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MIROCK : WPGC Bike Fest at MIR Weekend Coverage

MIROCK Summer Nationals

APE Race PArts
event: WPGC Bike Fest
when: July 25-27, 2014
where: Maryland International Raceway in Budds Creek, MD, USA



MIROCK Orient Express Pro Street

Top Fuel

MIROCK Orient Express Pro Street

Pro Street Sponsored by Orient Express

MIROCK DME Racing Real Street

Real StreetSponsored by DME Racing

MIROCK Louis Concrete 4.60 Index

4.60 INDEXSponsored by Louis Concrete

MIROCK The FBR Shop 5.60 Index

5.60 INDEX Sponsored by The FBR Shop

MIROCK Cycle Connection Crazy 8's

Crazy 8’s Sponsored by Cycle Connection

MIROCK APE  Trac King Clutch Top Sportsman

Top SportsmanSponsored by APE Trac King

MIROCK Fast by Gast  Pro ET

PRO ET (SATURDAY)Sponsored by Fast By Gast

MIROCK Fast by Gast  Pro ET

PRO ET (SUNDAY)Sponsored by Fast By Gast

MIROCK Brocks Performance Street ET

STREET ET (SATURDAY) Sponsored by Brock’s Performance

MIROCK Brocks Performance Street ET

STREET ET (SUNDAY) Sponsored by Brock’s Performance

MIROCK Brocks Performance Street ET

Paint the 1/4 Pink

MIROCK Brocks Performance Street ET

Gamblers Race


Sunday 9:31pmWe are posting the winners and runners up below – full round by round results will be up in the morning. Joey Gladstone wins over Doug Gall in Orient Pro Street. And then Doug Gall wins over Jeremy Teasley in Crazy 8’s and earns 2 BAMF points.

Sunday 9:00pmWe are still running and looking to finish up the race in the next hour. We are still updating on our Facebook Time Sheet Gallery and we are uploading Eliminations videos to our YouTube Channel.

Sunday 7:30pmWe are delayed on the Pro Street round while the DME team waits for Williford to make some fixes to the bike.

Sunday 6pmWe just finished second round of Pro Eliminations. Larry McBride ran another impressive 5 second pass with a 5.80. In Pro Street Joey Gladstone set the mph record with at 216 mph and Doug Gall ran a 6.983 to take the win over Phil Stoll. In DME Racing Real Street your winners are David Merks, Jeremy Teasley, Rickey Gadson and Roger Starrette. E2 time sheets are posted on our Facebook Time Sheet Gallery and we are upaoding Elimiantions videos to our YouTube Channel.

Sunday 3:30pmTime sheets with round results of classes are being posted in the Facebook Time Sheet Gallery becasue the program is moving so quickly.

Sunday 2pmTop Fuel History has been made, the first 5 second pass form Larry McBride 5.79 and Dave Vantine 5.97 at Maryland International Raceway

Sunday 1pmAfter a rain delay sportsman racers are getting one hit down the track and Pros will be up shortly.

Sunday 9amCongratulations to Bob Carlson for taking the Brock’s Performance Pro ET win last night over Brian Guarno. In Fast by Gast Pro ET Mike Schulz took the win over Bob Carlson. Last night netted Bob 3 BAMF points which will move him up to the 4th position.

Sunday 8amWe are currently on a rain delay. Stay tuned for updates.

Saturday 11:00pmLadders have been posted and we are down to 9 bikes in each of the ET classes. MIROCK plans to finish the ET racing prior to starting Afterdark Underground. We love late nights! Congratulations to Kelly Clontz for no only winning ‘Paint the 1/4 Pink’ but for also bring in the most money for the charity. Check out the class page below for all the details and see who these girls earned over $7,000!

Saturday 10:30pmDue to technical issues we are still waiting for the final round qualifying sheets.

Saturday 9:30pmThird round of qualifying is complete. We are uploading photos and videos now and waiting for tech to release the time sheets. Like we thought, no 6.80 passes in Pro Street. Top Fuel races Larry McBride and David Vantine underestimated how well this track holds at night becaue it seemd like they had ‘safe’ tune-ups in the bike. Mac MAdams newly to Pro Street did not make the cut and is on the B class tomorrow tomorrow to face Curtis Ellerbe. David Merks stayed on top and will face off with Jordon McDougald tomorrow in Real Street.

