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More Chrome for your Blinging Busa

More Chrome for your Blinging Busa
By Don Smith

Some people can never get enough bling for the ever popular Hayabusa. With the bike going into the 2005 model year basically unchanged this makes the sixth issue of this bike, that alone is incredible in this era of a new model every 4 year world. After that many years in production you would think all the possible chrome sites would be staked out by the current vendors on the market. But that is not the case as shown here by www.18889chrome.com.

They call this their chrome dress up kit and basically it serves to cover up some previously overlooked areas on the bike, In particular the frame and axle holes, plus the rear axle blocks. The kit consists of four sets of large diameter chrome caps and some threaded rod cut to length to allow for easy installation. We put the kit on an otherwise stock 2004 Hayabusa that we had shoved in the back of the super posh shop at Dragbike.com and took a few photos so you can see what it looks like on a bike. We made two really shocking discoveries during the install of this kit. First was how good the $224.95 kit looks on our bike and second was that we actually forgot we had the stock busa here. (Note to self: Get out of the hot-tub more and walk around the shop to inventory all the bikes and swag we have to review)

The direct link for the kit can be found here should you find an extra busa in your shop that needs some more chrome. Now if we can just find that new prototype 2008 model race bike that came in last week.

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