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New Rider Announced For BUB 7.1 World’s Fastest Motorcycle Record Attempt    ​ ​ 

BUB 7.1 World's Fastest Motorcycle Record Attempt

New Rider Announced For BUB 7.1 World’s Fastest Motorcycle Record Attempt    ​ ​

Denis Manning and BUB 7 Team Announce Rider Trev Richter to Lead Quest to Regain Title of World’s Fastest Motorcycle’

Richter Will Ride to Beat Current Two-Way Average Mile Record of 376.156 mph

AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame member Denis Manning and his BUB 7 Team are pleased to announce lifelong rider Trev Richter of Hunter Sills Racing will take the seat of their new BUB 7.1 motorcycle streamliner this fall. Richter (48) has been on two wheels since childhood, first as a BMX racer, then graduating to dirt, sport, adventure, and land speed motorcycles. Currently, Richter works as a professional adventure riding motorcycle coach and holds multiple AMA, FIM and SCTA land speed records in both faired and unfaired 1000cc motorcycle classes.

BUB 7.1 World's Fastest Motorcycle Record Attempt
BUB 7.1 rider Trev Richter Photo: Jean Turner

“Trev was the perfect choice to bring the record back for the BUB 7.1 streamliner,” says Denis Manning, owner of the BUB 7 team.

“Since starting in land speed racing in 2017, his natural riding talents have propelled him to earn five (5) top speed world and national records in a very short time. He possesses the innate abilities we have been searching for; abilities that have been honed further as a successful off-road rider, dirt and land speed racer, and adventure riding coach. We are confident he has the necessary talent, wisdom, and will to make it happen.”

BUB 7.1 World's Fastest Motorcycle Record Attempt
BUB 7 testing at the A2 wind tunnel – Photo: Denis Manning archives

The streamliner, named the BUB 7.1 to distinguish it from the prior BUB 7, mimics the design of its predecessor with the unique aerodynamic shape Manning says is inspired by the Coho salmon and delivers an incredibly low coefficient of drag measured at 0.08. All components of the bike are custom designed by Manning and his team, including the purpose-build turbo-charged V-4 engine and full carbon fiber monocoque framed chassis.

BUB 7.1 World's Fastest Motorcycle Record Attempt
Purpose-built turbo charged V4 engine – Photo: Lou Fischer

Manning has been designing and racing streamliner motorcycles for over 50 years, first setting the record with Cal Rayborn at 265.492 mph in 1970. He and his team held the record from 2006 to 2008 at 350.884 mph and again in 2009 when Chris Carr piloted it for a two-way average mile speed of 367.382 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. The current average mile record in Manning’s sight was set in September 2010 at 376.156 mph by Rocky Robinson riding the Mike Akatiff designed Ack Attack.

“It’s an honor to work with a veteran land speed champion like Denis Manning. His knowledge and experience are unmatched, and he knows how to win in the extreme sport of land speed racing,” says Richter.

“To win in land speed racing, one needs optimal power, traction, and aerodynamics. The BUB 7.1 brings all these factors together in the perfect combination. I look forward to following in the footsteps of Cal Rayborn and Chris Carr who’ve put Denis’ designs in the record books.”

About BUB
Denis Manning, nicknamed “BUB” since childhood, began his motorcycle career as part of the USA Drag Racing team in England at the age of 19. Ever since he saw Mickey Thompson run at Bonneville, Manning has spent his life trying to do with motorcycles what Mickey did with cars. In the process he has set more land speed records than anyone. He and his team first set the all-out motorcycle record in 1970 with a Harley-Davidson, followed by the world’s fastest Triumph, world’s fastest Norton, world’s fastest single-engine motorcycle, world’s fastest single-engine conventional motorcycle, and world’s fastest all-out motorcycle. Manning is founder of the International Motorcycle Speed Trials by BUB (now Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials,) was named AMA “Sportsperson of the Year” in 2004 for his contributions to the sport, and was inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame in 2006.

About Hunter Sills Racing
Hunter Sills Racing is a female-owned professional land speed racing team founded in 2004 whose lead riders (Erin Sills, Trev Richter, and the late Andy Sills) have collectively earned over 45 World and National records, 2 Guinness World Book records, Mojave Mile 200 mph Club membership, Mojave Magnum 200 mph Club membership, BUB 201 mph Club membership, Bonneville SCTA 200 mph Club membership, El Mirage SCTA 200 mph Club membership, top average mile speed to-date of 238 MPH, and title of World’s Fastest BMW.­­­

BUB 7.1 World's Fastest Motorcycle Record Attempt

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