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Man Cup World Finals 2016: Five Days of Fury

Man Cup

Five Days of Fury


The 2016, Man Cup, Mann Hill Garage World Finals is a race shaping up to be the “INDY” of motorcycle drag racing. No other motorcycle drag racing event in the world has 5 days, that’s right five days, of motorcycle drag racing. Only the NHRA “Big Go” has this much drag racing for you nitromainiacs out there. After all, nothing exceeds like excess right?   That’s what living on the edge is all about and motorcycle drag racing is all that and then some.

On Wednesday, November 9th, SGMP gates will open to racers at 9am, and there will be open testing from 11am till 5:30pm available. Pit parking will be tight for this race so teams are encouraged to get there early.

On Thursday, November 10th, open testing will be available to all racers from 11am to 5:30pm. Event Competition begins on Thursday with the All-Star Pro Street Shootout presented by DME Racing, with $10,000 on the table for the world’s fastest no-bars drag bikes. This is a race with-in a race. Two rounds of Pro Street qualifying on Thursday, followed by the first three rounds of eliminations, for this 32 bike field is the order of battle. A catered dinner for Pro Street Shootout participants will follow Thursday evening at SGMP in the pavilion area.

On Friday, November 11thopen testing starts at 9:30 and will run until 4:30pm for all entries. E-4 and E-5 will conclude for the DME Racing All-Star Shootout and class qualifying will kick off for all classes during the World Finals. The Shootout will conclude Friday afternoon with plenty of time available for the teams to get ready for Q-1 of the Man Cup Man Hill Garage World Finals beginning at 5:30 with Pingel Top Fuel (all qualifying times are subject to change).

Saturday and Sunday of the event will be on the usual weekend MAN CUP event schedule and there you have it FIVE days of motorcycle drag racing lined up. This includes expanded nitro racing for fans and racers too. There will be a special announcement on Sunday during opening ceremonies honoring the memory of American Top Fuel motorcycle racing legend Elmer Trett.

Top Fuel Twin, AKA: Super Twins, AKA: Nitro Harleys, will be a separate competing class at the World Finals as it always is for MAN CUP. Once the IHRA, NHRA and AMRA seasons are concluded, the MAN CUP opens up the gate for the wild things, Top Fuel Harleys, to run against their own. This class will also welcome in any European “Super Twin” bikes with open arms. As the world of motorcycle drag racing continues to be global in participation, the MAN CUP sanction is eager to embrace competitors from all around the globe.

In Pingel Top Fuel Eliminator class, the Titian’s of Top Fuel will be clashing as Sam Wills is leading Larry McBride by 19 championship points going into the final race of the season. Every round of qualifying and eliminations is critical between these two. Larry has never lost a MAN CUP championship title since the inception of MAN CUP racing and Sam has not won a T/F #1 plate since 1984. And truth be told, they are both in trouble.


Dave Vantine and Greg Pollard have found their stride and can go six-oh most any time they want to and they know where the 5’s are. The Alwine Top Fuel team will also be there with guns loaded and they have been testing and are ready to rumble. Chris Hand and the Red Neck Express is also capable of five second intervention. E-1 for Pingel Top Fuel on Sunday will be a nail bitter and low qualifier is mighty important for this race.


Pingel Top Fuel Twin:  Nitro Harley’s will flock to the MAN CUP World Finals for one last chance to put down power.  Takeshi Shigematsu of Japan will definitely have his supercharged Nitro Harley at the race, so look forward to another year of international competition.


Falicon Performance Pro Mod racing at the World Finals is an even tighter field than Top Fuel bike! Travis Davis is only 1 slim point ahead of Paul Gast and Brunson Grothus is only 2 points behind Gast! Shane Eperjesi at 278 points is also in reach of the championship. This will make for some very exciting racing for the fans throughout the event.


In the Hawaya Racing Pro Fuel class, the high gear nitro Harley burners are going to be out in force. Leading the pack will be the battle for first place between last year’s champion Rocky Jackson and up-start Tyler Wilson. Tyler is leading in championship points going into this event with 294 points to his credit and 242 points accredited to Rockstone. “He’s got my attention I can tell you that” Rocky mentioned at the last race and Rocky Jackson is serious as a heart-attack about defending his championship. Rocky is in it, to win it, and so is Tyler, so swords will clash on race day. Add to the mix, Michael Ray will be driving Johnny Vicker’s “Terminator” bike again at the event so sparks will fly at the Man Hill Garage, World Finals in Pro Fuel class racing.


In the Nitrous Express Pro Open class, Mark Rendeluk, AKA Mr. Paint, AKA Mr. Pro Open – Mark enters the World Finals with his repeat championship intact. No one has a chance of contesting his 446 points he’s accrued during the 2016 season, his next closest adversary, via point totals, is his teammate Niki Zak. She may be new to Pro Open racing but she’s national #2 and while she’s not a points threat to Mr. Paint, it interesting to see them racing together with like painted machines, matching leathers and all. Here’s a thought: how dominating will they be in the class in 2017? Which one will step up to the next higher class first in the years ahead; time will tell.


