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MTC Engineering: RYD BAK Clutch Cover

MTC Engineering

RYD BAK Clutch Cover

MTC RYD BAK Clutch Cover: Revolutionizing Motorcycle Racing Convenience

MTC proudly presents the solution to yet another challenge in motorcycle racing with our innovative “RYD BAK” clutch cover. Engineered to seamlessly integrate with the existing MTC base, this cover offers racers a cost-effective solution for their conversion needs.

Designed to enable riders to effortlessly navigate from the starting line back to the pits after their pass when utilizing a slider. One of the key highlights of our system is its compatibility with the customer’s “stock” clutch handle and oil reservoir, simplifying engagement with the hydraulic cylinder.

MTC Ryd Bak Clutch

By eliminating the need for aftermarket air systems, MTC ensures that our customers can enjoy a hassle-free experience without the added expense and complexity. With just a pull of the clutch lever, riders can now seamlessly engage the clutch, marking a significant departure from the traditional method where the lever is typically pulled to “disengage” the clutch.

At MTC, our aim was to develop a solution that minimizes the need for additional purchases, such as solenoids, air lines, or tanks, thereby streamlining the conversion process while remaining mindful of racers’ budgets. Our commitment to simplicity and affordability has made the RYD BAK clutch cover a game-changer for any budget.

Available for all generations of the Suzuki Hayabusa and the GSX-R1000 (01-08), the RYD BAK clutch cover promises unparalleled convenience for riders. For those with existing Hayabusa or GSXR1000 sliders, the addition of our “solid” pressure plate with a hardened button in the center is all that’s needed to prepare for the rideback system.

Another option is an aftermarket clutch line that is less rigid than standard OEM clutch lines.

Experience the future of motorcycle racing convenience with the MTC RYD BAK Clutch Cover – where innovation meets performance.


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