Mardi Gras on the Bayou 2016 Coverage

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Asphalt and Opportunity

Mardi Gras on the Bayou 2016

This year’s Street ET winner of the Mardi Gras on the Bayou 2016 belongs to Michael Turman. Truman has won two Street ET races in states including Louisiana and Texas last year at NorthStar Dragway. Kory Hollier was the Harley V-Twin winner at the Mardi Gras on the Bayou 2016.

Michael Wayne of Texas got the win in his first quarter mile bike race. Congrats to Kelly Christ for winning the SWB Shootout for two years straight… It’s safe to say that he can wear the title ‘King of the SWB’.


Video Coverage


Photo Coverage

16-0301-ano-mardi-gras-bayou-01 16-0301-ano-mardi-gras-bayou-02 16-0301-ano-mardi-gras-bayou-03 16-0301-ano-mardi-gras-bayou-04 16-0301-ano-mardi-gras-bayou-05 16-0301-ano-mardi-gras-bayou-06 16-0301-ano-mardi-gras-bayou-07 16-0301-ano-mardi-gras-bayou-08 16-0301-ano-mardi-gras-bayou-09 16-0301-ano-mardi-gras-bayou-10 16-0301-ano-mardi-gras-bayou-11 16-0301-ano-mardi-gras-bayou-12 16-0301-ano-mardi-gras-bayou-13 16-0301-ano-mardi-gras-bayou-14

Asphalt and Opportunity


  1. Tladee
    Tladee 11 March, 2016, 00:14

    Awesome photos…you guys do an amazing job

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