In the APE Track King Clutches, Pro Street class of racing, Joey Gladstone continues his leadership of the racers with his DME tuned, Vance & Hines sponsored “Black Betty” bike. They’ve been a dominant force in Pro Street. for a long time now and the race is on to see who will step in and take the Man Cup Pro Street title away from this king. Joey’s point total is lead for the class, but his teammate from DME, Terence Angela, is within striking distance to end Joe’s reign of dominance. There are other teams, several in fact, who now have advanced in performance and in 2017, this class will be as tight at NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle.


Shinko/WPS Real Street has been a slug fest in 2016 due to the tenacity of Jason Herron and the DME team power house led by Joey Gladstone’s driving abilities. While Joey is ahead of Jason by 92 points, Jason has shown consistently that if Joey blinks, he’s got a shadow that will pass him like a bullet. Fortunately for DME, Joey does not blink often. In the Real Street class just as in Pro Street, the competition is REAL and Joey has the points lead, but team DME with Joey’s driving have had to earn every point, every round and that’s as it should be. The World Finals is anyone’s race in Real Street.


In the Grothus Ultra 4.60 class of racing, Roderick Sanders, is leading the pack with 322 points ahead of Chase Morris who has accrued 282 championship points. With, Ron Procopio, Keith Dennis, Joe Lemons, Bobby Lovingood , Joey Gladstone, Brunson Grothus, and George Babor in chase, Sanders has most of the “Who’s who” of motorcycle drag racing right on his tail. Not too shabby for a High School Senior student eh? This young man has talent that is rare. His grandfather, Doug Frierson, who put him on this bike and has been coaching him all his life, chose wisely to put him on this bike in 2016. Roderick has been on two-wheels since he was age 6, first road a four-wheeler at age 3. Now he goes zero to 100 MPH in about 2 seconds. Can he win his first Man Cup championship in 4.60 this year? I wouldn’t bet against him, even with the best in motorcycle drag racing right on his six.


In the Star Racing Top Gas Series, veteran Chad Otts is leading the pack going into the last race of the season. His 343 championship points is only 15 points ahead of #2 man Ron Morris, so round-for-round, expect these two racers to slug it out into late Sunday night for the championship in T/G. Ricardo Marte is capable of stepping in as the spoiler, but unless one of the aforementioned has a mechanical issue, expect Ott’s & Morris to do an Ali Vs Frazer match at the World Finals.

In the MTC Engineering Super Comp class, John “Spooky” Markham is leading the way with 357 championship points. Matt Smith with 333 points is right on his tail piece so these two will be the center of attention at the World Finals in Super Comp. Dusty Brazel and Chad Otts are also not far off the lead pace. The racing will be intense in all the sportsman classes with these guys racing in multiple classes and facing each other several times all weekend long.

The World Wide Bearings Crazy 8’s class is lead by Bob Carlson, the heavy hitter from the north. Bob’s skills are true championship quality and his 329 point total going into the final race of the season is twenty points ahead of Danny Miller. The good news for Miller is he’s within reach of the championship. The bad news is for Miller; if Bob can see you, he’s got you exactly where he wants you. Wade Smith, like Miller, also has 320 championship points. Any one of these three racers can do the deed. It will be Sunday evening of the race before we will know who the 2016 champion is in Crazy 8’s.

In the Wiseco Street Fighter class, Wade Smith holds 285 points going into the last race of the season. His next closest opponent, Dustin Lee, is 39 points behind him. Dustin “BAMF” Lee is not going to make things easy for Wade Smith. Lee has momentum from a late season rampage with various sanctions and he’s been on a feeding frenzy as of late. To add to the drama, Bob Carlson is just behind Lee. If Wade can hold off the Heavy Hitter’s Club, he will have the championship of a life time to his credit.


The D&G Chassis, V-Twin class has a great three-way battle going for the championship as the last race of the season unfolds. Barry Pryer Sr. at 297 points leads the way, with Vance Houdyshell 48 points behind him and Walter Houghtaling only 2 points behind Houdyshell. Once gain this is a great Man Cup sportsman class that will not see a clear champion before Sunday night. Very tight racing here. D&G Chassis has done a great job of giving these racers a class worth fighting for.

In MPS Pro ET racing, John Markham with 380 points leads the way and with 273 points, Chad Otts is in the number two position. With a 107 point spread, Markham should wrap this championship up early on Sunday morning, but depending on the number of entries, this lead could evaporate literally overnight. It will be mighty interesting to see how many ET racers attend the World Finals for 2016. A big turn-out is expected, 64 entries competed at the finals in 2015.

The Garwood Custom Cycles / C&S, Street ET class will be a busy class all weekend at the World Finals. Bob Carlson with 367 championship points is leading the pack, Clint Riley with 314 points is right behind him. Eric Griffith (310), Roy Johnson (296) and Stanley Russell (288) are all in behind Mr. Carlson. No one can get comfy going into the last race of the year leading in the ET classes. In 2015, 78 drag bikes competed in this class; so many rounds of racing are required to win on both days of competition. Racers like Bob Carlson and Dustin Lee will make somewhere around 50 passes during the course of the race weekend. Who will emerge as the class champion? We will have to wait for Sunday night, November, 13th to find out!


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Tom McCarthy

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