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Mark Rendeluk has the Quickest Hayabusa in the Quarter-Mile


Quickest Hayabusa in the Quarter-Mile

Mark Rendeluk set the PRO Open record this last weekend with the PMRA series at 6.41, and then the backed it up by lowering the record to a staggering 6.34 at 214.72 mph to become the quickest Hayabusa in the quarter-mile!!

Quickest Hayabusa in the Quarter Mile

Mark had this to say on social media after the pass: 

We started off the year hoping to be running close to this number. We wanted to be the quickest Hayabusa in the quarter-mile
We were challenged by many obstacles and health reasons delayed me from getting on the new bike. Now here we are with all our goals achieved to this point. Now new goals are always sitting there waiting to be met. First new goal is to get into the 20s at Rockingham Mancup race and to be able to get into the mid-teens by Georgia world finals. It’s hard work for Chris and I as we learn new things every race out. In order to be great at what you do you need to have great and amazing people to work with you.
I have the best guys to help us achieve such greatness!

Chris Wedman is the Key to this whole puzzle Fitting together, without his hard work and dedication, these moments would have never been seen! The time he puts into this bike baffles me with all that he has on his plate. And when moments like the pic above happen and Goals are achieved it makes all that hard work pay off. I’m proud to call you my Brother!

When we came to Pete Browne and talked to him about what we wanted in a chassis he was all ears and had no complaints at what we wanted in a chassis design. With a few mods from his first design he nailed it and the bike wraps around me like a glove and handles better than anything else I have been on, huge thanks to an open-minded chassis builder!

Andy Sawyer with DME Racing is the framing for this puzzle He is always there to answer any questions no matter how dumb they may sound and has been there and done that so as to give us the whatnots to do to have such a great performing piece.

Steve Nichols is the glue to this puzzle being finished, when we decided to put Maxx ECU on the bike it changed the outlook on getting to our goals more efficiently and effectively, what an amazing talent he is at the Maxx ECU and I am happy to know him and have him as a friend.

Eddie Krawiec and Vance and Hines, what can I say about these guys, they are willing to help us out at any time with such a great background in power and performance they supply us with heads that exceed our expectations.

Chris Weismann’s transmission is truly bulletproof, we have abused the heck out of it and it looks like brand new, how the heck can that be?

Because it’s a thought out process of a genuine genius, and American made metals! If we could just get him to make a 5 speed, he wouldn’t be able to make them fast enough to supply all the busa’s out there!

Dave Conforti of Worldwide Bearings has our bike rolling like silk with his supplied bearings.

I am extremely thankful for the people in my life I call friends and family, My Mom and Dad for believing in me and supporting my dreams in what I do means the world to me.

What a way to end the PMRA this weekend, meeting our goals, setting records and having my family there to root us on!
We will miss these races on our home tracks and will miss the faces that have become so familiar over the 19 years of racing with you, watching your children grow up and become racers themselves.

These are priceless memories I won’t forget. Unless I get Alzheimer’s, and you guys better come visit me in the nursing home and remind me of the things we use to do!

– Mark Rendeluk


Mark Rendeluk broke both ends of the PMRA records for Pro Open during the first round of qualifying today! Mark ran 6.417@214.35 MPH and is looking to turn it up more! Previous record holders are for ET-Vince Testa at a 6.452 set in October 2015 and Chris Cutsinger running 212.31 MPH set in October 2016. Congratulations Mark!


The Quickest Hayabusa int he quarter-mile now heads to Rockingham Dragway this weekend for the MTC Engineering Nationals with the Man Cup series to run Pro Open where he currently sits in the #2 sport for points.

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