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Man Cup Title Sponsor of the DME Nationals at Rockingham

Man Cup

Man Cup Title Sponsor of the DME Nationals at Rockingham

Rockingham The letters DME are synonymous with no bar bike performance in drag racing. Their drag bikes are tough to beat in any class of MANCUP racing from Pro Street, Real Street, Pro Open, no matter the class, when racers see a bike in the other lane with the letters DME, they know it’s “A” game time. But who is DME?

DME Racing
The letters DME are derived from the family name directly responsible for the rise of this business enterprise. Dimey Eddinger’s dad Mickey is the M in the combination, the letters D and E are from Dimey his bad self. “I’m from a motorcycle drag racing family, I’ve been around the sport all my life” he commented in a recent interview.


“My dad Mickey used to crew with Danny Johnson on Danny’s fuel bikes back in the days of Goliath. So really I’ve been around motorcycles and motorcycle drag racing all my life.” In the annals of motorcycle drag racing history, Danny Johnson was a Harley Davidson Top Fuel bike pilot that came to prominence in the late 1960’s era. In the early 1970’s Danny built one of, if not THE, first double engine, nitromethane burning T/F Harley drag bikes. He named it Goliath and there was a Goliath II version as well. Danny Johnson’s Goliath inspired Elmer Trett to build a double which lead to Elmer’s career in T/F and Danny gave a young fuel bike pilot the wealth of his knowledge in the early 80’s to a young guy with promise named Larry McBride.

Suffice it to say, Dimey Eddinger has been around fast bikes most all his life. In fact he was a serious and committed drag bike pilot in the no-bars racing arena which led to the business now known as DME.


In 1999, when Dimey was drag racing his no-bars bike with his friend Andy Sawyer, they were constantly coming up with ideas and ways to go fast, so they fabricated whatever they needed for go fast parts and it caught fire. Other racers saw what they were doing and the inevitable followed, “Hey how much for you to build me one of them?” From there the whole business formed.

This is exactly how Vance & Hines Racing began in the late 1970’s. From 1999 into the new Millennium, DME grew as Dimey and Andy continued to race. But as the business grew, Dimey was becoming more and more distracted by business concerns. He could tell he was devoting more and more time to business concerns and he could feel his head was just not into the bike as much as he needed it to be. So he began with Andy looking at other potential drag bike pilots to race his bike. In 2013 as kind of a mutual agreement, they decided to start putting Joey Gladstone on one of their bikes. The results came quickly, in 2013, DME won their first Pro Street championships with the MANCUP racing sanction and the MIROCK racing series as well. They’ve been on a roll ever since.

Currently there are eight people employed at DME Racing, located in Winston-Salem, N.C. just a few hours away from the Rockingham race facility. “We’re currently looking for a talented welder fabricator who’s ready to go to work. We get lots of applications from people who know how to weld, but we need someone who can fit in and do what we do. We build some of the world’s fastest and quickest street bikes.” Joey’s 6.50 @ 225mph still stands as the time to beat and Joey’s 6.72 is still number one on the Pro/Street G.O.A.T. list.

When asked if DME has any interest in Land Speed Record racing, “No not really” replied Dimey, “That’s not what we do. No-Bar bikes are our passion. If someone approached us and wanted us to build them a bike we could talk about that, but we have no interest at this time in seeking a world LSR endeavor.”

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