MTC: NEW Product Alert – Air Assist Clutch

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MTC Engineering

Air Assist Clutch

MTC Engineering has developed an air assist clutch to help fine-tune the Gen II clutch for the Hayabusa. This product has been tested by several race teams successfully and is ready to come to market.

The air cylinder is designed into our billet quick access lid and can add lock-up pressure when needed during your run.

If you already have an MTC quick access cover, you only need to purchase the lid w/cylinder and it will fit onto your existing base.

Your existing Gen II pressure plate and hat will need some small modification that will require it to be sent into MTC.

Integrated cylinder on quick access cover lid. No through-holes with attachment bolts and o-ring seal of cylinder.

The pressure plate is modified to install a push/pull mechanism.

Bearing are mounted on both sides of the push/pull mechanism to reduce friction and drag


Lid is the same fit design as the covers we have been selling in the past, so they interchange with existing covers


Pusher has bearing designed head to eliminate any potential of welding to pressure plate push/puller

This inside hole must be enlarged to allow the pusher mechanism to reach the pressure plate

More details coming soon! E-mail or call for more information. 

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