Saturday 7:00pmThe schedule is moving a good and we are posting results to the class pages below as well as adding photos to our Saturday Photo gallery and videos to our our YouTube Channel

Saturday 6:00pmIn second round of pro qualifying Doug Gall shot up to the #2 spot in the Orient Express Pro Street with a 6.991and Joey Gladstone improved his #1 position with a 6.954 at 220.44. James Teasley also ran his fastest Pro Street time with a 7.264. In the DME Racing Real Street gadson was knocked out of the #1 position by David Merks with a 7.772. In Top fuel both bikes slowed down a bit. Please check the class pages below with the detailed qualifying numbers.

Saturday 3:35pmThe Pro Qualifying session has been pushed back to 4:30 to allow for the sportsman classes to get caught up. The ‘Paint the 1/4 Pink‘ ladies just did a special burnout to help give more awareness to their cause with pink tires. We will get photos posted shortly. Most of the videos from the first round of Pros are online now on our YouTube Channel.

Saturday 1pmThe first ever Top Fuel Motorcycle passes have been made. Larry McBride puts down a 5.97 at 204.63 on his first time out.

David Vantine struggles in the left lane running a 6.328 at 229. In the 18 bike Orient Express Pro Street field, Joey Gladstone tops the class with a 6.986 at 214.79. In DME Racing Real Street Rickey Gadson lads the class with 7.849. Mac McAdams leads the 18 bike field of 4.60 while Ron Arnold is dead on int he FBR shop 5.60 class with a 5.600. An rounding our sportsman is Jeremy Teasley leading the Crazy 8’s class with a 8.882

Saturday 12pmRacing is underway and Top Fuel and the Pros are up at 1pm sharp. During the sportsman session Andre Chapman’s 82 Suzuki caught fire right after the 60′, he was fine. Despite the overcast here, there are still tons of spectators coming through the gate and sportsman coming in now are being parked on the spectator side of the track. The ‘Paint the 1/4 Pink’ ladies are in their second round of qualifying. And an interesting change to this years Portable Shade Giveaway, the winner of the canopy is not the winner of the race, but the top charity earner for the group. And these girls are fierce at raising money as they already have over $2,000 raised for this great cause!

Saturday 11amWe are on short rain delay

Saturday 9amWe are starting the day with an overcast sky and sea of racers in the staging lanes ready to win some rounds. Last night when we left the track at midnight we spotted they heavy hitters, Larry McBride, Dave Vantine and Skip Gladstone out on the track watching Jason Miller working on the track. Recently MIR had to replace a patch of asphalt at the 330′ mark and some of the Pro Street racers were experiencing wheel spin. So we will be anxious today to see how the first round of Pro qualifying shakes out. We have posted Friday Photos to our Facebook page and testing videos to our YouTube Channel. We will be back with more updates in a bit.

Friday 5pmIt’s Friday and the pits are already full of racers. Testing has been going all day and will continue until 11pm tonight. The highlight of the day so far is Joey Gladstone’s 6.99 at 217 mph. Larry McBride is here and starting to set up for his first Top Fuel appearance at Maryland International Raceway. Mac McAdams is testing Rodney Wiliford’s Pro Street Bike. Doug Gall is on a Real Street bike and Tyler Fisher is on the No Fear Pro Street bike. Lots of interesting stuff to see!

Friday 9pmFriday Night Gambler’s Race is about to start, but first the Miller Family took a moment to talk about Aaron Slemker and pray for the Slemker family during this rough time in their life. A prayer was said and we observed a moment of silence.

Friday 11:30pmIt was a great night of racing in the Friday night gamblers race as Brian Canoles took the win over Darnell Rodiriguez. Click here for full round by round results.


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2014 MIROCK Schedule
March 21-23 / Adams Performance Spring Bike Open / Rockingham, NC
April 25-27 / Fast by Gast Spring Nationals / Budds Creek, MD
May 30-June 1 / Fast by Gast Summer Nationals / Budds Creek, MD
July 25-27 / WPGC Bike Fest / Budds Creek, MD
August 15-17 / FBR Shop Summer Sizzler / Rockingham, NC
September 5-7 / Orient Express Motorcycle U.S. Nationals / Atco, NJ
October 3-5 / Fast by Gast Fall Nationals / Budds Creek, MD
Oct 31-Nov 2 / Lee’s Performance World Finals / Rockingham, NC

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