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MIROCK : Big Money, Big Egos at MIR for Battle Royale


Mickey Thompson Tires MIROCK Superbike Series
22nd annual Fast by Gast Fall Nationals
Maryland Int’l Raceway on October 3-5, 2014

There are a lot of Orient Express Pro Street bikes sprinkled all around the US and Caribbean islands that can’t make the trip to Maryland International Raceway for every Mickey Thompson MIROCK Superbike Series event. But when MIR promoter Jason Miller puts on the $10,000-to-win Battle Royale, every Pro Street bike in the Western Hemisphere trailers up and heads for the famously prepped strip in Budd’s Creek.

Many of these guys are kings of their own quarter mile castles—in the Midwest, Southeast, Northwest—wherever. The Battle Royale is their motivation to take on the best of the world’s largest motorcycle drag racing series. That would include the currently dominant DME Racing team and their four-bike stable of turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusas, and HTP Performance’s “First in the 6’s” trailer-load of nitrous and turbo ‘Busas.

Joey Gladstone

All will get their chance to take shots at MIROCK champion Joey Gladstone and his 220 mph DME bike, inaugural Battle Royale winner Terence Angela of Aruba, NHDRO champion Doug Gall, 3X MIROCK champion Rodney Williford, and HTP riders Ryan Schnitz, Danny Cox, and (sometimes) Jeremy Teasley. And all will be shooting for the sport’s first 6.80 street tire pass.

Challengers include Detroit’s Ronnie Mitchell Racing trailer of beautiful bikes Rizzo, Frenchy and Sandra Dee with riders Phil Stoll, Jason Angela and Michael Bayes; The innovative bike of Michigan’s Bud Yoder and the fluorescent machines of John Drake; And builder Eric Paquette will bring his brand new DAS turbo ‘Busa for last year’s runner-up Tony Ficher to ride.

As MIR aims for 50 Pro Street entries, these racers are also confirmed so far: Darion “Nanu” Payne, Curtis Ellerbe, Eric Hart, Ryan Hable, Frankie Stotz, Vinnie Demito, John Gover, Walter Sprout, Al Mart, Caleb Holt, Richard Gadson, Eric Langlois, Jason Rearick, Jamie Lopes, Mike “Kavos” Kovacevich, Lonnie Corley, Tyler Fisher, Cameron and James “Crow” Teasley, Gabe Frederick, Jason Dunigan, Doug Witt, Super Dave Gebhardt, Stephen Scearce, Quinn Orand, James Herbert, Ehren Litten, Travis Wood, Joe Robbins, Chris Hart, Rendolf Torbed, Lavar Delee, and Rob Budgell.

These riders hail from Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Florida, Iowa, Massachusetts, Texas, St. Eustatuis, Aruba, Ohio, Missouri, Delaware, Virginia, Indiana, Tennessee, Minnesota, and Curacao, as virtually every turbo or nitrous ‘Busa, GS1100, Kawasaki ZX14, and Honda between the Atlantic and Pacific will be competing at MIR.

The Battle Royale may steal some thunder from what has been the most wide-open DME Racing Real Street season in memory. Rickey Gadson, David Merks, Johnny “Turbo” Dobrin and Jeremy Teasley have all been winners this year, and inaugural Crazy 8s champion Eddie “Who” Chapman has come damn close. Turbo Kawasaki ZX14Rs, nitrous-huffing ZX14s, turbo ‘Busas, nitrous ‘Busas, GSXR1000s—this class has everything and everybody puts everything they have into winning it.

One class whose thunder can’t be stolen is the thunder and lightning of Top Fuel motorcycles. The world’s first ever side-by-side, 5 second motorcycle pass took place at Maryland International Raceway in July. Larry “Spiderman” McBride and David Vantine will be back to spark that magic again with four exhibition passes to get the job done. The two are tied, with multi-time champion McBride taking the overall win in July and nitro-newcomer Vantine doing the deed at Atco. This will be the rubber match to determine who is MIROCK’s first Top Fuel exhibition champion, and will likely see a new world record as McBride fully intends to put the first-ever 5.60 pass on MIR’s scoreboards.

Larry McBride

With two events left in the season, Sportsman point races are as tight as they can get. With three Louis Concrete 4.60 runner-ups but no wins, Eran Pielert leads Ronnie Smith by 20 scant points. Atco winner Bobby Lovingood is making a charge from third and Darryl Hollins is one point behind him as the world’s quickest motorcycle index class takes to the eighth mile.

A determined Michael Ostrowski has a sizable FBR Shop 5.60 points lead over the hardest working man in motorcycle drag racing, Ben Knight. But Ron Arnold, Robert Parker and “Fearsome” Andy Baumbach will also be fighting for the win at MIR.

