race Shop V-Twin racers and MPS Pro ET class.

In Pingel Top Fuel racing, LAST YEAR: Larry “Spiderman” McBride stopped the Rockingham Dragway clocks with an elapsed time of 6.08 seconds at 242.45 to achieve the #1 qualifier position. On Sunday, Larry went on to be defeated by Dave Vantine who bested the Spiderman with a 6.22, over Larry’s 6.36 in a rare on/off the throttle exciting pedal fest.

In Hawaya Racing Pro Fuel class, the long and short of it is; Preston Bartlett is the current #1 plate holder and he will be tough to beat this year with Walter Halonski tuning for him. Together they cornered their first championship in 2017 and then repeated the process again in 2018 for two consecutive #1 plates.

Fellow competitor Sam White’s “White Lightning” racing program is pushing hard on Preston and Walter in 2019 and these last two races of the season will tell the tale of who has what it takes to win. Other Pro Fuel champions like Janette Thornley, Rocky Jackson, and Tyler Wilson will definitely challenge them this year but only the W counts at the end of the race day. This should be a strong class for Man Cup at the Rockingham race. LAST YEAR: Kirby Apathy was the #1 qualifier for this event with a 7.18 @ 180 MPH.

Falicon Pro Mod: Paul Gast is on a rampage this season and he’s been like a vacuum cleaner, inhaling the competition at every event. At the season opener in Georgia, Paul won that one, then on to Dragway 42 in Ohio for another win light and then last month at Darlington, South Carolina: another win light along with #1 qualifier honors. Jeff House, Mike Chongris, and Brunson Grothus are quite capable of giving Paul a run for his money, but who will show up for the Rockingham event is anyone’s guess. LAST YEAR at this event, Paul Gast was the #1 qualifier with a 4.11 @ 172 MPH.

Nitrous Express Pro Open at The Rock will host an interesting as the current points leader is also the 2018 national champion for the class, Jean Gosselin of Canada. His Grothus Dragbikes prepared Pro Open bike won the season-opening event at SGMP, then it was on to D-42, where Jean was the #1 qualifier with a 6.57 @ 203 and he followed that with a win. Likewise, he repeated his spectacular performance with a #1 qualifier and a win at Darlington Dragway to totally dominate Nitrous Express Pro Open for the first three races of the 2019, five-event series.

Two time Pro Open champion Mark Rendeluk has been working out the bugs on a new build with talented tuner Chris Wedman and while they have had a measure of success with the new combination, they are not where they want to be with it just yet.

The same can be said for Pro Open former class champ, Rob Giard who has made refinement changes to his bike, but is working hard to get back to his mid-six-second performance level. LAST YEAR at this event, Keith Browne was the #1 qualifier at this event with a 7.47 @ 181 MPH. Keith went on to defeat Bobby Lovingood for the win on Sunday.

APE Pro Street at this Man Cup event should be outstanding. Due to scheduling conflicts, some APE Pro Street racers have not been able to attend select Man Cup events. Therefore the points for the championship contention are still wide open for racers to weigh in heavily for the remaining two races in the 2019 racing season. The winning racer can pocket a payout of up to $3,000 for the weekend if more than 13 entries compete on Sunday.

Shinko / WPS Real Street racing should be a continuation of the seesaw battle between Mark Hylton and Spencer Claycomb leading the class. At the season-opening race, Mark Hylton won the event to take a quick jump in the championship points lead. Then, race number two at Dragway 42, Mark was the number one qualifier with a 7.88, only to be stopped on Sunday by Spencer Claycomb with a 7.691, a new record-setting performance for the class. Then at Darlington, which was a 1/8th-mile competition event, Spencer was the top-dog in qualifying with a 4.98 and Mark went on to win the event with a 5.30 after Spencer lit the red-light. Jason Herron, Bud Harrod, Jason Fernandez, Johnny Dobrin, Anibal Merced are all quite capable of upsetting this match up. So while the points leaders are slugging it out, don’t be surprised if one of the class heavy hitters shows up and shakes things up a bit!

On Sunday morning, the action will begin with one round of ET test runs for all three ET classes, Liska Street ET, Vance and Hines Race shop V-Twin and MPS Pro ET. All these classes will then return directly to the lanes to begin E-1. At the conclusion of this morning activity, we will recognize our #1 qualifiers in all classes, thank our sponsors and then draw names to give away the MTC Bonus Cash to six lucky racers that participated in Saturday’s racing.

