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MPS Spyder Dry Nitrous Kit

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MPS Spyder Dry Nitrous Kit with 1lb Nitrous Bottle

The Spyder Nitrous Spray System uses 4 individual flare jets (NX or NOS) for exact distribution of nitrous to each cylinder. This reduces the chance of engine damage caused by uneven distribution of nitrous associated with larger nitrous shots in single jet dry nitrous systems. The Spyder Dry Nitrous System is capable of producing 120 horsepower with the supplied .062″ orifice solenoid. 300+ horsepower is possible with a larger nitrous solenoid and the proper components.

MPS Spyder


The Spyder Dry Nitrous System comes with one set of jets. Tell us the HP you want at the time of order and we will supply the jets with the kit. This kit (P/N 1-0476) comes with a 1lb nitrous bottle. 2.0 lb. or 2.5 lb. nitrous bottles are available at additional cost. The Spyder Dry Nitrous kit can be used with or without an air filter.

September Special Priced at $439!

Note: 1999-2007 Hayabusa requires two short stacks in place of the two long stacks that come standard.

You must order by 9/30/2015 at 11:59 PM and mention Dragbike.com to get this special!

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