Motorcycle Land Speed Racing : The Hype

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Motorcycle Land Speed Racing…what is all the hype? 

Land Speed Racing (LSR) is possibly the fastest growing motorsport, with new events popping up around the country every year. There is likely an event near you. Some of the well known venues are the Mojave Mile, Colorado Mile, Texas Mile, Maine Mile, Arkansas Mile, and the Epitome of Speed, Utah’s famed Bonneville Salt Flats International Speedway, where records are broken and dreams are realized, Anyone can participate.  You don’t have to have a pedigree last name or tons of money; you just need the desire, a rules book, and your favorite, well-prepped machine. Showing up is half the battle and one pass at full speed will have you hooked.  It won’t be long before you will be wishing for the coveted 200 mph milestone.  All of these events will allow you to run your machine as fast as it will go in the safest environment possible without going to jail.  What a bargain!


Motorcycle LSR offers a relatively low cost way to easily out run luxury super cars and be among the fastest at the event.  Currently, there are at least two showroom stock superbikes, the Ducati 1299 Panigale and the Kawasaki H2, that with minor tuning, gear changes and the addition of race fuel, will surpass 200 mph.  Again, what a bargain!  Highly modified turbo bikes can exceed 250 mph on 1.5 mile courses and routinely take awards for being the fastest vehicle at the event. Sure you can spend several thousands of dollars to build a record breaking bike or run-what-you-brung and have just as much fun.


Whether you would like to compete for World and National Land Speed Records, check a speed goal off that bucket list, form your own team, or just have a weekend of fun, motorcycle LSR offers all of that and a thrill like no other.  This is one sport where men and women compete head to head at the same level. Motorcycle Land Speed Racing is all the hype and a thrill any speed junkie would appreciate. Next we will explore what it takes to actually win a National or World Championship.


By Kerry Alter
Race Team Owner and 19 time World and National Land Speed Record Holder.

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