Brian Canoles leads Boo Brown in the Trac King Clutches Top Sportsman points, with George Shriver, Bill Bair, Connecticut HVAC man Bob Carlson, and Jimmy “Hillbilly Hustler” lurking just behind.

Brock’s Performance Street ET and Fast by Gast Pro ET can expect to see their biggest fields ever as everybody without a win yet this year fights for a spot in November’s Tournament of Champions to race those who already have. Studs such as Brian “$5K” Guarino, Dale Hamilton, Mike Schulz, Clay Davies, Boo Brown, Ron Arnold, Jerry Turner and Dustin Lee will be defending to keep the TOC field from swelling further.

Speaking of studs, Afterdark Undergound will see riders Lil’ Richard, Nanu, Jeremy Teasley, Lil’ Charlie DeLee and more out hustling on bikes Katrina, N2Deep, Mandingo, Cobra Kai and the like. Motor-mouths Chachi, Alex Bud Light and Country will be whipping the crowd into a big-dollar frenzy.


The cooler weather will have everyone celebrating this final stop at MIR on the MIROCK tour. Grills will be grillin’ cans will be poppin’ stereos will be blastin’.

But let’s not forget why we will be there. Everyone who let the Battle Royale slip away last year have been gnashing their teeth ever since and will leave nothing on the table in pursuit of $10K and 6.80 glory. You will want to be in that number for the second running of this historic event.


Confirmed Rider List for the $10,000 to win Orient Express Pro Street Battle Royale
1, Terence Angela / Turbo / Hayabusa / Aruba
2, Darion Payne / Turbo / Hayabusa / Maryland
3, Curtis Ellerbe / Turbo / Hayabusa / Maryland
4, Eric Hart II / NOS / Hayabusa / North Carolina
5, Ryan Hable / Turbo / Hayabusa / Wisconsin
6, Bud Yoder / Turbo / Hayabusa / Michigan
7, Frankie Stotz / Turbo / CBR 1000RR / Illinois
8, Vincent Demito / Turbo / Hayabusa / Pennsylvania
9, John Gover / Turbo / Hayabusa / Pennsylvania
10, Walter Sprout / Turbo / Hayabusa / Florida
11, Al Mart / Nitrous / Hayabusa / Iowa
12, Caleb Holt / Nitrous / Hayabusa / North Carolina
13, Richard Gadson / Nitrous / GS 1100 / Pennsylvania
14, Tony Ficher / Turbo / Hayabusa / Massachusetts
15, Eric Langlois / Turbo / Hayabusa / Massachusetts
16, Jason Rearick / Turbo / Hayabusa / Texas
17, Jamie Lopes / Turbo / Hayabusa / St. Eustatuis D.C. Statia
18, Rodney Williford / Turbo / Hayabusa / North Carolina
19, Mike Kovacevich / Turbo / Hayabusa / Illinois
20, Phil Stoll / Turbo / Hayabusa / Illinois
21, Lonnie Corley / Nitrous / GSXR 1000 / North Carolina
22, Jason Angela / Turbo / Hayabusa / Aruba
23, Tyler Fisher / Turbo / Hayabusa / Michigan
24, Jeremy Teasley / Turbo / Hayabusa / Ohio
25, Cameron Teasley / Turbo / Hayabusa / Ohio
26, Crow Teasley / Turbo / Hayabusa / Ohio
27, Gabe Frederick / Turbo / Hayabusa / Missouri
28, Jason Dunigan / Turbo / Hayabusa / Michigan
29, Joey Gladstone / Turbo / Hayabusa / Delaware
30, Doug Witt / Nitrous / Hayabusa / Maryland
31, Super Dave Gebhardt / Turbo / Hayabusa / Texas
32, Stephen Scearce / Nitrous / Hayabusa / Virginia
33, Doug Gall / Turbo / Hayabusa / Ohio
34, Ryan Schnitz / Nitrous / Hayabusa / Indiana
35, Quinn Orand / Turbo / Hayabusa / Tennessee
36, James Herbert / Turbo / GSXR 1000 / Pennsylvania
37, Ehren Litten / Turbo / Busa / North Carolina

