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MIROCK : Weekend Coverage of the Fall Nationals Featuring the Pro Street Battle Royale

MIROCK Fall Nationals Battle Royale

APE Race PArts
event: Fast by Gast Fall Nationals
when: October 3-5, 2014
where: Maryland International Raceway in Budds Creek, MD, USA


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MIROCK Orient Express Pro Street

Top Fuel

  • Shake Down
    Larry McBride: 10.010 / 72.84
    David Vantine: 6.124 / 206.92
  • Match Race 1
    Larry McBride: no show
    David Vantine 5.934 / 234.49
  • Match Race 2
    Larry McBride: no show
    David Vantine 5.891 / 237.09
  • Match Race 3
    Larry McBride: 7.760 / 109.45
    David Vantine: 12.550 / 67.77
  • Match Race 4
    Larry McBride: 8.915 / 179.35
    David Vantine: 5.941 / 234.04
  • Qualifying / Eliminations click here

MIROCK Orient Express Pro Street

Pro Street Sponsored by Orient Express

MIROCK Orient Express Pro Street

Pro Street B ClassSponsored by Orient Express

MIROCK Orient Express Pro Street

Pro Street C ClassSponsored by Orient Express

MIROCK DME Racing Real Street

Real StreetSponsored by DME Racing

MIROCK Louis Concrete 4.60 Index

4.60 INDEXSponsored by Louis Concrete

MIROCK The FBR Shop 5.60 Index

5.60 INDEX Sponsored by The FBR Shop

MIROCK Cycle Connection Crazy 8's

Crazy 8’s Sponsored by Cycle Connection

MIROCK APE  Trac King Clutch Top Sportsman

Top SportsmanSponsored by APE Trac King

MIROCK Fast by Gast  Pro ET

PRO ET (SATURDAY)Sponsored by Fast By Gast

MIROCK Fast by Gast  Pro ET

PRO ET (SUNDAY)Sponsored by Fast By Gast

MIROCK Brocks Performance Street ET

STREET ET (SATURDAY) Sponsored by Brock’s Performance

MIROCK Brocks Performance Street ET

STREET ET (SUNDAY) Sponsored by Brock’s Performance



Sunday 8:00pmSportsman are still running, we just shot some video of Crazy 8’s and will get that added as well.

Sunday 7:00pmJoey Gladstone wins over Terence Angela. Ehren Litten wins over Victor Gotay in the B class, and Doug Witt takes the C class win. Rickey Gadson takes the win in Real Street.

Sunday 6:00pmThird round of eliminations just went down and it Pro Street its an all DME final coming up with Terence Angela and Joey Gladstone.

Sunday 4:00pmWe are posting eliminations for round 2 below in the playlist and the Time sheet gallery. The program is moving fast and we are making updates as quickly as possible

Sunday 1:00pm Not too many upsets in the first round of Pro Street Eliminations. Doug Gall was thebig upset in round 1 when he had issues with the bike half track and gave the win to Lavar Delee. There were a lot of no shows in the B class. Danny Cox didnt show up for his round against Eric Hart, Eric had problems in the waterbox and for a minute we thought he might be breaking the beems on that pass. Luckily his bike finally fired up. We have updated the Time Sheet Gallery below to show oyu the second round pairings.

Sunday 11:50am The MIROCK staff gave out awards today to show some apprecaition to the people that help them through the years. and were amoung the few to recieve awards. We are very honored!!!!MIROCK treats us very good! Thank you to the Miller’s!

Sunday 11:30am is on location and will be out at thier booth by the fuel station selling weekend shots. If you are here, go by and see TJ and ask him why he didn’t bring chicken wings yesterday. MIROCK is proud to announce they have eclipsed 800 racers this weekend!This placed is stuffed with racers!

Sunday 9:30amRacing is underway, we are starting out with Top Sportsman and Crazy 8′ to get them caught up from yesterday. Pros go down the track at 11:30am.



Saturday 12amWe are wrapping up the Pro ET and Street classes now, they will finish eliminations in the morningstarting at round 3. See you int he morning. We have all the Time Sheets and Videos posted below. Don’t forget to check out for extended coverage.

