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Montgomery Motorsports: Hayabusa 4 Over Carbon Fiber Tail

Hayabusa 4 Over Carbon Fiber Tail

The new Suzuki Hayabusa Gen 2 (08-21) +4 over tail section is perfect for those slightly stretched bikes needing a little extra length. The tail section itself weighs in under 2lbs with tail light insert.

Montgomery Motorsports: Hayabusa 4 Over Carbon Fiber Tail
Multiple options for the tail light portion, available without an insert, carbon insert, insert with LEDs, etc. This tail section can also be adapted for the Real Street drag racing class which includes; cutting out of the seat pan for use with stock seat, cutting out the carbon tail light and adding brackets for OEM tail light, (+$250).

Montgomery Motorsports: Hayabusa 4 Over Carbon Fiber Tail


Montgomery Motorsports

About Montgomery Motorsports

Montgomery Motorsports was established to integrate electronic fuel injection, data collection, and advanced materials. These three technologies created a need for easy to use, bolt-on, components to optimize the performance of today’s modern motorcycle technology. It has been our mission to fulfill this need and to supply the industry with universal solutions that create flexibility in high performance applications using high quality reliable components that compliment and pay homage to the terms horsepower, reliability, and ease of use. We value practical elegance, original concepts, and performance verified products; that can be scientifically proven.

In 1999 the Suzuki Hayabusa ignited a paradigm shift that unlocked endless opportunity to those that embraced electronic fuel injection and data collection. At the same time the lack of training and reliable components nearly choked out the next generation of tuners and motorcycle enthusiasts. The need for components and training that enhance the use of fuel injection allowing systems to be in command to optimally tune guarantees the most favorable horsepower and reliability gains. Today Montgomery Motorsports is located in Clayton, Ohio and continues to train and develop; enabling your full potential.

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