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As a reminder to racers heading out to the first MANCUP race of 2016 this week; be sure you have MANCUP sanction stickers prominently displayed on your race bike. It’s quite a slap in the face to the sanction to race at their event and not display their event advertising. Or worse, display sanction stickers to every other sanction except the one you’re racing at.

As a photographer, I was appalled after the November, 2015 MANCUP World Finals presented by Mann Hill Garage and Kibbelwhite Precision Machine, to find motorcycles in my photos, in most every class, sportsman and professional, without MANCUP sanction stickers prominently displayed while in competition.

Any racer who needs MANCUP stickers, please stop by racer registration, ask for Dave Schnitz if need be, but no racer should be out on track without proper stickers!


In the early 1980’s when some of the large motorcycle drag racing sanctions were at odds with one another, it was not uncommon for racers to be told “Take that off while you’re at this race or cover it up” when one sanction official would see the advertising of their adversary. While such animosity is not currently embedded between today’s various sanctions, it’s still a measure of respect to fly the colors of the sanction you choose to race with.

Good luck to all racers headed down to the MANCUP Exoticycle / Roaring Toyz season-opening race at South Georgia Motorsports Park, April 8-9-10. There is pre-race testing available on Thursday, April 7th. Come on down and join Larry McBride and the man from Japan, Tak Shigematsu, as they test out their new Top Fuel bikes!


Tom McCarthy

Article by Tom McCarthy

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– Tom McCarthy

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