Saturday 10pmCheck out Video Playlist below, we have 141 videos uploaded so far. We also have all the Tim Sheets so far in the gallery. We have had many changes in the schedule because of the late start today. Crazy 8’s and 5.60 will not run anymore tonight and they will get a run in the morning. ET is just now in their first round of eliminations.

Congratulations to David Vantine on running his Personal Best today with a 5.891 at 237.09

Saturday 8pm So let me re-cap Pro Street. Last year we had 43 bikes for the Battle Royale and this year we had 47. We should have had 48 but Mikey Slowe has retired and he was hear helping out Vincent Demito all day. the First round we had three 6 second passes. Doug Gall comes out first and runs a 6.941 at 209 in the left lane. And basically took the lane with him becasue every guy after him tried to line up right where he was at and they just wore that groove out. But the problem was not the groove, the problem was that the left lane guys weren’t moving around, we are at MIR, there was plenty of traction to be had 6 inches to 12 inches in any direction. But we totally understand how hard it is to move away from what the norm is doing. So the guys in the left lane struggled all session leaving off the same worn out spot. Over in the right lane Bud Yoder clicked off a 6.838 at 205. Amazing!!! And then right after him Rob Budgell ran a 6.979 at 203.83 putting the team mates in the top 3 spots. Terence Angela was another first round stand out with a 6.941.

In second round Doug Gall was once again the first bike out and ran a 6.95 at 206. Bam. And then Jeremey Teasley ran a 6.87 at 204. Bam. And then Terence Angela ran a 6.91 at 209. Bam. Then Rob Budgell ran a 6.90 at 202. Bam. So now the running a 6 thing isn’t such a big deal. What the heck, right out of the gate it was like 6’s happen everyday. Now since we only had one more chance to get into the 16 bike field, guys were getting a little anxious and I think some people took note that the first pairs out were running 6 sec passes. So the race was on to see who get get their bike in line for round 3. Gabe Frederick was the first in line only 25 minutes after the Pro session was over, followed by Ficher and Sprout. So Doug Gall was consistenly in line first this weekend now he was in the 12th pairing. Apparently he didn’t get the memo about arriving early for the party.

So for third round of qualifying the bump spot was a 7.15 and it was hard to watch so many people that you think will make it into the A class struggle. Rodney Williford, Ehren Litten, Justin Doucet and Frankie Stotz were some of the racers you usually see on Sunday. Justin Doucet ran a 6.86 at 207.88 on Friday during testing and we assumed he would be one of our front runners today in qualifying but he struggled all day, his best pass was a 7.92.

So the ladders are Set for the A,B and C classes tomorrow, you can check them out below in our Time Sheet Gallery.

Saturday 5pmSecond qualifying session and Bud runs a 6.84 at 207 making his new record official. Jeremey Teasley runs a 6.87 at 204. Video and Time Sheets uploaded below.

Saturday 4pmAll the video form round 1 qualifying of 4.60, Pro Street and Real Street have been uplaoded to our YouTube playlist. Second round of qualifying is about to come up and we wil be heading out again to get to get more videos.Larry McBride will be missing this session as the team had to drive back to the shop to get a motor plate off the new bike to fix the one that broke in his first pass.

Saturday 3pmQ1 videos are uploading to the playlist below and the Time Sheet Gallery is also posted below. BUD YODER RUNS at 6.838 t 201.32 in first round of qualifying.

Saturday 12:30Sportsman have been on the track since 11 and the program is moving along really well. At 1pm we start the Pro Quaifying Round 1 along with the Top Fuel Exhibition pass. Pro Street guys are all ready to go. We didnt see much trashing in the pits this morning. We imagine that will change as these guys try and push numbers out in this first qualifying session. On nother happy note! Dustin and Tamara Lee had thier baby girl today and would like to welcome baby Harper into our little race community! We need more female racres.

