by Marty Kane

Koenig Engineering recently announced the release of their latest professional series chassis design, the Lo-Boy. What many racers are considering the first true chassis redesign consider to be the first true chassis design change in many years by any manufacturer, this series has what it’s manufacturer calls “new features and a new design to create a faster and safer motorcycle”.

The series is built for Kawasaki and Suzuki engines and is intended specifically for use in the Funnybike, Pro Modified and Top Gas categories.

According to Jim Koenig, the new chassis design features a steering neck placement which is approximately 3″ lower, resulting in a reduced frontal area. The seat height is lower as well, approximately 16 3/4″ tall, which is lower then most chassis in use today.

All of the bodies in the Lo-Boy series will have a single step seat. The rider will stay in the same position for the entire race with no need for body movement.

The fuel tank area has been lowered approximately 3″ making it necessary for the top rails over the engine to be removable – a real maintenance plus. Since the top tubes are removable, the standard “backbone” fuel tank has been replaced with a lightweight aluminum fuel tank which can be quickly removed.

The weight of the rider will be lowered approximately 4″ thus moving the center of gravity in the bike with it. The reduced frontal area and rider placement in the wind will make for a more streamlined motorcycle, reducing the turbulence behind the rider, and making for a much more stable and controllable ride at speeds over 200 MPH.


For more information, contact:

Koenig Engineering
1425 Maury Street – Des Moines, IA 50317
(515)244-1410 – FAX (515)244-1148

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