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MAN CUP : Season Opener Weekend Coverage

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Manufacturers Cup Motec In Control Drag Series
Season Opener at South Georgia Motorsports Park
April 10-12, 2015

Sunday – After persistent showers the race has been cancelled. Since no Pro or Sportsman eliminations were ran, the Man Cup is giving all racers a refund on their tech cards. This race will not be rescheduled.


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[tab title =”Saturday Recap”]

Saturday Recap Spring Cup Motorcycle Drag Racing
by Tom McCarthy

On Saturday, April 11, 2015, MANCUP racing was a mix of great racing and dodging passing shower clouds as Mother Nature decided there would be on one fully concluded qualifying session this day. There were brief passing showers throughout the race day that frustrated racers and fans throughout the day.

While one full session of qualifying was completed, the second session after repeated rain delays was finally called off around 8 PM EST. The SGMP had just finished drying the track and sprayed it in preparation for Q-3 and as soon as the lanes were reloaded with motorcycles, the sprinkles returned one too many times and that was it for the day.

Saturday qualifying in the Pingel Top Fuel Series with Larry McBride in the top spot, his 5.76 giving him lane choice for today’s eliminations. Dave Vantine (6.19), Chris Hand (6.48), Frank Capone (6.65), Chris Smith (6.73) and Sam Wills (6.95) comprise the established field. No ladders were available for media distribution, so actual matchups were not available at the time of press.

The Falicon Pro Mod class – Eight bikes are entered with Darian Guilllory at the top spot with a 4.18 @ 169 MPH leading the pack. Brunson Grothus (4.23), Connell Smith (4.26), Richard Gadson (4.37), Mike Thyer (4.401), Terry Wynn (4.402), Bobby Lovinggood (4.43) and Paul Gast (4.91) will head into eliminations today.

In the Cooper Performance Pro Open class, on Saturday, 6 bikes were entered and this number may change today on Sunday. Rob Giard, the defending champion of the class copped the top spot with a troubled 7.25 @ 197 mph. With this run being his only run of the 2015 season so far, he made good to take the top spot for ET and MPH. Todd Heiser (7.57), John Bullock (7.79), Roderick Mansian (8.521), Marty Sanzottera (8.528), and Charlie Theiss with a very troubled run comprise this field. It’s important to note that P/O is the only professional class that allows entry on Sunday so this field may expand today.

Hawaya Pro Fuel Class remained at five entries, with Dale Nilles topped them all with his 7.33 @ 172mph pass. Rocky Jackson (7.36), Janette Thornley (7.38), Rebel Glover (7.48) and Kirby Apathy round out the field going into today’s eliminations.

18 Pro Street bikes have officially entered into the APE Products Pro Street class. Joey Gladstone the two-time consecutive reigning Pro Street champion unleashed a 6.84 at 214 mph to steal the thunder from Mark Paquette’s 6.88 previous low qualifier number.

Mark Paquette (6.88), Bud Yoder (6.97), Terrence Angela (7.06), Ryan Schnitz (7.08), Ehren Litten (7.097), Frankie Stotz (7.098), and Jeremy Teasley (7.10), round out the bottom half of the ladder.

In Shinko Real Street, 13 bikes comprised the qualified filed with John Dobrin in the number one slot, 7.62 @ 193 mph. David Merks (7.79), Jeremy Teasley (7.83), Roger Starrette (7.87), Eddie Chapman (7.88), Anabal Merced (7.95), Jeff Peck (8.28) and Rickey Gadson (8.29) are the bottom half of the ladder.

In the initial outing of the Grothus Dragbike Ultra 4.60 class, only three bikes have entered with Les Stimac leading the field by going 4.691 on the 4.60 index. Bobby Lovingood (4.95) and Douglas Robinson (5.15) will go at it in round one of 4.60 with Les Stimac taking a bye run into the final round.

The Star Racing Top Gas field held fast at 21 entries topped off by Lee Ackerman who posted an 8.203 elapsed time on the 8.20 index. Tom Ivy is fastest at 170 mph. Harvey Hubbard, Jeff Jones, Mark Howell, Scott Saemisch, Tom Ivy, Kevin Williams, Dox Liewellyn, Glen Geiger and Mike Lingo are the top ten in descending order running on the 8.20 index.

