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MIROCK : Weekend Coverage at the U.S Nationals in Atco 9/6-7

MIROCK US Nationals at Atco Raceway

Brocks Performance
45th annual Orient Express Motorcycle U.S. Nationals
Atco Dragway on September 5-7, 2014


Sunday 8:47: Racing has completed, all results posted below. Once again Jason Miller and the Atco staff did a gret job keeping the race flowing giving us a great. Click here for FULL RACE RESULTS

Sunday 8:00: We are still running sportsman.

Sunday 6:00: Going to finals so far are Eran Pilert and Bobby Lovingood in 4.60, Eddie Chapman and Jeremy Teasley in Real Street, Joey Gladstone and Terence Angela in Pro Street. In the 3rd round of Pro Street, Joey Gladstone clicked off an impressive 219.86 MPH while attempting a 6.8x pass. Round 3 videos are below in our YouTube playlist.

Sunday 4:45: In second round o Real Street Eddie Chapman ran an impressive 7. 784 at 183. Prepping the track for Top Fuel, MIROCK is looking for their second 5×5 pass today with Larry and McBride and Dave Vantine. Conditions are right and we see VHT going down the entire length of the track. We are still posting videos and Time sheets to the galleries below.

Sunday 3:00: First round sheets and videos post below. Teasley ran a 7.840 at 204.60 MPH first round. Second round of Pros are heading to the lanes now.

Sunday 12:45: Pro classes are making their way to the lanes for first round of elminations.

Sunday 11:00am : The rest of Pro 3rd of qualifying is up on our YouTube page. All final qualifying and ladders are posted below. We are a little bit behind schedule today but we should be able to catch up later. Saturday photos are uploading now and you can see them below or by clicking here.

Saturday 8:30pm : The race has been called for the night and 3rd round of Pros will run at 9:30 am! See you in the morning.

Saturday 8:00pm : Rain has halted the 3rd round of qualifying. We finished 4.60 when the rain started spitting. Right now we are waiting to see what happens. Worse case scenario is we call the race for the night and get back to it in the morning. 3rd round of 4.60 video are uploaded to our YouTube page.

Saturday 4:15pm : 3rd round of Pro qualifying starts at 7pm, we have the potential for some rain to come in around 7:15pm, however there is still a possibility it could split off and miss the track. In second round of Pro Street Rodney Williford and Joey Gladstone both ran 6.98’s, which was impressive considering how hot and humid it is here. – we have videos uploading to our YouTube page now. We are in second round of the ET classes now.

Saturday 4:15pm : It’s one of those days for us in tower. Second round of Pros are about to come along with the Top Fuel Match up of Larry McBride and David Vantine. Q1 sheets up and we re uplaoding all the Pro videos, they still need to be labeled so bear with us.

Saturday 12:24pm : Our first PRO session of the weekend starts in 30 minuntes! We will be posting 1st round qualifying videos to our YouTube page as soon as we can. Top Fuel will not run until the 4pm qualifying session. You can check out our playlist on this page as it will update with all this weekends videos. Be sure to follow us on YouTube and get notifications after a batch of videos have been uploaded.

A lot of Sportsman racers seemed to be a little stressed over the BAMF points. Bob Carlson borrowed a bar bike to run the 5.60 class for a potential to earn more points. Current leader Ben Knight showed up with only one bike that has a gremlin in it, so he was not happy to see Carlson in another class. The be a BAMF , you gotta show up and do the work.

Saturday 10:45am : ET bikes are back taking the track can the Rickey Gadson Club Wars bikes are signing up and running as well. Rickey Gadson is having a BBQ for his Club War races and has two big trophies to give out, one for the winner and one for best in show.

Saturday 10:30am : We are still down here in Atco while doing track clean out from the accident earlier, looks like we have oil on the asphalt portion of the track and it takes longer to clean up. The Atco staff is working hard to get us back to racing.

Saturday 9:30am : We just had a rider go down on the track, we don’t have a name in the tower yet, the rider had a wheelie and came down hard breaking his oil pan which just dropped a ton of oil on his back tire. He kept the bike upright and rode it well while it was going all over the place around the 1000, unfortunately the bike just kept fishtailing hard until the bike threw the rider off. The rider is okay and talking, he will be transported to the hospital and checked out.

Saturday 9am : What a great day for racing, the sky is clear, we have a light breeze and the lanes are full of motorcycles.


Click on ‘Play List’ in the top left hand corner of video to see the complete play list of videos we have uploaded so far.






MIROCK Orient Express Pro Street

Top Fuel

  • EX1 Video
  • EX2 Video
  • EX3 Video
  • Exhibition Results

MIROCK Orient Express Pro Street

Pro Street Sponsored by Orient Express

  • Winner : Joey Gladstone
  • Runner-up : Terence Angela
  • #1 Qualifier : Joey Gladstone 6.973
  • Qualifying / Elimination Results

MIROCK DME Racing Real Street

Real StreetSponsored by DME Racing

  • Winner : Jeremy Teasley
  • Runner-up : Eddie Chapman
  • #1 Qualifier : Rickey Gadson 7.852
  • Qualifying / Elimination Results

MIROCK Louis Concrete 4.60 Index

4.60 INDEXSponsored by Louis Concrete

  • Winner : Bobby Lovingood
  • Runner-up : Eran Pielert
  • #1 Qualifier : Eran Pielert 4.601
  • Qualifying / Elimination Results

MIROCK The FBR Shop 5.60 Index

5.60 INDEX Sponsored by The FBR Shop

  • Winner : Ben Knight
  • Runner-up : Michael Ostrawski
  • #1 Qualifier : John Civitarse 5.60
  • Qualifying / Elimination Results

MIROCK Cycle Connection Crazy 8's

Crazy 8’s Sponsored by Cycle Connection

  • Winner : Eddie Chapman
  • Runner-up : Ron Arnold
  • #1 Qualifier : Keith Correia 8.893
  • Qualifying / Elimination Results

MIROCK APE  Trac King Clutch Top Sportsman

Top SportsmanSponsored by APE Trac King

  • Winner : Bob Carlson
  • Runner-up : Jeff Cesari
  • #1 Qualifier : Jeff Cesari 7.829
  • Qualifying / Elimination Results

MIROCK Fast by Gast  Pro ET

PRO ET (SATURDAY)Sponsored by Fast By Gast

  • Do to weather, the purse was split with remaining racers

MIROCK Fast by Gast  Pro ET

PRO ET (SUNDAY)Sponsored by Fast By Gast

  • Winner : Kevin Guantt
  • Runner-up : Barry Stephens
  • Elimination Results

MIROCK Brocks Performance Street ET

STREET ET (SATURDAY) Sponsored by Brock’s Performance

  • Do to weather, the purse was split with remaining racers

MIROCK Brocks Performance Street ET

STREET ET (SUNDAY) Sponsored by Brock’s Performance

  • Winner : Jerry Jones
  • Runner-up : Scott Jones
  • Elimination Results


Club Wars

  • Winner : Kris McLaughlin
  • Runner-up : Jay Cook
  • #1 Qualifier : Bernard Thompson 8.997
  • Elimination Results
MIROCK Brocks Performance Street ET

Gamblers Race

  • Winner : Michael Herman Jr
  • Runner-up : Michael Herman Sr
  • Elimination Results


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