Thanks to all 30 Sponsors below that helped make this event happen by supporting the Orient Express Pro Street Battle Royale and raising $22,000 in purse for the Pro Street class alone at this event!
Skip Dowling at Orient Express – $5,200 (Plus $500 towards PST Pig Roast)
Jason & Royce Miller at MIROCK – $2,850 (Plus $800 towards PST Pig Roast)
Jason & Dave Dunigan at Dunigan Racing – $500 (Plus $1,000 towards PST Pig Roast)
Dimey Eddinger at DME Racing – $500 (Plus $500 to #1 qualifier)
Eric Paquette at DAS Performance – $500
Walt at Procharger Superchargers – $500
Terry McIntosh at McIntosh Machine – $500
Brock Davidson at Brock’s Performance – $500
Brian Hayes at Eastside Performance – $500
Mike Schultz @ Harley Davidson of Frederick – $500
Cole Seitzinger at Penske Shocks – $500
Cecil Towner at HTP Performance – $500
Roger Starrette at RS Motorsports – $500
Danny Cox at Southside Harley Davidson – $500
Sharon Woolich at Woolich Racing – $500
Eric Hochstetler at MTC Engineering – $500
Rodney Williford at Williford Racing – $500
Mike Mace at Mace Motorsports – $500
Chachi at Chachi/BNL Racing – $500
Jay & Dianne Eshbach at APE – $500
Eddie Krawiec at Vance & Hines – $500
Shawn Sweeney at Cycle Connection – $500
Al & Jessi Mart at The Design Studio – $500
Scott Grady at Grady’s Graphics – $500
Dave Conforti at Worldwide Bearings – $500
Fred Renz at Yoyodyne – $500
Tommy Kundrik at Mickey Thompson Tires – $500
Scott Casper at Shinko Tires / Western Power Sports – $500
Eric Vargo at Scotts Performance Products – $500
Brett Rahn at PPG Refinish – $500

There will be 50 companies on display on the vendor midway this weekend at Maryland International Raceway for the 22nd annual Fast by Gast Fall Nationals! This will be the largest vendor midway in the history of the series totally 1,700 feet long which is longer than the 1/4 mile!

This epic event will feature the impressive line-up of MIROCK classes plus a Top Fuel Match race with Dave Vantine and Larry McBride and the return of the 2nd annual Orient Express Pro Street Battle Royale with over 46 confirmed Pro Street racers!

In 2013 the FBG Fall Nationals drew 667 racers which was nearly 100 more than the 2013 WPGC Bike Fest. The 2014 WPGC Bike Fest this year drew an amazing 760 racers, so we are expecting to see over 800 racers for the FBG Fall Nationals this weekend! Don’t miss this epic event and one that will go down in the record books!

FBG Fall Nationals Vendor Midway Line-Up:

Mickey Thompson Tires
FBR Shop
Christian Motorcycle Association
Bates Leathers
Tees Photoshop
Rickey Gadson’s Drag Racing School
Coleman Powersport
Larry McBride Racing
Dave Vantine Racing
MTC Engineering
Portable Shade
RMR Racing
DME Racing
Orient Express
Dunigan Racing
Shinko Tires
Williford Racing
DAS Performance
Procharger Superchargers
Penske Racing Shocks
Cycle Connection
Grady’s Graphics
Harley Davidson of Frederick
HTP Performance
CP Pistons
Mace Motorsports
McIntosh Machine & Fabrication
PPG Refinish
The Design Studio
MD Army National Guard
Montgomery Motorsports
RCC Turbos
Capo 1030 Racing
Basari Aruba Racing
Drag Rags
Hot Rodz Diner
Speed Gear
Fort Washington Tattoo
PM Clothing
Thirty One
Tastefully Simple
Lula Roe
Chocolate Rider
Calvert Healthcare
Origami Owl
Mary Kay
Bikers for Babies Souvenirs
Bikers for Babies Auction
March of Dimes Mission Table

MIROCK Battle Royale

Drag Racing Entry Fees & Payouts:

Jason Miller may be reached at 301-884-9833 or

Track Information:
Track Office: 301-884-9833
Dragline: 301-884-RACE
Track Fax: 301-884-9878
Track Email:
Track Website:

Physical, Mailing, & GPS Address:
Maryland International Raceway
27861 Budds Creek Road
Mechanicsville, MD 20659

Airport: Reagan National Airport – DCA (1 hour away from MIR)
Airport: Baltimore Washington Airport – BWI (1.5 hours away from MIR)

For more information on these events
visit or on Facebook

Remember… Support Those That Support Your Sport!

2014 MIROCK Schedule
March 21-23 / Adams Performance Spring Bike Open / Rockingham, NC
April 25-27 / Fast by Gast Spring Nationals / Budds Creek, MD
May 30-June 1 / Fast by Gast Summer Nationals / Budds Creek, MD

July 25-27 / WPGC Bike Fest / Budds Creek, MD
August 15-17 / FBR Shop Summer Sizzler / Rockingham, NC
September 5-7 / Orient Express Motorcycle U.S. Nationals / Atco, NJ

October 3-5 / Fast by Gast Fall Nationals / Budds Creek, MD
Oct 31-Nov 2 / Lee’s Performance World Finals / Rockingham, NC

Drag Racing Tshirts Partners

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