The World Wide Bearings Crazy 8’s class has 29 entries doing battle on the 8.88 index. Wes Brown’s fine 8.898 he ran on Friday held up for the top qualifying spot. Robert Parker, Dustin Lee, Boo Brown, Spencer Greer, Jeremy Teasley, Luke Slemker, Spencer Claycombs, Keiji Nakamura, and Ron Arnold, round out the top ten entries.

In Street Fighter, 16 motorcycles make up the field, Fittipaldi Pieterrsz’s excellent 9.506 on the 9.50 index he ran on Friday is the number one qualifier. Roy Johnson, Jeremy St. Julien, Ron Arnold, Ray Egan, Butch Mullion, Robert Parker, and Chris Roelse are the bottom half of the ladder.

The MTC Engineering Super Comp class improved from 30 entries to 38 by race day. Top dog running against the 8.90 index is Dan Howe running a straight up 8.90, dead on the index. Calvin Mason, Roy Koch, Harvey Hubbard, Chris Hogan, Ed Hughes, Luke Slemker, Todd Marchman, Steve Kady, and Gary Russell are the top ten in Top Gas.


Mike Gray, the architect of the Terminal Van Lines Top Fuel bike on which all of today’s Top Bikes are based is in attendance at this weekend’s MANCUP race.


Bill Hahn interviewing Top Fuel #1 qualifier Larry McBride.


Rob Giard in his one and only run during the 2015 season shot up to the top qualifying spot in Pro Open on Saturday.


Dale Nilles, in Pro Fuel is once again the Man to Beat as the #1 qualifier.


Joey Gladstone took over the #1 qualifying position in Pro/Street with a 6.84 @ 214.42mph blast and is ready for eliminations


Ron Webb, who raced for decades in AMA/PROSTAR with his beautiful Carl Ahlfeldt built Fire & Ice machine is also here this weekend enjoying the action.


[tab title =”Friday Recap”]

Friday Recap Spring Cup Motorcycle Drag Racing

by Tom McCarthy

On Friday, April 10, 2015, the fifth season of MANCUP racing kicked off under blue skies and fair winds with testing and tuning that morning. By roughly 6 PM, with professional Q-1 in progress, the skies were dark and ominous, indeed threatening. But Mother Nature was bluffing and so far as of 8am in Cecil, Georgia, at the South Georgia Motorsports Park, no rain had arrived.

Friday qualifying was topped off by the fastest and quickest motorcycle in attendance built by the brothers McBride. Larry’s 5.76 @ 231mph proved to be top dog this day. Six T/F bikes are in the Pingle Top Fuel field and all eyes will be on the score board when Larry makes his next pass as team McBride is doing everything in their power to run a five-sixy-anything before they retire Ol’ Blue. And someone in Sweden is smiling very broadly, deservedly so, right about now.

The Falicon Pro Mod class had seven entries on Friday, Brunson Grothus was top qualifier for the day posting a 4.26 @ 163mph to kick off this season of Pro Mod, now that P/C is no more.

In the Cooper Performance Pro Open, a scant four bikes made the field with Todd Heiser on top after a 7.57 elapsed time run. John Bullock recorded the high mph run with a 192.33 clocking. Arriving in the pits Friday night was P/O champion Rob Giard who will soon have something to add to the qualifying order.

Hawaya Pro Fuel had five entries on Friday, Dale Nilles topped them all with his 7.33 @ 172mph pass. Dale is more than ready to defend his #1 plate from last season.

Seventeen Pro Street bikes entered the APE Products P/St class. Mark Paquette stunned the field with his 6.88 elapsed time announcing that powerhouse DME is not alone. Terence Anglea recorded a stout 213 mph run to take high MPH for the class.

In Shinko Real Street, twelve bikes comprised the initial qualifying round with John Dobvin taking high honors via his 7.762 @ 193mph posting. If the track conditions are right, this number may drop today.

In the initial outing of the Grothus Dragbike Ultra 4.60 class, only three bikes entered with Les Stimac leading the field by going 4.69 on the 4.60 index.

The Star Racing Top Gas field looked good with 21 entries topped off by Lee Ackerman who posted an 8.203 elapsed time on the 8.20 index.