Pingel Top Fuel will then lead off Sunday’s professional classes of racing, followed by Hawaya Racing Pro Fuel, Falicon Pro Mod, Nitrous Express Pro Open, APE Pro Street and Shinko/WPS Real Street, and JE Pistons Grudge. The Sportsman racers will follow led by Grothus Ultra 4.60, MTC Super Comp, Wiseco Street Fighter and Star Power Top Gas.

Good Luck to all racers, see you soon!

 – Tom McCarthy



Here’s a look at updated points for the top five going into the MTC Engineering Nationals at Rockingham Dragway:

Pingel Top Fuel
1) Dave Vantine….264
2) Larry McBride…255
3) Chris Hand…….130
4) Mitch Brown…..112
5) Sam Wills……….67

Hawaya Racing Pro Fuel
1) Preston Bartlett…..285
2) Sam White…………234
3) Tyler Wilson……….197
4) Rocky Jackson…..156
5) Jim Martin………….103

Falicon Pro Mod
1) Paul Gast……………..326
2) Mike Chongris……….194
3) Jeff House——–…….122
4) Brunson Grothus…….102
5) Chris Garner-Jones….98

Nitrous Express Pro Open
1) Jean Gosselin…316
2) Mark Rendeluk..171
3) Rob Giard……….151
4) Niki Zak…………. 125
5) Larry Hayes………78

APE Pro Street
1) Chris Connelly….115
2) Carlos Olivo……..96
3) Chris Edwards…..88
4) Frankie Stotz……..78
5) Jeremy Teasley…..59

Shinko / WPS Real Street
1) Mark Hylton……………264
2) Spencer Claycomb….203
3) Jason Fernandez……133
4) Jeremy Teasley………119
5) John Dobrin……………111

Grothus Dragbikes Ultra 4.60
1) Tony Mullen…………….312
2) Broderick Jackson……293
3) Mike Chongris…………252
4) Mike Lingo………………206
5) Ralph Medrano……….174

Star Racing Top Gas
1) Ricardo Marte…..233
2) Jeremy Teasley…195
3) Ralph Medrano…162
4) Scott Saemisch…152
5) Mike Lingo………..150

MTC Engineering Super Comp
1) Dalton Markham…….197
2) Brian Dale…………….180
3) Rafy Santos…………..171
4) Spencer Claycomb…162
5) David Fletcher………..148

Wiseco Street Fighter
1) Pablo Gonzalez…….254
2) Ron Arnold…………..229
3) Dusty Brazel…………214
4) Bob Burt………………210
5) Vance Houdyshell…188

Vance & Hines Raceshop V-Twin
1) Loren Potter……….. 291
2) Vance Houdyshell.. 255
3) Freddie Barreiio….. 238
4) Blair Crosby……….. 136
5) John Ard……………. 129

Liska Racing Street ET
1) Bob Burt……………. 323
2) Pablo Gonzalez…. .284
3) Chris Roelse………. 241
4) Vance Houdyshell.. 230
5) Randy Parker……… 229

MPS Racing Pro ET
1) Gary Russell…….367
2) David Fletcher…..233
3) Rick Eaton………..226
4) Ralph Medrano….222
5) Brian Dale…………16

About Man Cup Motorcycle Drag Racing : Headquartered in Safety Harbor, Florida, Man Cup motorcycle drag racing is North America’s largest professional motorcycle drag racing sanctioning body. Man Cup promotes motorcycle drag racing on a national event basis for professional, sportsman and ET bracket racers alike and is open to riders of all skill and experience levels. The Man Cup Series is the only national event style motorcycle drag racing series comprised of events throughout the eastern half of the United States. For marketing opportunities with the Man Cup as well as more information on Man Cup Motorcycle Drag Racing, please visit on the web or 727-742-5245 voice/text.

2019 Schedule

  • April 5-7 / SGMP Spring Cup
  • July 12-14 / Dragway 42
  • September 27-29 / Darlington Dragway
  • October 26-27 / Rockingham Dragway
  • November 21-24 / SGMP World Finals

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