Saturday 8:30amTrack prep is underway as we clean up all the water from the overnight rain. Our estimated start time is 10:30am. Several people have asked me why did MIROCK decided not use the qualifying times from the first round. Here is the reasoning, we only got half way through the class. We could finish the rest of the class this morning, however the conditions would be completely different for half of the class, which isn’t fair. And since we have such a packed schedule for today, there is no way we could add in another full round of qualifying. So the smartest and most fair thing to do, is to wipe out that round completely. Check out all of the qualifying that did happen in our video play list below. And see our notes from Friday. Today is going to be a fast weekend as the weather is cool and Jason Miller will have the track prepped to perfection.



Friday 12:30Rickey Gadson runs a 7.76 on his first pass on his Real Street Kawasaki ZX-14R. Then Joey Gladstone on the DME Racing / Vance & Hines Pro Street bike, clicks off a 6.85 at 219.15 on his first pass of the day. Then 5 minutes later Justin Doucet runs a 6.86 at 207.88. It’s going to be a competitive weekend!!!! Tonight we have a Pro Qualifying session at 8pm that we will be posting videos of! We will be giving you updates today during the test session as more BIG numbers go up on the board. Stay tuned for more!!

Rickey Gadson

Friday 1:30Some of these Pro Street guys are running these bikes like they are hot lapping in an ET race! Ryan Hable is on the Drake Motorsports ‘Ambition’ bike today since his turbo broke at the Indy NHDRO Finals last weekend.

Friday 2:00We have been down for 30 minutes cleaning up oil on the track. We should be back to testing shortly. The Top Fuel bikes have rolled through the gate and they are getting set up for their weekend of match racing. There are a couple of Pro Street bikes in need of riders at the moment. The HTP and RMR tents both have bikes with unnamed riders at the moment. Privateer, Doug Gall struggled leaving the line his first two runs, but he has it figured out and just ran a 7.04 @ 201.70. Good Clean pass for him in the left lane. Tony Fischer is finally making it out this year on the Das Performance Pro Street bike. Their first pass, while it left the line straight and smooth, didn’t seem to be picking up on the top end and ran a 7.45 at 183.29. No doubt they will be back up today with a stronger number.

Joey Gladstone

Friday 2:00Quicktime Motorsports just pulled into the track! And they said they weren’t coming. We knew they’d show up!!!

Friday 2:30We have been down for about 30 minutes cleaning up oil. Ugh, they better get this out of their system today. We can’t be doing this all weekend boys!

Friday 3:00Jeremy Teasley just made his first pass on the ‘No Fear’ bike, too much power to the track at the 60′ and he has to back off. Jason Rearick is struggling so far today.

Friday 3:15Another oil down!

Friday 3:30Rob Budgell runs a 6.99 at 198.15 on the Mark Paquette Pro street bike. Gabe Frederick runs a 7.01 at 201.55 while Gall struggles off the line again. Terence Angela is looking to defend his title and runs a 6.99 at 212.56. Jason Dunigan leaves the line strong but struggles at half track. Ehren Litten is back on the DME racing rental bike. The bike is a departure from the normal DME theme in all matte gray. Richard Gadson is struggling today on the Brad Mummert bike. But Brad will surely get it figured out in a few passes. Gabe Frederick is back up, 20 min between passes, and runs a 7.05 at 200.19, Don’t let him tell you he can’t be back up when he’s in eliminations. HAHA! Just Kidding Gabe! Like I said, the competition is going to be great this weekend. These guys aren’t slowing down for a minute.

Friday 6:00We are two hours away from the Pro Qualifying session. Todays turnout for the afternoon test session was off the charts! We are uploading a few videos from the test session today.

Friday 9:00Due to rain we are calling it a night and they are wiping out the entire first session like it didn’t happen. Only 3 qualifiers will go down tomorrow at 1pm, 4pm and 7pm. Here is where we were at before the rain came in. But again, it doesn’t count. So we are going to finish uploading the video we do have and you will be able to see them below on the playlist.



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2014 MIROCK Schedule
March 21-23 / Adams Performance Spring Bike Open / Rockingham, NC
April 25-27 / Fast by Gast Spring Nationals / Budds Creek, MD
May 30-June 1 / Fast by Gast Summer Nationals / Budds Creek, MD
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