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MPS/Thyen Racing ADRL Dragstock Race Report


Since this was to be our only appearance at an ADRL race this year we wanted to show the GS motored racers what our little Hayabusa powered Pro Mod could do. The first run was an unimpressive 4.29 caused by a clutch that slipped the whole 1/8 mile. We found what we thought was the problem for the second qualifying run only to run a 4.25 with the clutch still slipping just not as badly as the first run. We are now on the bump spot in danger of not being able to race on Sunday. With 21 bikes trying to get into a 16 bike field and weather conditions improving for the final round of qualifying, we knew that it would take more than a 4.25 to get in this field. With our back against the wall we installed a completely new clutch that we had run before. Waiting to run, we watched as the bump was lowered to a 4.21, bumping us out of the field. This was going to be a nail biter of a run. Billy ran straight and true to a 4.11 @ 173 MPH putting us in the #3 spot.

Bill Vose MPS Pro Mod

First round of eliminations we advanced past a red lighting John Collins with a 4.18 shut off pass. The second round we would meet Paul Gast. Billy had the light but the bike developed a glitch that would shut it off for a split second after the shift slowing us to a 4.15. We would finish just .018 behind the FBG entry. Next race will be the MIROCK series in Budds Creek, MD where we have a date with 4.0s!

About the bike: This bike is a totally unique combination for Pro Comp. It starts with a highly modified Suzuki Hayabusa powerplant with an MPS billet block, CP Pistons, Crower rods, Cooper Performance cylinder head with Kibblewhite valves, APE springs and cylinder studs in an Innovative Performance Racing chassis. It features what we call “MPS Lethal Injection,” a combination of MPS Spyder Dry Nitrous system and the new Holley Dominator ECU. This custom EFI/nitrous system controls all motorcycle functions including data logging.

We would also like to thank all our other parts suppliers without whom we could not race. Thanks to Kevin at Lectron Fuel Systems for the awesome new “Injectrons”, Tim at Holley EFI, Ray at MSD Ignition, Jay at APE, Snake & RC at CP-Carrillo, Bill at Robinson Industries, Kerry at Crower, Lori, Debbie, and Melissa at Web Cam, Mike at Cometic, Go Go at Nitrous Express, Kurt at Millennium Technology, Will at Kibblewhite Precision Machining, Carl at ARC, Eric

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We are very proud of our “Private Label” contingency program. We will pay contingency for all the following events: Manufacturers Cup, MIROCK, ADRL, MMDRA, Bikes In The Valley, NHRA Summit ET Finals, NHDRO, 2 Wheel Speed, and PMRA. The “Private Label” contingency program pays 10% of your year to date purchases from MPS. Purchases made from 11/1/2012 to the date of the event you win will be counted toward your 10%. All purchases must be made with a single customer number directly from MPS at racer net pricing. When you win an event, simply fill out a winners claim form. When we receive the winners claim form we will search that customer number in our database for qualifying purchases to determine your payment amount. We will pay a maximum of $200 per class, per event. All participants in our “Private Label” contingency program must register online at our web site before winning an event. When you register online you will be sent a winners claim form and decals for your bike in the mail.
The “Private Label” contingency program requires you to run decals on both sides of your bike for the entire event.

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