Dave Conforti’s sponsorship of the World Wide Bearings Crazy 8’s class was well supported by the 29 entries who showed up to do battle on the 8.88 index. Wes Brown logged a fine 8.898 to be the top dog on Friday, but look for straight eights to happen today. This is a TOUGH class!

In Street Fighter, 16 bikes entered on Friday, Fittipaldi Pieterrsz recorded an excellent 9.506 on the 9.50 index that may hold. By end of qualifying today, he’ll be top five for sure.

The MTC Engineering Super Comp class saw 30 bikes enter the fray for qualifying. Top dog running against the 8.90 index was Dan Howe running a straight up 8.90, dead on the index. On Sunday he’ll be the man to beat.

In the D&G Chassis V-Twin class, nine bikes made up the field with Lee Helander posting a .001 reaction time to take the number one qualifying position. On race day, this class will present some interesting bracket racing, which takes a ton of driving skill.

By 8:30am here on Saturday, the Sportsman racers were out on the track, and racing is in progress under cloudy skies.

FRIDAY –  Midday Recap
by Tom McCarthy

Here I Friday, April 10, 2015, under sunny blue skies at 12 noon here in Cecil, Georgia at the South Georgia Motorsports Park, Sportsman test & tune is well underway. It’s 75 outside, with a slight tail wind blowing directly behind the bikes as they rocket down the 1320’ of racing surface.

It will be of interest to race fans to note that there will be no “Live Streaming” of the first two MANCUP races of this season. The service provider from last season is previously committed to conflicting dates for the MANCUP season opener, and for the next race. The Rockingham race slated for August 22/23 and the November World Finals are both expected to have Live Streaming coverage.

So far in Top Fuel: Chris Hand, Dave Vantine, Larry McBride, and Sam Wills are all in the pits getting ready for tonight’s racing, Pro Q-1 is slated for 6:30pm. NEW to the Top Fuel entries is Top Fuel Twin, read that IHRA Nitro Harley rookie Frank Capone. Frank will be driving the Bad Apple racing T/F Harley of Tracy Kile. Tracy is currently #2 in IHRA points behind Jay Turner and the bike Frank will be piloting is indeed Tracy’s IHRA #2 Nitro Jam machine. John “Red” Rhea just jumped into the list of T/F teams, with Chris Smith driving the bike for Red.

AS of 12 noon, in the Pro Fuel pit area, Janette Thornley, Kirby Apathy, Rocky Jackson and Dale Nilles all ready to rock.


Larry McBride and his team are ready for Q-1 set for 6:30PM, EST.


George Bryce and Ken Johnson have things ready to go in the Star Racing pit area.


Dave Vantine did a clutch testing short blip and recorded a 1.02 sixty footer.


Sam Hurwitz of Newton Massachusetts has his sportsman bike good-to-go. New Englanders; Ed Hughes and John Civitarese are also ready to race.


Grothus Dragbikes has some good looking pipe on display in the Manufacturer’s Midway


Kirby Apathy has his new 120 CID “Gunfighter” motor of his own creation ready for it’s first outing in Pro Fuel.


[tab title =”Time Sheets”]

q1_460 q1_c8 q1_pf q1_pm q1_po q1_pst q1_rst q1_sc q1_sf q1_tf q1_tg q1_vt

l_pf l_pm l_pst l_rst

[tab title =”Photos – ANO”]


15_0412_mancup_ano_02 15_0412_mancup_ano_04 15_0412_mancup_ano_05 15_0412_mancup_ano_06 15_0412_mancup_ano_07 15_0412_mancup_ano_08 15_0412_mancup_ano_09 15_0412_mancup_ano_10 15_0412_mancup_ano_11 15_0412_mancup_ano_12 15_0412_mancup_ano_13 15_0412_mancup_ano_14 15_0412_mancup_ano_15 15_0412_mancup_ano_16 15_0412_mancup_ano_17 15_0412_mancup_ano_18 15_0412_mancup_ano_19 15_0412_mancup_ano_20 15_0412_mancup_ano_21 15_0412_mancup_ano_22 15_0412_mancup_ano_23 15_0412_mancup_ano_24 15_0412_mancup_ano_25 15_0412_mancup_ano_26 15_0412_mancup_ano_27 15_0412_mancup_ano_28



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