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MPS : Holley EFI Special

MPS Racing

Holley EFI Special

MPS Holley EFI Special

HP January Sale Priced at $1120.95!

MPS has been working with Holley EFI since 2010 perfecting their systems for use on motorcycle drag racing applications. The Holley systems have proven themselves winners in Pro Mod and the Grudge scene. In Pro Mod, the MPS/Thyen Racing Hayabusa won the Manufacturers Cup championship in 2014. It is the quickest fuel injected Pro Mod in the USA running 4.04 with a Holley Dominator EFI! Mohammed Bourashid of Kuwait’s GS based Pro Mod is the quickest fuel injected Pro Mod in the world at 4.02 using a Holley Dominator EFI! Jeremy Rossi of Rossi Performance has one of the quickest GSXR1000 grudge bikes on the planet. Winning the Big 8 Royal Rumble at Piedmont and scoring the runner up at Bradenton all with a Holley HP ECU. We have used both their HP & Dominator EFI systems on Hayabusa, GSXR1000, GS1100/1150 and ZX14.

MPS Holley EFI Special

We have all the parts needed to install either of these systems on your drag bike. We stock wire harnesses, connectors, crank & cam sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, distance sensors, weather sensors, and fuel system components. They use the stock Hayabusa crank and cam triggers so you won’t need any aftermarket trigger plates. Both units feature tunable closed loop fueling, self tuning, 100 samples per second data logging (2GB), integrated 8 stage progressive nitrous control (wet or dry), turbo boost control, water/methanol injection control, integrated wide band O2 sensor (NTK or Bosch), and individual cylinder tuning. All fuel tables are in lbs/hr not an arbitrary number like most units. They feature closed loop fueling strategies for normally aspirated, turbo, and nitrous. Both units are completely tunable with a laptop or the optional touch screens. Call us today for a complete custom EFI system estimate. Installations are available!

MPS Holley EFI Special

Dominator January Sale Priced at $1990.95!

You must order by 1/31/2016 at 11:59 PM and mention Dragbike.com to get this special!


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