Mike Scott Announces Top Fuel Harley Retirement

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Mike Scott Announces Top Fuel Harley Retirement

With mixed feelings, I am announcing my retirement from Top Fuel Harley competition, and with a heavy heart have decided not to pursue another ride for the remainder of the 2019 season or beyond. I was released from Jay Turner Racing on Thursday after Jay and I decided to terminate our business agreement. I would like to wish JTR the best of luck in their bid for the 2019 NHRA Top Fuel Harley championship.

Many thanks to my family for indulging my nitro dreams; but most of all, I would like to thank Tridyne Projects for their continuous sponsorship and support; Lyle, Jenna and the boys for allowing JTR the use of their bike so I had a fast and safe motorcycle; also to my many crew members Thank you. Thank you also to Mike Rice for all his hard work on behalf of the Top Fuel Harley class before the NHRA took a chance on us.

Mike Scott

To put everyone’s minds at ease, my retirement is not because of family, health, financial, sponsor or work issues. Everything is fine. After 17 years of great memories, friends, investment of time and money, it is time to move on. I was lucky enough to race for some of the best tuners and owners in the business that allowed me to be able to campaign the best motorcycles in the industry; winning two championships, 2008 CMDRA and 2014 IHRA, and an NHRA National event win! Running career bests of 6.32/228MPH, my only regret is that I never ran a 20.

What I will miss the most is my track family, fellow competitors, and fans. Racing was my break from hectic work life. I am not looking for a new ride, I am over it; deciding now on golf or lawn bowling, maybe get time to ride my street bike.

I have spoken or texted with some of my teammates, crews, competitors and will be reaching out to those that impacted my career in a positive way. Love and respect to all that I crossed paths with over my career. Thank You! Well maybe not all!

Tracy, Mom, Lyle, brothers, sisters and kids, all those events and holidays I missed? Now I have time.

Peace out!
– Mike Scott