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Michelin Power One Tire Report

“What is It? The Michelin Power One Show” INDEED

The Michelin Power One Tire had another triumphant weekend at the AMA Dragbike Pingel Motorcycle Nationals at O’Reilly Raceway Park in Indianapolis, IN.

Are you getting tired of those Michelin Tires dominating in AMA Dragbike? Get used to it. As predicted months ago, Richie from Richie’s Tires said their motto might as well be “Happiness is not satisfaction, it is VICTORY”

Riders, Rickey Gadson, Jeremy Teasley, Bud Yoder, Alen Danials, Mike Kavoacich, Richard Gadson and Del Flores, have already racked up records and wins using the Michelin tire.

In the Orient Express Racing Pro Street class, Alen Danials, a first time “Power One” user, was amazed how well the tire performed, “I was very skeptical running the tire at a AMA event without prior testing”. The first pass off the trailer, we ran our best time, a 7.34@204.5 mph, “I’m sold, I will never use another tire again for my bike". Having a motor cycle shop in Detroit, MI I have a huge clientele in drag racing and the “Power One” will be the tire I suggest to my customers from here on out. Once again thanks Richie’s Tires and Michelin!

Alen Danials in the Orient Express Racing Pro Street Class

Bud Yoder of Flint, MI riding the 2006 Suzuki Hayabusa said, "the Power One tire is holding up even better then we had hoped for". The slowest pass of the weekend for Team RMR was 7.27 seconds in a quarter mile. "With over 30 passes on the tire it still looks great and hooks like new".

Bud Yoder Aboard his Suzuki Hayabusa

"Once again…The Power One held all the power we could throw at it". Says Joe Hahn, crew chief for Mike Kavasavich. We ran 161mph in the 1/8-mile and 204.54 in the ¼ mile with no tire spin at all. Thanks Michelin!!! "With a little help in the front half of our race and with our great back half we should have no problem running a low 20 or high teen in the ¼ mile".

Mike Kavasavich on his Orient Express Rush Deal Bike

Another great weekend for the HTP Performance Team, Richard Gadson set a new nitrous Pro Street record running 7.45 seconds at 191mph with his Michelin Power One tire.

Richard Gadson on the HTP Perforamnce bike

In the BST Real Street class Del Flores aboard a 05’ Hayabusa said "POWER ONE is the one!! Have to give big props to Michelin for producing such a great tire. My personal success and performance gains with the new Power One have my team excited to go racing. The Power One has giving me the best 60 ft times and lowest ET and highest mph I have seen all year on my CP Pistons Millennium Technologies Carrillo DPC Real Street bike". Running higher tire pressure = better performance. Michelins contingency program is awesome as well. There is a big buzz going on in the AMA Drag bike and the MIROCK series. Is it the best DOT drag tire on the market? Let’s see, it costs less than the current MT, it pays more in contingency and it lasts longer than any tire on the market. The answer for me is YES!!!! The coolest part about running the Power One is that it comes with a guy named Richie. I promise if you race in AMA Dragbike or MIROCK series you will find him on the starting trying to assist all racers in all classes with the proper burnout for optimum traction. Richie cares about Michelins customers and it shows. Thank you Richie and a big thank you to Michelin for producing such a great tire.

Del Flores in the BST Real Street Class

Coby Adams, Crew Chief for young gun Jeremy Teasley, "It was an mind-blowing weekend with the Michelin shoed Real Street bike. Shattering the mph record to 188mph. The tire has never failed us yet, still running a 180 from the first of the year, to us that is amazing. A tirelasting this long and still being this good where can you go wrong". All credit goes to Richie from Richie’s Tires, for opening everyone’s eyes to the possibility of a radial being better than any other purpose built tire for drag racing.

Teasley number 1 qualifier in the BST Real Street

The Power One also held up to the new Wizard(s) of Nitrous system in Keith Thompson’s Real Street GSXR1000, allowing it to run consistently over 180mph in the 1/4.

In the www.Dragbike.com Super Sport class Rickey Gadson is back in the saddle. After loosing in the 2nd round in Milan Michigan. Rickey is back on the job doing what he knows best……………winning! Sunday morning during first round of elimination Gadson proved that he had the fastest bike in the park once again by putting up a record breaking 8.98 which of course served notice that his plan was to dominate. "The interesting part is that we were able to get away with 38 pounds of air in our Michelin Power One rear tire without any slippage all weekend". "In a minute Mickey Thompson tires are going to be real cheap"! The plan is to bring home Championship number 10. Gadson proceeded to lay down low ET round after round with his Power One, until reaching the most anticipated final of the season against Adams performance teammate young Jeremy Teasley. When the scoreboards lit up, they read 8.97(Rickey) to Jeremy’s 9.08. A new record for the Super Sport class had been established.

Rickey Gadson in what he does best, WINNING!

Michelin once again, has the best tire contingency in the AMA Dragbike Series in the following classes, Orient Express Racing Pro Street, HMR Powersports Financing Super Street, DRAGBIKE.COM Super Sport, BST Real Street Series, Schnitz Racing Street Fighter and Brocks Performance Street ET
Paying out
$300 Win
$200 Runner up
$125 for the Semi Finalist

Richie Brotheron would like to say thank you to Michelin Tire and the Michelin Nation racers for believing in me. I want to go racing and provide the best Michelin tire to help racers succeed. Michelin builds tires that win races and championships. All I need now is a 120-60zr16 front tire and I’ll have everything I need

Peace Richie
Michelin ———-a better way forward

Michelin Power One Number 1 Qualifier’s Jeremy Teasely in the BST Real Street Class and Joey Gladstone in the DRAGBIKE.com Super Sport class

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